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Fransipher USA
08/23/11 9:09 am

It is not a question of believing!

Fransipher USA
08/22/11 6:35 pm

Is is not a question of believing.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/21/11 6:04 am

@veritas... If your still reading this poll would you enlighten us on WHAT work you did? If you have about $600 and are over 18 you have a good shot at a job at an Apple Store as a Mac Tech being payed ~$20/hr.


08/20/11 11:22 pm

breaking news: 25% of Americans do not no what astrology is.

Raymond California
08/18/11 10:49 pm

Yeah, so when Pluto goes from being a planet to a planetoid-- not a real planet any longer--clearly it never was a real planet--and this has no effect on astrological charts retroactively--well, duh, of course it is so much pseudoscience.

08/17/11 9:56 pm

Higuys- in most places it's not science based. Did you see the post below yours? Yes in some places it is. But most, no.
And it is in the bible. Babylon?

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
08/17/11 12:54 pm

Ok they're different. They're still both ridiculous.

jessicaaaa New Jersey
08/17/11 9:24 am


horoscopes are stupid and vague but to read about your actual sign and where the planets were when you were born is amazing. i am a 100% capricorn! my friends and i love astrology and read about it all the time!

Nerdz Texas
08/16/11 9:05 pm

I read it for fun but it hardly ever comes true. why are all of them different in different apps or websites?

08/16/11 9:30 am

astronomy > astrology

higuys Illinois
08/16/11 8:15 am

@rosebai although guesswork astronomy (cosmology) is still scientifically based. @hands-down no it isn't. are you a special type of stupid. (yes I am catholic and have studied the bible)

08/16/11 2:56 am

Does anyone really take it seriously? I always thought it was meant to be fun. I used to write the horoscope of my high school paper. It was a blast! I tried really hard to make them vague but specific enough to freak people out. 8)

08/15/11 11:14 pm

Stupid autocorrect

08/15/11 11:13 pm

Nacho Libretto reference :D hehehe

08/15/11 11:12 pm

Not to wrestle your neighbor?

08/15/11 9:14 pm

Higuys- it's ok. I took astronomy in high school expecting an easy a, because I had a heavy class load. Only B in science ever, and turned out to be a real class.
But astrology in most cases is just guesswork. There may be a few where it's based on something other than picking phrases out of a bowl.

08/15/11 9:11 pm

Ah. Yea. I like heat, but not like that. LOVE how Ohio never gets quite that hot!
And work does suck. I love being a stay at home mom. Although next year when the baby's a year I'll probably tart working again. But I'll probably have a degree then, and maybe I'll actually like the job...

Hazel2 Minnesota
08/15/11 8:55 pm

@kandykane, thanks! I'll try that tomorrow.

veritas… Texas
08/15/11 8:39 pm

@Rosebai. There are no other veritas'. Lol I wasn't attacking. I'm just appalled that people do "actual work" for a living. I tried it and it was TERRIBLE. Camping is a vacation of sorts…when you don't live in Texas after 4 weeks of triple digits.

08/15/11 7:12 pm

Although camping is a vacation of sorts. No need to attack.

08/15/11 7:11 pm

Sorry, there's another veritas. Who was/is on vacation.

veritas… Texas
08/15/11 3:29 pm

@RJ1969 Well…no where. I mean not anywhere special. Went camping. Worked (it was godawful. People do this for a living?!?!). Read. Did more work :(

@Rosebai. I was on vacation? If this "work" is what you call a vacation I want no part of it! I didn't go anywhere.

higuys Illinois
08/15/11 2:49 pm

hmmm... I feel stupid right now having not realized that this q was referring to that horoscope bullshit. I thought it meant the science of observing the cosmos. oh well

Planoneck Guam
08/15/11 2:15 pm

I think the only reason Democrats are more likely to believe in astrology is because women are more likely to be Democrats. Otherwise, there's not much of a correlation

NYevo NY
08/15/11 1:40 pm

Lol. If I start my own religion, can I get tax exempt status?

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
08/15/11 1:28 pm

I don't need religion or astrology. I have a magic 8 ball that guides me.

08/15/11 12:36 pm

Jxs- not everyone believes in evolution. And dinosaurs and people- where did dragons and the like come from? Maybe just another name for dinosaur? Sans fire-breathing it kinda fits.

08/15/11 12:35 pm

Veritas was on vacation.
But higuys, the reason a lot of people are bringing up religion is because their view is directly related to religion, weather they believe or not. For example, in religions with the Bible and Torah, the Tower of Babylon is a reason against belief in astrology.

08/15/11 8:01 am

If god had created everything then Adam & eve would have been chilling w some dinosaurs. BUT humans haven't been around that long. Evolution people. Evolution. And I believe in my sign... It doesn't control my life. No one ever said horoscopes were meant to rule your life completely

08/15/11 7:50 am

nope...I have a magic unicorn that tells me my horoscope.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/15/11 6:13 am

@veritas... I second RJ1969, did your phone plan just get renewed?

To you folks saying astrology is older than Christianity, that depends on how you view it. Belief in "THE God Almighty" extends back to "pre-historic times", while Christ did indeed come as a man at around 3 C.E.


08/15/11 1:46 am

wow I just realized that the whole reason I chose the name "aqua mom" is because that's when I was really deep into astrology and I'm and Aquarius...sooo...hmm just my random input..but again, I don't even read my horoscopes anymore, it's tempting tho

08/15/11 12:45 am

Astrology is What your "sign" is, like aquarious, pisces, vergo etc. They are based on how the stars are aligned the month you are born. The system is outdated because they dont shift consistantly and you have a hororscope based on your sign, its a lot of superstition

RJ1969 SoCal
08/14/11 11:20 pm

MegaDittos' ass-trological sign is feces.

Steve6453 Michigan
08/14/11 11:00 pm

I'm promise i'm not a stupid person but whats astrology?

veritas… Texas
08/14/11 10:20 pm

@MegaDittos What's more ridiculous: Astrology or any thought that ever formed in your head (I'm actually surprised it's capable of that)? You make rocks look like college professors. Seriously, enough with your anti-American, degrading comments. You twist everything to an insult about liberals.

08/14/11 10:08 pm

..cntd....The question is "do you believe in astrology" and in order to answer the question, some ppl have to state whether they believe in god and other people have to explain science..simple as that, what's the issue?

08/14/11 10:07 pm

@higuys if you don't give a shit whether some1 believes in religion why do you think anyone should give a shit what your saying about science?

higuys Illinois
08/14/11 9:56 pm

1. stop the religious debate. I don't give a shit if you believe in God or not. 2. Astrology isn't just guesswork but rather honest attempts to solve the problems of the universe. A lot of actual observation and calculation goes into it. It's just as much a science as physics.

08/14/11 9:55 pm

Mikeym has left comments just plain rude in other polls. I'd say go read them but they've been deleted.
Heretothere- it's in magazines. I look at mine, and entertain it occasionally, but don't believe it. Women are more exposed to it.

08/14/11 7:40 pm

@jxs23.. Of course it has. Christianity wasn't until Christ died on the cross..

08/14/11 7:36 pm

and it seems like the alignment of the univ. does have an impact on our actions, personality, but reading in to it too much is against god, so i say it's answer