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VeganCrusader April 2nd, 2016 4:16pm

"Transgenders for Cruz is like Jews for Hitler." -Joy Behar, on Caitlyn Jenner's endorsement of Ted Cruz

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04/03/16 6:47 am

Joy is an evil nasty troll

04/03/16 6:06 am

Show me where Cruz has said he will wipe all the transgendereds.
It's probably in the same place he said he will establish a theocracy and make it illegal to be Muslim.

ConservativeCA No Jawline Joe
04/02/16 11:17 pm

If you think that's a fair comparison , you are an intellectual cancer to American society.

04/02/16 8:08 pm

She is disgusting. Won't watch her or her fellow banshees.

evoecon nearest binary system
04/02/16 6:07 pm

Good for Joy. She missed oppression of lgbt by Che', Castro and other socialist as an apt analogy.

04/02/16 3:35 pm

I don't see the comparison and joy Behar's fledgling career demands she stay relevant and at this point, she'll say anything. I dislike Cruz immensely but his disapproval of the lgbtq community as a whole is not the same as Hitler's final solution.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
04/02/16 9:20 am

I'm not sure I'm aware of Cruz's plan to invade other countries, gather up transgender people, put them in camps, and completely eradicate them.

But maybe I'm out of the loop.