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Show Of Hands April 2nd, 2016 9:08pm

Do you think you are in the top 1% of people in the world at any particular skill?

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Ellock Perpetually Tired
04/14/16 9:53 pm

Hmmmmm maybe origami of that counts lol. Possibly painting? But I would say 5-10% for that is more likely. A lot of people paint and a lot of them are better than me.

kingturtle02 humans are idiots
04/09/16 7:05 am

Maybe my class but not the world

kingturtle02 humans are idiots
04/09/16 7:06 am

Out of 7.4 billion people in the world it means you'd be in the top 74 million

04/07/16 12:36 am

Speaking Polish is sorta a skill I guess

MachoMatt84 Climbing Mountains
04/04/16 9:31 pm

Backing up a truck with a trailer. I'm a very experienced expert at it.

04/04/16 6:36 pm

All that means is that you'd be the best out of 100 random people.

cnc123 SUPREME 2016
04/03/16 3:40 pm

We are all the top 1% of people who use SOH!

FancyNapalm Psychosis Circle
04/03/16 9:32 am

Not many people become forensic psychiatrists! In that respect alone, I'm in the top 1%. Also, being an addiction specialist is not something that's as mainstream as other areas of psychiatry although, within the past 10 years, it's becoming a very popular sub- specialty to be certified in. It's a very interesting field of study- both my specialties are. I'm also a pretty good artist/photographer & have had multiple pieces published, 3 pieces actually became covers to books. I can surf, skateboard, & parkour like a beasty tooโ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ผ But, there are definitely many parts of life that I fail at , like cooking & time management lol!

FancyNapalm Psychosis Circle
04/03/16 2:36 pm

Lol- No, I'm just a person with unusual hobbies, (for a female), & unusual interests๐Ÿ˜ฌ. Still, thx for the compliment!! I appreciate it!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป Everyone is awesome in their own way! Be yourself & not someone or something else !

Soxfan824 Jesus was a liberal
04/03/16 7:27 am

I have a very particular set of skills...

04/03/16 5:54 am

I can juggle pretty well with balls, clubs, and I've done knives pretty well too, so I would say less that 1% of the world could do that.

04/04/16 1:00 pm

I can juggle 5 balls, have had a quick run at 6 and have flashed 7.

04/04/16 5:53 pm

Ditto on 5, never tried more than that though!

04/03/16 3:02 am

Being in the top 1% of the world is being within the top 75 million people.

Tazer Dumpster fire
04/03/16 1:58 am

At being awesome, yes.

04/03/16 1:23 am

At being myself! ๐Ÿ˜Šโœจ

Runescape Arizona
04/03/16 12:50 am

Sitting on my ass all day

gallae Michigan
04/03/16 12:12 am

Potentially napping.

tdaddy Kentucky
04/02/16 10:58 pm

Absolutely, but being 1 out of 100 is really nothing special. If 1 out of 100 researchers were as good at finding evidence of medical malpractice as myself, this nation would have realized a need for tort reform decades ago.

sailletree Think, people
04/03/16 12:27 am

Ummm... it asked top 1% of the world, not out of 100. That's 1% of about 7 billion.

TheIndian Virgo Supercluster
04/03/16 7:33 am

1 percent out of 7 billion is 7 billion times 0.01 which is 70 million

so it's 70 million out of 7 billion (70,000,000/7,000,000,000)

This simplifies to 1 out of 100

tdaddy Kentucky
04/03/16 8:21 am

Exactly. Thanks for "spelling it out" for folks getting lost in the big numbers.

zalaaaan Boston
04/05/16 1:00 am


04/02/16 10:16 pm

I am the best memelord to have ever memed.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
04/02/16 10:10 pm

I voted no. Loving my own grandkids i am. .

UncleChickenHam New Hampshire
04/02/16 9:50 pm

I'm currently ranked 2nd in a mobile game with at least 50,000 players.

613dimples New York
04/02/16 9:48 pm

I mean top 1% in the world

goldz oh this world
04/02/16 10:03 pm

Out of a sampling of 1000 random people of all ages and backgrounds (so this would include infants and people from third-world countries who can't read) can you safely assume it's pretty likely you'll teach history better than 990 of them?

