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Show Of Hands June 30th, 2011 12:00am

Do you think some animals have a genuine ability to sense when an earthquake or other natural disaster is coming?

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USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/13/11 3:48 pm

My cat feels the house move when my neighbor stomp around their livingroom

07/09/11 11:35 pm

My dog is my most reliable weather forecaster I've ever known. She freaks quite a while before a storm

07/07/11 2:12 am

My dad was in the Mexico city earthquake, and literally saw buildings fall from inside his hotel room. Ever since then, he senses earthquakes seconds before anybody else feels them.

lpalin19 Oregon
07/04/11 11:30 pm

My dog literally freaks out if he is outside before a storm, and the worse the storm the worse he panics.

dvblystone Texas
07/04/11 6:09 pm

There are all kinds of things that critters are sensitive to. If only humans paid more attention to them.

NYevo NY
07/02/11 10:27 pm

I know I do, so why not the animals :)

07/02/11 12:35 pm

Humans probably have that same instinct too deep down, but we're too out of touch with nature to sense what animals do.

07/01/11 11:36 pm

I know whenever there's going to be a bad storm because my cat gets very freaked out. I think it's partially instinct for them to sense changes in the earth/atmosphere/ect. so they have a chance to protect themselves.

07/01/11 7:19 pm

They're environment sensitive

archuck Arkansas
07/01/11 4:35 pm

animals seem to know in advance because they are frightened by other animals that have felt the initial triggers of an event

07/01/11 11:54 am

Yes they can. People have lost touch with nature and have over time lost that ability. I believe that we used to be able to do the same if only by watching nature react.

skeptical Indianapolis, IN
07/01/11 9:47 am

@wsdomc-ker highly sensitive to environmental changes is sufficient to explain, no need to conjure supernatural abilities

skeptical Indianapolis, IN
07/01/11 9:43 am

This question is misleading, can they sense anything before it happens? No. Can they feel tiny vibrations in the ground that we can't feel? This would make it appear as if they could predict the event when really they are responding to a cue that we don't perceive.

Gelidity Pennsylvania
07/01/11 2:57 am

Many do. I know cats can sense the first few minor vibrations that humans can't.

06/30/11 11:39 pm

We had a pekapoo years ago who would always freak out when a storm was coming in a few hours.

Flooded Virginia
06/30/11 11:30 pm

My dog always get antsy when the pressure changes around the time when a storm comes. we've watched the pressure change, and even though we cant feel it, we're pretty sure she does and associates it with thunder (which scares her)

06/30/11 10:34 pm

Out of 3 dogs, one freaks out about 3 hours before a storm. Vet said to rub her down with a dryer sheet. Said it helps with the static electricity build up in her...& it works.

06/30/11 9:58 pm

My Pomeranian always knows when something is going to happen!

homeagain NWA
06/30/11 8:32 pm

I just read it as they are aware of their surroundings. I didn't think it meant magic powers. If that was where you were going, then no. I do not believe my pet has an antenna in her head where the aliens beam information about the weather to her...

06/30/11 7:47 pm

hey my dog knows there is a storm coming before I do.

06/30/11 7:37 pm

The elephants had a 'sense' before the tsunami hit the coast a few years back.

06/30/11 6:50 pm

*more not or supernatural

06/30/11 6:50 pm

Is an animals ability to sense changes in weather or early rumblings of earthquakes due to their sensitivity of senses or something or supernatural?

Wert A picture of my junk
06/30/11 6:31 pm

For those of you who somehow think "sense" is being interpreted as a paranormal term, how would you phrase the question?

06/30/11 6:17 pm

I'm sure your cat does that when it hears or feels anything, come on people, do your animals tell you there an earthquake or do they act weird when their high sensitivity senses are bothered? Large difference that most are oversimplifying

06/30/11 5:53 pm

So true. Oklahoma has had a few "feelable" earthquakes this year. My cat always detected it about a minute before I felt it. (perking ears, hiding under coffee table)

defender Austin, TX
06/30/11 4:58 pm

hasn't this already been proven by the scientific community?

andi24 Ohio
06/30/11 3:17 pm

I think they may know a little before us. Kind of like how dogs have sensitive hearing and can hear the littlest noise. And cows do tend to lay in a group when it's about to rain

06/30/11 3:07 pm

@1337sman unfortunately, as knowledgeable as you are, you're making yourself look like a fool with this poll. This isn't something supernatural were talking about here. Were talking about fact. I've seen it multiple times. Recently though, I've been disappointed with the scientific community.

06/30/11 3:04 pm

@ ATB your cat and mine must be related somehow. that is an incredible coincidence.

06/30/11 2:02 pm

Wow 93% say yes? Guess this nation has lots of pride in our pets.

06/30/11 1:59 pm

@Tony, I believe it couldve been more specific than "when the disaster is coming", but it's much more likely with our extremely superstitious culture that people really believe their pets are David Blane like

06/30/11 1:58 pm

Yes. People are misinterpreting the question. It says "sense". Taken literally, they would have a different sense (other than the five), that gives them this genuine ability to tell if an event is coming. Not evaluate their surroundings using the other 5 senses. If it's taken literally.

06/30/11 1:07 pm

yeah I'm really surprised by this overwhelming response. I must have worded the question poorly, because other polls have shown opinion to be closer to 50/50 on the topic

06/30/11 1:07 pm

@1337sman, that's a great idea, adding an education filter. @Spock, my cat can also implant thoughts into my head: sometimes I look down at him and I get the strangers urge to pet him on the head. out of nowhere... powerful creatures they are

06/30/11 12:43 pm

Don't you know that part of the brain that "sensing animals" have called the ESP Cortex? It's pretty widely studied. They have the ability to sense earthquakes, storms, ghosts, angels, diseases, etc. Little known scientific fact, dogs can sense God up to a mile away(around Christians only). Science.

06/30/11 12:23 pm

Their eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell is all well beyond ours.. Animals are more intertwined with nature.

06/30/11 12:19 pm

93%? Poor America :(. Can we have an extra page of filters that deals with these statistics filtered by the users education level?

06/30/11 11:58 am

I think the definitely know when storms are coming. Not earthquakes

SPOCK South Carolina
06/30/11 10:52 am

@ATB: your cat meows before you feed her because she is used to you feeding her at that time. She might also meow if she is hungry.

SPOCK South Carolina
06/30/11 10:49 am

The "special powers" animals have is all BS. To give the poll some science, a main theory is that dogs can feel small tremors, such as a 3.0 on the Richter Scale; tremors that we as humans cannot feel. Usually those tremors happen before earthquakes. It isn't mine, but I tell you if you want science

06/30/11 10:42 am

something we almost all agree with. But how do we build on it?

jj4tigers Missouri
06/30/11 10:22 am

Wow! I am shocked!! I said yes, but I didn't think an overwhelming amount of people were going to say yes.

06/30/11 10:21 am

my dog can usually sense a newspaper-spanking before it happens. she usually empties her bowels on the carpet hours before it even happens. wierd...