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Show Of Hands June 27th, 2011 12:00am

For those interested, I just wrote a new blog entry in response to some SoH Commenting feedback. iPad users, hit the blog button up top. iPhone folks, the News & Blog icon.

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07/02/11 11:24 pm

I'm obviously not interested... That's why I'm commenting right now btw.

06/28/11 9:53 pm

Man, people are rough. Thanks!

dlyliny1 New York
06/28/11 5:36 pm

Tough crowd...lighten up people.

NinjaMouse Illinois
06/28/11 11:07 am

I literally yawned when reading it.

06/28/11 8:03 am

That is exactly why I said Thank You!

06/27/11 10:53 pm

Thought "yawn", but I took 5 whole minutes and read through the blog. Thanks for sharing, after all!

shredguy Michigan
06/27/11 10:03 pm

I like reading the comments and creative spelling. Lmao.

06/27/11 9:30 pm

Give me the toggle switch. As much as I dislike the comments,sometimes I can't stop myself from reading them. It truly is like watching a car wreck!

DamageInc California
06/27/11 8:20 pm

I think people should have marked "thanks" no matter what. So what if you think the blog is boring; at least someone is taking the time to update and inform. What a bunch of thankless jerks who think they are entitled to everything.

06/27/11 8:11 pm

Need like/don't like buttons! or, more than that, do like /. and give deferent comments different ratings for funny, intelligent etc.

06/27/11 7:48 pm

I like the like/dislike idea

06/27/11 6:16 pm

Lol people are mean! 61% yawn

06/27/11 4:45 pm

I support the ability to turn commenting on or off (I'd keep mine on for sure).

06/27/11 1:59 pm

it would also be nice to have my username show up in red so i can easily find the comments made after mine a day later

06/27/11 1:58 pm

i like the idea of being able to hide users and the idea of toggling comments on/off altogether.

simple New York
06/27/11 12:58 pm

and if we want to see it, at our own risk (no bitching after you look, it is your choice) you can "unhide" the comment to only you. That was a lot to write I hope I helped not hindered.

simple New York
06/27/11 12:58 pm

that perspective. Idk I think we should have the power to vote (thumbs up&down or like/dislike however you wish) but not destroy. If instead of deleting the comments I think just hiding them after a negative (however many votes it takes) to the public

simple New York
06/27/11 12:57 pm

Even though so many of you do not like the negative comments I feel that they still add to it. Some people have commented ridiculous, offensive posts that even though at first glance I think the guy is a moron, but I still learn more from the comment and I get to try to understand it from

simple New York
06/27/11 12:56 pm

I don't think people have the "yawn" attitude when they select it. They don't process it until they've seen the results. Since there really isnt a question people just pick either one not caring. It's not a direct reflection on how we like this app. I find this app remarkable.

06/27/11 12:04 pm

here here, legaleagle! Your comment also applies to so much more than just SoH

aznhottchik Eastern Washington
06/27/11 11:33 am

I said yawn, but i still read it haha. :)

06/27/11 11:33 am

option 1 and 2. and people really selected yawn? grow up! this is a free app. if you don't care that much about the app, uninstall the thing if it's that much of a "yawn" for you.

Logan1980 Texas
06/27/11 10:49 am

No Censorship. The solution is a thumbs up/down feature or like/dislike.

06/27/11 10:48 am

@siadat lol. No really, I just LOL'd on a train.

06/27/11 10:32 am

Even though many users can't spell or think well, I love the comments. For those who hate the comments, simply ignore the little comment bubble.

06/27/11 9:20 am

the ads are no problem & are discrete. I support option 1 or 2. Profanity & bashing people in comments, indicates to me, a lack of thoughtfulness in the comment. I would like a dislike button to flag these as warning to disregard the micro minded.

06/27/11 9:18 am

Yawn- really? WTF? This is one of the coolest free apps...nevermind. People don't seem to appreciate free.

06/27/11 8:53 am

A feature to individually disable comments would be welcome. I do that when I browse certain news sites, but I am very anti-comments from the peanut gallery. It wouldn't hurt the zealous lot that do enjoy rabid comment flame wars and it would allow people like me to just enjoy the app unoffended.

Rational1 Ohio
06/27/11 8:40 am

The comments section will keep users coming back to the app and gets people to spend more time using it. Don't take it away. Ratings are a good idea, but maybe just hide comments with low ratings instead of deleting them.

legaleagle Oklahoma
06/27/11 8:34 am

why do a few people always have to ruin things for everyone else (I am referring to the people who have nothing better to do than gripe about something they can easily ignore)

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
06/27/11 8:23 am

your not going to catch everything with that, but you would eliminate the blatant stuff at the very least.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
06/27/11 8:21 am

I like the like/dislike button idea. but don't automatically delete because of dislikes. I may have a perfectly polite opinion, but if enough people disagree with me, then my opinion gets deleted. how about some very basic profanity filtering technowlogy?

ORinNY New York
06/27/11 8:04 am

Funny how this is the only poll with exclusively polite comments. Crap boobs crap, hell damn fart!
There, Now it looks normal. ;)
Comments are good by the way, creates a sense of community and community takes all kinds.

ACLRR South Carolina
06/27/11 7:59 am

Don't look if you don't want know what other others have said. I only look at those I have some interest in. --- I make my own decision.

06/27/11 7:49 am

If you don't like to read the comments then don't click on that button. SoH shouldn't take that away from those of us who like to read the comment section.

AdamT Boston, MA
06/27/11 7:31 am

Please, no likes and dislikes. I'm fine with dislikes, but no logical argument should be given a higher rating than another here. We all have our different opinions.

superbill Georgia
06/27/11 7:16 am

Oh and I like 1 a lot. Two is good as well. But I like the comments.

superbill Georgia
06/27/11 7:14 am

Yeah the adds are fine the people who have a problem with it are just stupid. And thanks btw.

06/27/11 7:04 am

Turn all the comments off

06/27/11 6:59 am

1 and 2 please. And the ads are just fine. They don't bother me, and I suspect the same is true for other reasonable people.
Great job and thanks for the interesting free app!

06/27/11 6:57 am

The first option is great, but I like the commenting, so don't delete it! :)

06/27/11 6:57 am

The first option is great, but I like the commenting, so don't delete it! :)