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Psychoanalysis April 2nd, 2016 5:45pm

Should cow's milk be produced for human consumption?

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04/02/16 2:55 pm

No one knows the number of pounds of cheese consumed by carnivores as they eat the gut of the young animals they've killed.

Other adult animals are not milk averse, they're just milk deprived.

Bobnpt The Ocean State
04/02/16 1:29 pm

Paul Gyorgy, the discoverer of riboflavin, vitamin B₆, and biotin, stayed at my house when I was a young boy. He was appalled that American children were drinking a product made for calves. I asked him what else I was supposed to put in my cereal, and he said, "don't get me started on American cereal." I was probably eating Sugar Corn Pops at the time.

17millionTwats Leeds, UK
04/02/16 11:42 am

What else are we going to drink? Human milk?

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
04/02/16 12:44 pm

Almond milk because apparently almonds make milk.

17millionTwats Leeds, UK
04/02/16 12:49 pm

And for people with nut allergies? ;)

Idahologger up north
04/02/16 1:19 pm

Almonds don't have nipples 😂

04/02/16 2:17 pm

They do, but you need tiny fingers.

ProjectFND USA
04/02/16 8:29 pm

My husband says "there aren't enough boobs to go around." We can't all be lactating.

04/02/16 11:16 am

Someone once told me and I'll get it wrong, humans are the only animal that go back to the teet. Meaning we drink milk and other animals don't post nursing.

susanr Colorado
04/02/16 11:20 am

We're also the only animal that cooks their food (regularly and intentionally, anyway; there are a couple rare exceptions). I've never understood the logic of saying we shouldn't eat, or do, something because we're the only animal that does it.

04/02/16 11:44 am

Nicely said. And it's not as if carnivores, upon bringing down a lactating herbivore, leave the udder alone while consuming the rest of the carcass.

04/02/16 2:46 pm

I think people should do as they see fit. Susan, the older I get, the more ridiculous I think food and food rules are.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
04/02/16 10:58 am

I know just about everyone drinks milk. But I never understood that. Why would we want to drink anything that was meant for consumption of calves.
This has always been bizarre to me. When you have reached s certain age of physical development then you shouldn't need milk from any source.

ProjectFND USA
04/02/16 2:14 pm

But it's so yummy! What would we dip Oreos in????

ProjectFND USA
04/02/16 10:52 am

I love milk, but I have to admit I've always thought it strange we drink cows milk. Then I remember drinking milk from animals goes back to Old Testament times, so perhaps it really isn't that odd after all.