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08/29/12 4:28 pm

Cubed. I feel like crushed ice melts way too fast anyway, and I just get my ice from a tray in my freezer. I don't have the energy or appliances to crush it. :/

FrostedMin California
08/27/12 5:14 pm

If I'm bored and wanna eat ice I'd get crushed cuz it's soft and easy to chew. But in a beverage I'd do cubed because it takes longer for it to melt and doesn't make it as watery.

08/27/12 4:24 am

Crushed is easier to eat. :)

Sworleyed Illinois
08/26/12 6:20 am

Crushed ice cools your drink down faster. More surface area of ice to liquid ratio.

lawstudent Western NC foothills
08/26/12 1:38 am

Crushed melts too quickly into the drink, watering it down.

08/25/12 1:04 pm

I like crushed! I love to eat the ice makes me feel like I'm getting my 8 glass of water... Lol

08/25/12 7:12 am

I use crushed ice in my stores and have a very loyal following because of it. People have told us many times they buy drinks specifically from us because of the ice, often telling us to put a lot of ice in.

08/25/12 5:15 am

I lie crushed ice because sometimes I crunch on it.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
08/25/12 4:10 am

No more than 5% ice. I forgot to tell them the other day and got almost half ice by volume. I want liquid not solids I can't drink. Ice is less dense than water but less dense than carbonized beverages. Or is it?

08/24/12 9:58 pm

well i used to love crushed ice since my fridge has ice,but now it takes too long so i just get cubed ice

08/24/12 9:42 pm

I like my mitt Romney crushed

kitten2cat Unknown
08/24/12 8:40 pm

Crushed ice melts faster which isnt good in the summer, especially in the south. I'm from TN. FYI

08/24/12 8:19 pm

Whythanee, the north/south divide is partially because Sonic uses crushed ice in their limeade (heaven when it's 100+ out!) and also because southerners simply have good taste when it comes to beverage making. I agree with them--crushed ice ftw!

monkeyy Ohio
08/24/12 7:41 pm

@cornybread same!!!

Am I the only one who sucks on ice cubes when I'm thirsty or bored?

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
08/24/12 7:18 pm

it gets all melty when it's crushed and waters the drink down! plus I like sucking on cubed ice and crushing it myself after I finish my drink :)

08/24/12 7:12 pm

It's just down right un American not to have ice in your drink. Crush'm.

08/24/12 7:06 pm

Who the eff would prefer cubed ice? What's wrong with you people?!?!

ncbuc Get Over It
08/24/12 6:55 pm

One more reason to not vote for mitt.

08/24/12 6:48 pm

Can anyone explain the North-South phenomenon?

08/24/12 5:18 pm

Sonic ice. Zaxby's has the good stuff too

bornofashes Chicago, IL
08/24/12 4:42 pm

Crushed, because it is easier to chew.

08/24/12 4:38 pm

haha really ,mitt romney sad

08/24/12 3:18 pm

Crushed because you can put more of the drink into your cup

EJC Wisconsin
08/24/12 3:16 pm

I like crushed if I'm drinking water, otherwise I cube it up.

yepnope Maryland
08/24/12 3:14 pm

Crushed, more ice surface area will be in contact with your drink, making it colder.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
08/24/12 2:52 pm

No ice - I don't like my beverages diluted.

08/24/12 2:42 pm

No ice if I'm thirsty - drink will be gone before the ice is needed to keep it cool. If I sip just for fun, cubes - keeps longer and doesn't clog straw.
When really thirsty, drink should be at 40+ degrees otherwise greedy guzzling leads to esophagus cramps.

Tpallidum Los Angeles, CA
08/24/12 2:04 pm

Crushed melts too fast and turns the drink all watery

dadstad Texas
08/24/12 1:43 pm

Love ice at Sonic. I even buy it for use at home.

Sigriest California
08/24/12 1:33 pm

Water is crushed since it melts quicker

Cubed in soda so it doesn't water the drink down

08/24/12 1:15 pm

I'm crushed seeing the results

MCR The Moon
08/24/12 1:08 pm

Haha this is why I love SOH. One second you're arguing over wether or not Iran will use nuclear weapons against us, and the next second you're trying to decide if you like your ice better crushed or in cubes.

shortstop Pennsylvania
08/24/12 12:50 pm

Cubed so you can eat them after your done with your drink

four4byu Utah
08/24/12 12:50 pm

Picked cubed, but really it's neither. Pellet ice is of both worlds

08/24/12 12:34 pm

I'm kinda a derp and I always end up choking on pieces of crushed ice. SOMEHOW!

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
08/24/12 11:42 am

Crushed melts too fast, waters down your drink.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/24/12 11:30 am

It depends on whether I need it cold right now (crushed), or want it to still be cold later (cubes). I picked cubed, but crushed is better with Crème de menthe, and pretty handy if somebody (who should know better) forgot to put the Jägermeister back in the freezer.

ScarrletteRose North Carolina
08/24/12 11:22 am

Cubed is better in my opinion. It stays in the glass while drinking and doesn't rush into your mouth all at one time.