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Show Of Hands January 16th, 2012 12:00am

Have you worn headphones in the last 24 hours?

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01/21/12 11:58 am

I'm listening to music right now

01/20/12 8:02 pm

I have. earbuds in 20/24 hours a day :3

01/19/12 6:57 pm

Skull candy cheep and good for $20 and under you can't beat them

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
01/19/12 11:15 am

solopocono: I have the Phillips SHH8006 ear hook earbuds. they are also sold by apple. love them!

mme Iowa
01/18/12 11:26 am

I only wore them for transcription class.

01/18/12 3:42 am

On topic-I usually don't use them much-except in hospital or at dialysis. But, have been wrestling with new earbud/mic I got yesterday-thought my older one was broken. Nope. New mic isn't working on my iPod2 either. :( (and YES, it's from Apple store-not a fake). Anyone have any ideas? Audio works.

01/18/12 3:33 am

@sweetie THIS "elder lady" is JEALOUS!! Even though riding is NOT one of my "approved physical activities", I MISS my big babies, a LOT!! Even if I'm not supposed to ride, I can't see just some gentle trail riding doing any harm. Heck, I'd be thrilled just to take care of a horse these days! :(

BadBadger Georgia
01/17/12 11:56 pm

@Tony: The obligatory GROAN!! Why do I suspect you asked this question just so could lay that horrible (but clever) pun on us?

Jzz California
01/17/12 10:01 pm

I hate ear buds. maybe I'll splurge for custom fit one day. I prefer old fashioned head set.

01/17/12 9:01 pm

Yeah, they give better fidelity than earbuds. I am wearing some right now.

01/17/12 8:05 pm

Bronco.... think xbox/playstation... lol

Wert A picture of my junk
01/17/12 12:20 pm

The over 40 is interesting. Most of us grew up wearing "cans" on our heads. You'd think earbuds would be a lot easier.

01/17/12 10:05 am

Also kind of funny to see such a large difference between males and females. Anyone have an idea?

01/17/12 8:21 am

Yep.... I have them in right now!!!

HRocinante Ohio
01/17/12 7:57 am

Yep. Noisy roommate and her bedmate.

01/17/12 7:56 am

The same thing could be said about texting and typing on blogs like this one if you are doing that INSTEAD OF talking to the person that is physically right next to you.

01/17/12 7:54 am

I think this goes beyond tech-savvy. There is nothing inherently wrong with headphones, but a lot of the teens that I see hone I am out and about are wearing headphones and completely ignoring the world around them.

01/17/12 5:53 am

Assuming Tony meant earbuds and headphones, then yes. I use them all the time for the sake of sound quality and a private listening experience.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/17/12 5:04 am

@BroncosRN, well that is with exceptions like @sweetie and other tech-savvy elderly folks (sorry, I know your only in your 70s, but that is my age classification system).


catey Pennsylvania
01/17/12 4:05 am

Every night. I go to sleep with music.

01/17/12 12:52 am

Loving the age difference on this one. Definitely shows a difference in generations!

01/16/12 10:51 pm

All the time, everyday. I work out with it, run with it, study with it, eat with it, watch with it (xvideos is the best, go to the bathroom with it, argue with ppl with it, play games with it.

youknwy Massachusetts
01/16/12 10:20 pm

Headphones for me. I spend more time putting the buds back in my ears then actually listening to the music

dylansl Texas
01/16/12 10:17 pm

Headphones and earbuds or just headphones?

youknwy Massachusetts
01/16/12 10:08 pm

I just need a new pair in general though

youknwy Massachusetts
01/16/12 10:07 pm

It's funny the age comment was thrown in there. I don't believe one word or how it's written defines ones age. Oh well.

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
01/16/12 9:53 pm

Forget the age thing. this old lady wears them at least an hour every day while riding her horse.Beautiful day today. Joyously sang to my nano music.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
01/16/12 9:50 pm

In the morning before 'business hours'.

Zack100 Tatooine
01/16/12 9:49 pm

Wearing them right now listening to pandora!! Thank goodness you can listen to music on this app!! One more reason this is one of the BEST APPS EVER!!!!

01/16/12 9:40 pm

I knew the age filter would be awesome lol

LovBuffalo New York
01/16/12 9:33 pm

If you have the inception app you'll hardly take them off, lol.

Jzz California
01/16/12 8:59 pm

all day at work. cubeville. pandora saves the day. at home Bose noise cancellation until mom and dad get their hearing aids properly adjusted.

joe13 California
01/16/12 8:49 pm

No, because the right earbud doesn't work. I haven't had the time to go to Apple yet.

veritas1 Panda
01/16/12 8:04 pm

Rockin' out to some Dubstep…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/16/12 7:39 pm

Headphones, earphones, ear buds, I think so. Nice little invention someone made that helps many people daily.