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masterc7 April 2nd, 2016 5:18pm

A man parks his car in front of a hotel and says "oh no I'm ruined!!!" What happened?

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CDUBS Dallas, Tx
04/02/16 6:05 pm

Dead hooker

ProjectFND USA
04/02/16 11:14 am

His hands are covered in the blood of his ex lover, but he didn't murder her. He realizes his plight--that he held her and now his hand prints are everywhere. Suddenly, he wakes up and realizes it wasn't a murder at all. He fell asleep while eating lunch and his hand slipped into his McDonald's ketchup. He's got a meeting with a potential client and as he goes to clean himself up realizes he's an idiot at a motel and has no life. It was ruined long ago when he murdered his ex lover and never got caught.

Donaldo lets go brenden
04/02/16 11:01 am

He was ok but something happened and it ruined him. Poor guy

04/02/16 10:21 am

The man and his wife are playing monopoly and his car character is the car you know that the hotel is the best you can get a property and you have to pay a lot of you land on it and that was probably all his money in the game so that is why he yelled "oh no I'm ruined!!"