04/02/16 9:23 pm

I played college basketball. I would think less than 1% of the world can say that.

Korosensei Maine
04/02/16 9:11 pm

At the very least I'm one of the top egotists on the planet

PocketNotebook Libertarians Unite
04/02/16 8:52 pm

Poetry. Also, I have perfect pitch. A lot less than one percent of people have that. I also have synesthesia. (I see vibrantly colored numbers)

goldz oh this world
04/02/16 10:00 pm

You have synesthesia? That's very cool. I've never met anyone who has it. What's it like?

NoNameToBeHad nope
04/02/16 8:39 pm

no matter what, I know for a fact that nobody on this app will ever qualify for "rational thought" here.

04/03/16 8:52 am

Your statement almost proves the point you are trying to make. However, speaking in absolutes (i.e. Always, never, everybody) is not very accurate.

K4tn1ss Dont look in the closet
04/02/16 8:02 pm

Read 462 books since September. I know how to skin an animal. I have theory about space time blah blah nerd stuff you will never understand. I am a "Politician" in my class. I have a trading empire. I just trade stuff that I found in Florida.

NK257 Rural Iowa
04/02/16 8:30 pm

What are you, 7?

K4tn1ss Dont look in the closet
04/02/16 7:59 pm

I am only a kid and I know proper English. I understand the economy and politics. I understand most of the law. I understand forensics. I know about the Tripoli pirates. I meted the meme of Donald trump's hair. I know how to operate a weapon. I have

04/02/16 7:36 pm

I was told by my choir director i was the most talented male singer he has ever had in front of a large group of the class, so i would say yes

AnarchoComrade Anarchist Federation
04/02/16 7:25 pm

If you make $32,400 a year or more, you are in the richest 1% of the world.
Growing up, I was in the richest 2%
Now, I'm in the richest 0.13%

Also, if you make 1 million a year, you're in the richest 0.01% of the world

04/02/16 7:33 pm

Skill, not inheriting ur citizenship

merry13 Saved by Grace
04/02/16 7:22 pm

No I personally am not but I believe my dad is. He has an incredible mechanically inclined brain. On his first day of work at a new place years ago he fixed two machines that were broke for over a year that the manufacturer of the equipment couldn't figure out. He absolutely should have been an engineer.

613dimples New York
04/02/16 7:20 pm

Wow. 31% of this poll is really conceited. It means you're better than 6.93 billion people, you realize

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
04/02/16 8:24 pm

I'm not conceited at all. I just happen to have several highly specialized skills that put me in the top 1% by default. For example, as an instrument-rated pilot I can safely assume that I AM better than 6.93 billion people at executing an instrument approach procedure in an aircraft, considering that there are far fewer than 70 million instrument-rated pilots in the world.

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
04/02/16 8:25 pm

Not to mention my other hobbies and skills like skydiving and rifle/pistol/shotgun marksmanship.

04/02/16 8:55 pm

If you have any kind of job whatsoever, you're probably in the top 1% of something involved with that job

brinrawson Knoxville and DC
04/02/16 9:22 pm

I'm an accounting major in college studying for the CPA exam. I'm pretty sure I'm better than 99% of the world at following US GAAP to dissect financial statements and create journal entries....

It's not conceited. I would say that the vast majority of people are in the top 1% of some sort of skill. From factory workers to doctors, most people have something.

goldz oh this world
04/02/16 9:39 pm

There are hundreds and hundreds of skills out there. If you take a random sampling of one hundred people, at least twenty or thirty of them will be the best at SOMETHING out of that hundred people.

613dimples New York
04/02/16 9:41 pm

But we're talking about billions

goldz oh this world
04/02/16 9:43 pm

Doesn't matter. It's proportional. 700,000,000 out of 7,000,000,000 is the same as 1 out of 100.

613dimples New York
04/02/16 9:47 pm

I'm sure you are better at something than the one hundred people you know from your neighborhood but no where near the top 1% in your school

brinrawson Knoxville and DC
04/02/16 9:55 pm

That makes no sense. The sample of 100 people would be from all over the world from all different backgrounds. A large portion would've never finished high school or college. Many couldn't even read. Being from America and having the opportunities we have, we definitely have SOMETHING better than the rest of the 100 people. Even then, those people from around the world are probably much better at some things than us. A skill is basically anything.

