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Show Of Hands April 27th, 2012 12:00am

Do you think there will be Rodney-King-like racial violence if George Zimmerman gets acquitted of the charge of murder of Trayvon Martin?

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HolyBabble Mississippi
05/10/12 7:42 pm

Of course there will be riots.
Coloreds don't know how to control their emotions. They always resort to violence.

05/10/12 6:36 am

Sometimes in life you get what's coming to you when you aren't where you're supposed to be, whether it's a gated community or a home!

05/02/12 10:42 pm

I do know we need to rework a lot of our laws because at least here in CT they are fucked up. if someone breaks into my house trying to kill one of my family members and I was within easy access of an exit but choose to protect my family I can be charged with assault and possibly murder.

BadBadger Georgia
05/01/12 9:46 pm

If I had to shoot someone in self-defense, no matter what the circumstances, I wouldn't be happy about it either.

BadBadger Georgia
05/01/12 9:46 pm

BTW, the homeowner isn't happy about what happened. You make it sound like every time someone shoots some "innocent" kid, that the shooter is some out of control maniac, or a racist, or whatever.

BadBadger Georgia
05/01/12 9:41 pm

Either you just don't have your facts straight, or you don't like the facts, so you massage them to fit your agenda.

BadBadger Georgia
05/01/12 9:38 pm

The district attorney said with or without the Castle Doctrine, he would have reached the same decision to not criminally charge the homeowner.

BadBadger Georgia
05/01/12 9:38 pm

but an ENCLOSED porch that is part of the house. It is INDOORS. The kid scared the homeowner by taking a step toward him in the dark, so he shot him. He was at home with his wife and 3 kids. The kid was twice the legal limit for DUI and was hiding from the police.

BadBadger Georgia
05/01/12 9:38 pm

US, if you are referring to the March incident in Wisconsin, do you have any idea what you're talking about? The "steps" that the kid "stumbled" up, was, in fact, an enclosed porch . . . at 2am. If you bother to look at the house, it isn't a screened in porch,

KudosToYou California
05/01/12 8:13 pm

Race isn't an issue for me. The mob should be prosecuted; what they did was not okay, but it was not because of what happened with Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

KudosToYou California
05/01/12 8:11 pm

I'm not anti-gun. I do need more knowledge on the subject matter, yes. I do not believe self-defense is a bad thing. But opening fire on some drunk kid that stumbled up your steps is not self defense.

BadBadger Georgia
05/01/12 7:34 pm

Rand, I'd like to think that, too. Too bad I can't.

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
05/01/12 5:46 pm

Do we just assume that black people are stupid? There is a (over hyped) racial incident, and the black community is automatically going to burn something down? Geez! I'd like to think people have learned something in the past 20 years

05/01/12 7:31 am

@badbadger he lives in one of those states where castle doctrine is on a case by case basis, no absolute self defense xD

BadBadger Georgia
04/30/12 10:13 pm

So, why don't you educate yourself on the Stand Your Ground, Duty to Retreat, and Castle doctrines before you go off half-cocked on your anti-gun rhetoric.

BadBadger Georgia
04/30/12 10:09 pm

And in some ass backwards states, the Duty to Retreat law even applies in your own home. I'll be damned if I'm going to look around me to find the nearest door or window to run through if some bastard is in my house trying to do me bodily harm.

BadBadger Georgia
04/30/12 10:06 pm

US, regarding stand your ground. It is simply a codification of your inherent right to defend yourself and not be required to turn your back on, and run from, someone who is trying to kill you.

BadBadger Georgia
04/30/12 9:59 pm

Had he had a gun and opened up on the mob, I suspect the Stand Your Ground doctrine would have been totally justified.

BadBadger Georgia
04/30/12 9:56 pm

US, are you saying this mob of 20 was justified in beating that guy? He was not beat up for being a jackass. He was beat up because he has a bunch of lawless assholes for neighbors!

04/30/12 8:51 pm

the media has ruined this case. I don't know to believe that treyvon was a punk ass kid or an innocent.

04/30/12 11:19 am

I wonder if Mr Reginald Denny would have any afterthoughts on his experiences, as they relate to this question.

anonymous0 Nevada
04/30/12 9:50 am

however big or small, there will be one

04/30/12 3:31 am

Yes, all those electronics that will be looted will give a sense of justice to those who are so deeply affected by the upcoming not guilty verdict.

cowboy Here and There
04/29/12 10:02 pm

Yes you are. But it was just a white guy that got beat up. So who cares right?

