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Show Of Hands August 4th, 2011 12:00am

Meg flick showdown: Sleepless in Seattle or When Harry Met Sally?

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Feerzz Missouri
08/16/11 2:47 pm

I've never seen either but I lovvvve Seattle so I'm gunna go with sleepless in seattle

08/10/11 1:17 pm

Lol Ben. Same with me. Haven't seen either but think sleepless is a better title.

08/06/11 12:03 pm

I know Washington would choose sleepless!

benbargold Massachusetts
08/05/11 9:06 pm

I have no idea what either of these are but I chose sleepless cause I haven't slept in days

08/05/11 1:09 pm

Didn't really like either, but Harry Met Sally stunk less.

kittylover Florida
08/05/11 11:48 am

When Harry Met Sally was way better. Sleepless in Seattle was kinda creepy since Meg Ryan was a total stalker

08/05/11 10:14 am

consider this, Rosie O'Donnel is in Sleepless....Yuk

08/05/11 10:13 am


George96 Texas
08/05/11 6:40 am

I'll have what she's having. But seriously, haven't seen either one!

lovableme California
08/05/11 3:28 am

Well considering that When Harry Met Sally is only the cutest awesomest movie ever...

oorah Florida
08/05/11 12:02 am

As a girl who enjoys chick flicks it was a tough choice but I would have to say Sleepless in Seattle.

08/04/11 11:04 pm

continued (just testing out the new ignore feature)

08/04/11 11:01 pm

never heard of harry or whoever slept with sally

Nerdz Texas
08/04/11 10:37 pm

I have NEVER heard of both of them until now

Piper? Texas
08/04/11 10:25 pm

I loved Sleepless In Seattle. Gotta love Tom Hanks, "Run Forest Run!". I have never seen Sally...

As for the comment below, Top Gun is my first choice. As a girl you've just gotta love the volleyball scene. You've Got Mail was cute to though.

08/04/11 9:28 pm

Similar flicks, both very good!

Priceless Kentucky
08/04/11 9:13 pm

City of Angels was even better including the soundtrack!

NYevo NY
08/04/11 8:51 pm

"Youuu loook marvelous". Nuff said?

08/04/11 8:22 pm

neither, Top Gun or You've Got Mail

08/04/11 8:15 pm

Neither. City of angels

08/04/11 7:42 pm

Haven't seen em, why pick meg ryan? Thats really random

08/04/11 6:25 pm

Harry met Sally is a classic. I've learned that a lot if the commenters on here are 15-19 yrs old so no wonder I'm not impressed with any of the opinions posted. Get some real movie experience under your belt first kiddies.

gonk In a psychology textbook
08/04/11 4:10 pm

When Harry Met Sally is seriously the dumbest movie I've ever seen, second only to Pride and Prejudice. Never seen Sleepless in Seattle.

08/04/11 4:04 pm

then at the end of sex in the city they showed a full screen shot of a big ol Wiener. I'm glad we didn't watch it IMAX 3d!!! i was pissed!!

08/04/11 4:02 pm

as a guy forced to watch chick flix in trade for her watching my zombie movies. I'd have to say I prefer sleepless in Seattle. they're both better than the shit they come out with these days. I was forced to watch sex in the city at the movie theater. she didnt tell me it be 6 hours long!

Wert A picture of my junk
08/04/11 2:09 pm

Neither. They were clones of the same script and they were both awful.

08/04/11 1:56 pm

I have actually never seen Sleepless & have no interest to.

08/04/11 1:51 pm

I've seen the second and liked it so I'll say that one! Although I'd like to see Sleepless.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
08/04/11 1:38 pm

This is iffffy on both movies,both good.

CobsG West Virginia
08/04/11 12:53 pm

Flesh and Bone! Or at least the Doors. Something so beautiful need no clothing.

08/04/11 12:53 pm

Love Tom Hanks, but Billy Crystal was so funny in 'Sally'...that one wins!!

FrankZappa New York
08/04/11 12:49 pm

Joe Versus The Volcano. 'Nuff said. Sleepless was too cheesy.

08/04/11 12:45 pm

Sleepless - absolutely. Harry was cute too, but Sleepless is classic Meg. IMO she's not been the same since - why she ever changed her hair beats me!

08/04/11 12:18 pm

They are both just awful.

08/04/11 12:15 pm

Havent seen either, its cool how it is 50/50 at the mement though.

08/04/11 12:04 pm

Haven't seen either of them

CGGALT Indiana
08/04/11 11:43 am

Diner scene in Harry is classic!

08/04/11 11:34 am

To be honest, I haven't seen either. I'm guessing that at 22, I'm still too young for those.

08/04/11 11:13 am

First. Cool... They both probably stink