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Do you have any close friends or family members with an alcohol/drug addiction?

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Centered Indiana
04/06/12 4:18 am

With this huge addiction problem how could anyone be against Obama Care? Ignorance is the only answer. Learn more about how Obama Care helps people, maybe not you, but others overcome addiction.

04/04/12 4:56 pm

All my friends are alcoholics...:-/

04/03/12 1:35 am

Yes. And I try to be polite- but I tell 'em they're weak. Just like my smoking- its MY fault- no one else's.

04/01/12 8:31 am

Not anymore.... My sister died from an ocycodone overdose last month. She was addicted for over 20 yrs.

03/27/12 5:01 pm

Weed isnt an addiction, its a passion.

03/26/12 6:02 pm

Going cold turkey. It's hell, but in the end I know it will be the best thing that could have happened to me. With my dealer/boyfriend in jail, I have no choice but to go through the next few weeks of being sick and getting my life in order after that. It will be hard but worth it! I'm grateful.

03/26/12 5:57 pm

I've had an addiction to heroin for one year this march. It became a living hell for me. My dealer became my boyfriend, so I got all the drugs and money I could want. I tried over and over to quit, but the sickness always had me coming back. Two days ago, he went to jail. I'm sick but thankful. I'm

Macsmom27 Georgia
03/24/12 9:14 pm

Can you say Epidemic! I think we need to take addiction more seriously

03/24/12 5:34 am

Hey Tops, 'the Irishman's disease' - I've never heard alcoholism called that. Bless your and your brother's hearts honey. God willing I'll have 14 years on Monday...

snafu Washington
03/24/12 1:24 am

On my side I might have an uncle or cousin with drinking problems but my husband's side seems to have some interesting characters, his grandpa was an alcoholic and I think that's why my husband can't handle hard liquor.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/23/12 6:08 am

My late brother had the Irishmans disease.
For me does sugar count?

dbrat East Coast
03/22/12 5:15 pm

most do somewhere down the line - they just may not know it or want to know it

03/22/12 6:18 am

Kissmyfont it's all about priorities. If your sister's sober that's the most important thing. I was sober 8 years before I quit smoking. First Things First; sobriety has to come first. Some come in and say 'I want to get sober, lose weight, quit smoking, change jobs, etc.' Doesn't work that way IMO.

fadinho michigan
03/22/12 6:02 am

I'm addicted to girls, does that count?

kandykane California
03/22/12 5:50 am

To those of you asking- yes, cigarettes count because they are addictive because of the nicotine in them.

03/22/12 5:24 am

Not cousin died of an overdose.

03/22/12 4:55 am

Not anymore. Apparently he's "off" of it. Not sure I believe it though.

Overmind Texas
03/22/12 3:49 am

I have a video game addiction...

03/22/12 3:24 am

Holybabble sorry to hear about your addiction to meth, crack etc. At least go to the dentist! That look of death is scary! Now that we know why you rant like you do I'll have more patients for those comical comments! Keep your chin up!

waaazzaap Arizona
03/22/12 2:07 am

Wow this is scary 51% said yes ... America the Drunk :(

valeriejo ramble on
03/22/12 1:28 am

I'm watching one of my (old) best friends snort herself to death by a lethal pill cocktail of everything from adderall, to Xanax, to percocets. It's horrible & terrifying to watch, I grew up with her, best friends since 3rd grade. Most ironic thing is, growing up she was always the goody 2 shoes.

mim formerly 97123
03/22/12 1:23 am

thanks for your kind comment, @jopat

HolyBabble Mississippi
03/22/12 1:18 am

Blah blah blah nobody wants to hear your sob stories. Cry me a river you bunch of losers.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/22/12 12:10 am

You have to know your worth before you can love and care for yourself. Drugs often meet the distorted need to both sooth and punish oneself.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/22/12 12:07 am

Besides the physical cravings there is usually an underlying emotional need that is not being taken care of. Professionals use Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to help sooth/calm, raise self awareness, regulate impulses and improve relational skills. Many sufferers are people pleasers who suppress

03/21/12 11:54 pm

giotto_blu I'm sure you mean OxyContin, not oxytocin. That's just too funny though, sorry. Are the kids trying to induce labor? Haha :-)

03/21/12 11:51 pm

My parents were alcoholics. They're both now sober. I am among the few of my friends who doesn't drink, because I refuse to suffer from the same vices as my parents. Unless they've had an addicted parent, they really can't understand.

03/21/12 11:09 pm

I was curious as to the question meaning currently-suffering from? I, myself, am an alcoholic, but sober...would that count for my family when they answer?

deosil WA
03/21/12 10:21 pm

The things people do when addicted are not ok, but being hateful and judgmental is so hypocritical.

deosil WA
03/21/12 10:19 pm

Most people have an addiction of one sort or another, i.e sex, food, caffeine, sugar, etc. They each carry their own issues and reasons for doing them vary.

03/21/12 9:27 pm

No but a lot of my friends smoke pot, a non addictive healthy substance. Why else is it used in so many medicines???

03/21/12 9:02 pm

My gf has an addiction to NH4OH.

03/21/12 8:59 pm

@landoffree, sorry to hear that you are friends/family with HolyBabble.

03/21/12 8:51 pm

Got some alcohol and tobacco issues in my extended family, so I don't drink or smoke. Not worth the risk for alcohol and not worth the health issues for cigarettes.

03/21/12 8:50 pm

Just one holybabble... Addicted to crack, meth, and snorts drain cleaners that kills brain cells by the millions.

SouthernG Man Cave
03/21/12 8:49 pm

unfortunately all those taxes collected on alcohol, tobacco, gambling do NOT go toward treatment programs.

03/21/12 8:43 pm

I haven't read the comments or have the time read all the comments. People that are addicted to booze, drugs, prescription pain pill, etc. are not "stupid" as I have seen them been called in the short list of comments I have read. They need help and the need our help.

03/21/12 8:38 pm

Smoking is drug addiction; since everybody in my family smokes, I answered yes.