KudosToYou California
04/29/12 8:24 pm

I'm not wrong at all. Do your research.

jimmie Missouri
04/29/12 8:19 pm

@ us born YOU ARE WRONG he told the kids to leave the middle of the street and 20 people come and beat him up and then say thats justice for trayvon

jimmie Missouri
04/29/12 8:13 pm

How can you be chaged with 2nd degree murder when you head is getting slammed to the pavement and there were 3 witnesses

hazhap1 Las Vegas
04/29/12 7:19 pm

It all depends. If the day the verdict comes out is a "slow news day" of course the media will have 24/7 coverage and get everyone worked up. Nothing brings up viewership numbers like a riot!

KudosToYou California
04/29/12 6:35 pm

@ GW No, but you can open your door and open fire on a kid that accidentally stumbled up your front steps.

KudosToYou California
04/29/12 6:32 pm

He wasn't beaten in the name of Trayvon. That's what I was saying. He is a jackass. He has a history of starting conflicts. Your lot was so adamant about everyone looking deeper into the Martin case then you take this one at face value.

Wes28 CBus
04/29/12 5:28 pm

There is no proof beyond reasonable doubt...sadly I do not think you can charge him with 2nd degree murder

GWBushRulz Florida
04/29/12 5:20 pm

Us born no where does stand your ground authorize pursuit. Read Jon H. Gutmacher's book, it explains stand your ground all all FL LAWS. Used in 87 police agencies and ever appellate court including the supreme court. Your comment is uninformed.

04/29/12 5:19 pm

Actually wait... You do. Even worse is there's a weak castle doctrine in new Mexico. Screw that xD

04/29/12 5:17 pm

@us live In a state with a duty to retreat law. Where you have to run away from that nutjob with a gun

cowboy Here and There
04/29/12 1:57 pm

So I guess, to you, he deserved to be beaten, almost to death, in the name of Trayvon.

KudosToYou California
04/29/12 1:56 pm

Any outcry should be directed toward the Florida "Stand Your Ground" law. It gives nutjobs with guns license to murder.

04/29/12 1:54 pm

Nevermind the truth, let's just take advantage of the situation to loot and rob under the guise of racial outcry. Good grief!!

KudosToYou California
04/29/12 1:53 pm

The man in Alabama wasn't beat because of anything other than he was a jackass.

cowboy Here and There
04/29/12 11:52 am

Tell that to the white Alabama man that was beaten, almost to death, by a gang of blacks for simply telling some kids to stop playing basketball in the street. And of course a mob of blacks beating an unarmed, innocent man is not a hate crime. No. Race has nothing to do with it at all...

04/29/12 11:50 am

Trayvon had a lot of guts to confront a creepy guy stalking him. Zimmerman was a Bernard Goetz wannabe. What a coward.

04/29/12 11:41 am

Race isn't an issue here. Both guys are minorities. Despite the attempt to make it about race by some who used the tragedy for their own publicity.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
04/29/12 10:19 am

no. everyone was able to witness the guilt of those cowardly cops in the Rodney King video. Zimmerman's case isn't as clear, though he seems guilty to me

04/29/12 9:22 am

It's a sad commentary on our society, that we even expect this.

cowboy Here and There
04/29/12 8:48 am

Of course there will be violence. That's been the plan ever since the President sent Al Sharpton, the Black Panthers and the buses of rent-a-mobs to Sanford. Have any Black Panthers been arrested for threatening the lives of the Zimmerman family yet? No? Shocking...

TideGal CFL
04/29/12 7:51 am

I think there will be violence either way. it is an excuse to act badly. The poor little old me syndrome is out of control in this country.

flyberg Northern Kentucky
04/29/12 7:46 am

Anyone could confront you, force YOU to have to defend yourself against them, then use your attempt to "Stand your ground" as justification for killing you in their own "self defence". It can't be a blank check to kill people.

flyberg Northern Kentucky
04/29/12 7:44 am

So far most of the anger has stemmed from the lack of an arrest, which has since happened and now the judicial process will work things out. Re: stand your ground though, you do realise this law is based on a presumption of guilt on the part of the deceased?

sdbrev210 The Pursuit of Happiness
04/29/12 6:56 am

@ace... Your prejudiced statement as part of the Black community is irresponsible and fuels the fear of racist reprisal in this case. Stalked and hunted...really?