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04/02/16 10:00 am

Okay, needs to be expanded upon and teaching methods severely changed to encourage divergent thinking and a learning environment that acknowledges the unique ways children learn and thrive, focusing on making sure the children learn, socially and emotionally develop and utilize their creative and analytical thinking skills. Make sure every child thrives not focus on creating little regurgitating robots to pass a scantron

04/02/16 8:32 am

I don't have first hand experience but from what I've read by math teachers, students reaching 9th grade now who learned CC as 3rd-4th graders, they understand algebra in a much quicker, fuller way. They learn to understand the relationships between numbers rather than rote memorization. I'd have to see first hand to truly make an informed decision but that's what I hear from those I trust more than parents who are afraid of deviating from what they grew up with due to unfamiliarity.

susanr Colorado
04/02/16 9:59 am

The couple of examples I've seen of CC math made me think exactly the same thing, Ryan. Most of the comments from other people about those examples showed that they really didn't understand *why* a particular approach was taken in the example, and reflected their thinking that rote memorization was the best way to learn math. I couldn't disagree more. My own experience with an experimental math program at my high school in the early 1960, and my daughter's learning experience with Cuisinaire rods in the 1970s, gave me an appreciation of the methodology used. As you said, it's about the *relationships* between numbers that's important - you get a "gut" feeling, and truly understand math. I think that's incredibly important, and I'm sorry so many people just look at CC examples and think it's just stupid. From what I've seen, it's anything but stupid.

liam2013 iowa
04/02/16 7:52 am

Not perfect but better than each state and or school district going their own way. It very hard on children who move a lot when every school has different standard and methods.

doughnutqueen New York
04/02/16 8:32 am

I agree but I am only negative towards it because of how the common core does things like how they test students. Sometimes they make tests so advanced for regular high schoolers such as myself. For example, I have taken practice English common core tests and the vocab words they "expect us to know" have never even crossed the ears of most of my peers.

04/02/16 10:43 am

DQ, perhaps you have been poorly educated. That's part of the reason for testing. Unfortunately, a lot of educators don't like to be exposed as incompetent, so they ridicule testing.