613dimples New York
04/02/16 9:58 pm

Even 1% of the United states alone would constitute 3.2 million people

goldz oh this world
04/02/16 9:59 pm

There are things I have a fair shot at being top 1% in my school......but it doesn't matter. Top 1% means that out of the world population less than 70 million people are better than me. Doesn't matter where they're from.

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
04/03/16 4:31 am

@ 613 - All we're saying is that a lot of people (20-30%) are in the top one percent by default. If everyone on Earth was an instrument-rated pilot, then yes it would be unlikely that I'd be in the top 70 million in terms of skill. However, since less than 1% of the population has that skill, I'm in by default. The same applies to many fields.

TheIndian Virgo Supercluster
04/03/16 7:38 am

You also have to remember the type of app and the type of people who use it or have the resources to download it

goldz oh this world
04/03/16 10:00 am

Right so we automatically rule out the illiterate and anyone under the age of five.

TheMobius Siberian Gulag
04/02/16 7:08 pm

Internet shitposting and trolling

twss trump is a garbage human
04/02/16 7:00 pm

In dealing with assholes.

dudley northern Virginia woods
04/02/16 6:45 pm

Clay, you stole my line. I was going to say at being me. Oh, and whistling loudly with my fingers.

xberraxcudax KY
04/02/16 6:32 pm

Not even the top 50%. I'm useless

Baetheist California
04/02/16 5:40 pm

Juggling blindfolded ๐ŸŒš

04/02/16 5:25 pm

Is being 6'4" a skill?

KudosToYou California
04/02/16 5:45 pm

If it is, why are you in the top 1%?

04/02/16 7:49 pm

I heard that if you're 6'4" or taller you're in the top 1% tallest people in the world.

04/02/16 5:13 pm

I can too though

04/02/16 5:08 pm

Really?! Do tell. I'm doing the same. Where do yo work?

DrDollylonglegs in the lab... again
04/03/16 8:07 am

Alas I'm no longer doing that kind of work since I graduated. Now I'm doing QC work at a contract research organization. But my peptide work just got accepted to J. Med. Chem.!

Shreveport New York
04/02/16 4:52 pm

That means 70,000,000 people can be better at than you. I'm sure there's something.

SouthernLaw Old North State
04/02/16 5:49 pm

I'm just trying to make D-I๐Ÿ˜‚ I highly doubt that I'm NFL material.

political Georgia
04/02/16 5:52 pm

D1 is great man! GSU would like to have you.

SouthernLaw Old North State
04/02/16 6:12 pm

Haha I hope they will once I'm a sophomore or junior. Right now I'm only getting looks from small academic schools like Carnegie Mellon.

political Georgia
04/02/16 6:13 pm

We got a new coach this year.

SouthernLaw Old North State
04/02/16 6:14 pm

But I'm not really concerned because I'm only a freshman. I improved my 40 to a 4.9 today and bench to 200 so I think I'm on track for at least D-1 AA.

SouthernLaw Old North State
04/02/16 6:15 pm

What really? You guys were doing so good. Did he get fired or leave?

political Georgia
04/02/16 6:39 pm

Wow! You are fast. What position do you play? What's your weight? Fritz left for Tulane.

SouthernLaw Old North State
04/02/16 6:47 pm

Oh๐Ÿ˜ I play OLB, MLB, and FB. I'm 5'9-10" and 170 lbs. Bench 200.

arctostaphylos Ankh Morpork, New York
04/02/16 10:17 pm

"Small academic schools" - :) I don't know about their football or what you'd hope to be studying (assuming you're not planning to try to go pro), but Carnegie Mellon is one of the best schools in the country. I almost went there for architecture. Their undergrad business and finance programs are very highly regarded, and they're a top engineering school, if you're into that.
But you have so much time, getting any attention now is already awesome.

04/02/16 4:46 pm

I can jack off multiple times in a day

political Georgia
04/02/16 4:48 pm

Do you have hairy palms?