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Have you ever been out of the U.S. on a humanitarian or missions trip?

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Stretch Georgia
06/04/12 7:48 am

I'm actually in Cambodia now on medical mission (2nd time).

monkeyy Ohio
06/01/12 9:16 pm

No but I wish I had! My dad got to go to France for a mission when he was 19 I'm sooo jealous of him!

Rhymez Alaska
06/01/12 3:56 am

@stnik Hitler was Christian and did all his evils in the explicit name of God. Stalin, and the rest didn't do evil BECAUSE they were atheist, but because they were just a$$holes.

05/31/12 9:41 pm

@surgeon, I want to go to Africa so bad!! When I get done with college I want to teach in third world countries. I'm hoping to go to a baptist college so I can get sponsored and don't have to raise my own funds

05/31/12 9:40 pm

I went to Peru in march on a mission trip with my church. Coolest and most life changing experience of my life!

05/31/12 5:57 am

1 month in Africa providing free medical care and surgeries

StNik North Carolina
05/30/12 8:58 pm

By all accounts Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, and Hitler were all atheist. They ushered in the greatest evils in history.

BTW, I'm not saying atheist are inherently amoral. I know plenty of atheist who believe in supreme right/wrong. I'm saying atheism is amoral.

StNik North Carolina
05/30/12 8:55 pm

Moonshot- yes atheism is amoral. Morals are based on something outside of humanity- an infinite right and wrong, which you say doesn't exist.

Crap dude- Even Richard Dawkins admits it.

As for religion- you are ignorant and a bigot if you believe religion is evil.

05/30/12 8:12 pm

Went to Uganda a couple of years ago with loving one by one ministries and hope to go back soon. It was a great experience.

moonshot More often I know nothing
05/30/12 6:51 pm

hey StNik, there is nothing amoral about Atheism. the two concepts are not even related to each other. also, if one feels the urge to go try to make somewhere else better, more power to them. I support that entirely and have done this myself. just leave religion out of it.

tony2k79 Victorville
05/30/12 5:21 pm

LDS Missionary in Mexico for 2 yrs. most important thing I've ever done. Probably will ever do.

That said, I'm sure the dem percentage is due to the fact that they are more concerned with domestic issues.

acavemand The Burgh
05/30/12 9:24 am

Maybe instead of everybody bashing dems for not doing so they should
a) go on one themselves
b) stop being judgmental
c) consider that they helped in missions in their hometown where it's just as important
d) shut the fuçk up
e) all of the above

StNik North Carolina
05/30/12 8:38 am

Hey moonshot, in every sh!thole around the world is a person or people of faith trying to make it better.

Atheism and it's inherent amoralism is the worst evil to be embraced by humanity. Give it time.

05/30/12 7:18 am

The income filter is very cool.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
05/30/12 6:41 am

what happened to all the bleeding heart libs...oh yeah, i forgot....they just want to send all of out tax money to these people, they don't actually give a $#|+ enough to do anything out of their own wallet or time.

adalla Virginia
05/30/12 4:59 am

Judging by the comments, the odd repub/dem outcome is probably due to military members counting their humanitarian service missions. I don't think that's what was being asked... It's a lot different to plan and probably pay for a trip than to just get on the plane when you're told...

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
05/30/12 4:28 am

Yes what ever country I was in I spent money supporting the economy while in the Navy.

05/30/12 12:56 am

Yes. The lord tells us to spread our religion everywhere. The ignorant have very little experience denouncing those who bring them gifts and religion.

Asher804 Virginia
05/30/12 12:21 am

funny that twice as many republicans have than democrats

05/29/12 10:26 pm

Taught English in Monte Cristi, Dominican rewarding =)

05/29/12 9:11 pm

Serví en la Misión México, Tuxtla Gutiérrez desde el 2003 al 2005. Después aprendí el "castellano" y me casé con una mina de la Argentina. Viva México! Viva Argentina!

05/29/12 9:10 pm

Not yet. We do that in the u.s. first.
Help poor folks get their lives together.
Once all U.S. families are good, maybe we'll Venture out.

05/29/12 9:07 pm

On a two-year mission for the LDS church in Chiapas and Tabasco, Mexico. There I learned Spanish and when I got home I married a beautiful little gal from Argentina. The Lord blesses us for serving others. When we serve others, we are really in the service of our God.

05/29/12 8:57 pm

yes , to Zimbabwe twice

05/29/12 8:29 pm

been on short term and long term missions. and volunteered locally as well. though it's been a few years back for both

05/29/12 7:15 pm

The only time I've been out of the US was when I was like 6 and my family went to Niagara falls... But I'm only 20 and hope to travel soon!

MDB Texas
05/29/12 6:08 pm

Yvgvyid, why are you going to Ethiopia? What kind of mission is it?

05/29/12 5:40 pm

cuz when we came back my sister literally. kissed the ground..

05/29/12 5:38 pm

I haven't been out of the U.S. period. except Canada since it's like two to three hours away. Oh, I did go to a real shitty part of Mexico in '79 when I was in California..A dumbass friend got lost saying "oh, you just have to SEE Encinada!" and it must have been the worst part of it, because when

yvgvyid SC
05/29/12 5:10 pm

next year I am going to Ethiopia

05/29/12 4:55 pm

no, and god bless you all who do

05/29/12 12:38 pm

not out of the US, but I did do lots of inner city stuff

05/29/12 12:27 pm

Planning on to next year.

MasterMatt Oregon
05/29/12 12:11 pm

In the military. Does that count?

shaka-shollz The armpit of America
05/29/12 11:48 am

I wish!! This is my dream. I am, however, heading to Detroit for a mission trip this summer.

anonymous0 Nevada
05/29/12 11:22 am

no. I rarely ever think about it. I've donated to red cross a few times.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
05/29/12 10:54 am

I haven't gone on a foreign mission trip before, but I have helped sort medicine for one, and I have also been to local stuff such as Katrina cleanup.

05/29/12 10:26 am

Philippines, South Korea, Japan, New Orleans, and Haiti. Someone always needs reliefs flown in!

05/29/12 10:03 am

This summer will be my 5th trip in a row to Miskolc, Hungary, working with a children's home. I met my wife on my first trip there and we love going back every year since to work together.

scottstots Georgia
05/29/12 9:56 am

I've never been and I never will. If I want to go on a humanitarian mission, I can go across town and serve food at the shelter. I go once a month to work or more if my schedule allows. Local is better for me and my family.