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When a news story breaks of a teacher having an improper relationship with an underage student, does your reaction differ depending on whether the teacher is male or female? (UserQ)

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08/19/12 10:24 am

I'm not sad to say Yes. When I was 17, if my hot ass algebra teacher wanted me to hit, I would have.. No question.

08/17/12 11:07 pm

lol shameless you made me lol so hard. 'if shes fat you gotta decline' Words of wisdom!

08/17/12 10:46 pm

sqme as mglc idk why but i feel more disgusted wen its a male teacher

MGLC New Mexico
08/17/12 8:26 pm

Well... I am disgusted either way but am more harsh on men

08/17/12 1:12 pm

This just happened in a school near mine. I know the woman's daughter, and it is EXTREMELY embarrassing. It basically ruined her life, and now school is just really awkward.

08/16/12 1:15 am

Not nough said until you define a pervert.

nadelg Springfield, VA
08/16/12 12:29 am

A pervert is a pervert. 'Nough said.

donyewest Georgia
08/15/12 9:59 pm

To quote South Park, "Niiiiccceeeee."

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/15/12 8:08 pm

Fall on the guys are different side, but could totally see a new teacher grad 22 yrs old falling for a 17 yr old student. Whether they are m/f doesn't really matter

Apex swimming in the sky
08/15/12 4:43 pm

If my son got it with a female teacher i'd be fine. But against their will boy or girl def. Must prosecute.

cowboy Proud Father
08/15/12 2:54 pm

@MchaMp Try thinking with your brain, and not your genitals, for once. It would suit you better in life.

08/15/12 2:08 pm

Underage ? under 18, there's a gray area. I understand 11th graders dreams to date their English teacher but if one at the same time rejects a male teacher and adolescent girl / boy sounds sexist to me. Males don't trust their own gender.

wakeup South Dakota
08/15/12 1:29 pm

Its called pedophile.
"pedophile is a person 16 years of age or older, who is primarily or exclusively sexually attracted to children who have not reached puberty, generally those under the age of 14"
Sick mind

zourn Texas
08/15/12 12:25 pm

I'm more concerned with the gender of the student than the teacher.

08/15/12 9:09 am

Miss Jenks 11th grade English. Oh how I wish............well never mind.

08/15/12 6:50 am

Yeah. If its a girl teacher I'll be like "yeah! Good for the kid". But if it's a guy teacher I'll be like "ew what a creeeeeep"

peacenskis Alaska
08/15/12 12:09 am

Yeah. Not that it's any different, but it seems more weird to me when a women seeks out a male child. I think it's more commonly known that a few men get turned on by young women (not condoning it whatsoever), but what grown professional woman wants another kid in their bed.THEY'RE ALL FREAKS THOUGH

08/14/12 10:51 pm

Teachers are in a position of authority and should generally refrain from relations with students but both sexes equally. Sometimes however it just happens. Bully for Letourneau and her lover.

brianparks69 charlotte
08/14/12 10:44 pm

My 2 younger brothers both teach high school and both will tell you that every year they have taught, at least one female student has made advances towards them. It is up to the teacher, male or female to keep these things from occurring, and both are equally to blame when they don't.

brianparks69 charlotte
08/14/12 10:40 pm

I just love the assumptions people make here that boys always want the encounter but girls don't. Teenage girls are just as horny as boys, and I remember several girls in school who made the initial advances towards their teachers

Steve6453 Michigan
08/14/12 9:57 pm

definetly. to have sex the man has to want it so if its a teen boy and a lady teacher then they both agreed to it. a teen girl could easily get raped by a man teacher so yeah it makes a difference

Mr.logic California
08/14/12 8:56 pm

It wouldn't effect my opinion. Both are dirty snakes.

samy12386 Illinois
08/14/12 6:54 pm

A dude who touches little girls or boys should be killed. A female teacher who screws her male students, that's the kind of stuff great porn is made of

Daveo5 Texas
08/14/12 6:45 pm

Of course it does. People who say it doesn't are silly. There are "double standards" if you will. A man would be considered a perv and a women mostly not. Plus it depends on the age of the student.

mcdkm Houston
08/14/12 5:15 pm

Both are equally wrong but no woman ever "took advantage" of a 15 year old boy. More like made his dreams come true.

Vxscop In the TARDIS
08/14/12 4:45 pm

This is why I want all things tho say a person did X thing instead of "he/she" did X thing. The same should apply for sexual orientation, religion and race.

FakeSound Arizona
08/14/12 4:24 pm

Exactly. It's good that you realize the double standard within yourself and wish to change it.

If in fact boys are less mature than girls (which I don't necessarily agree with) then it's even MORE predatory for female teachers to do this than male teachers.

FakeSound Arizona
08/14/12 4:21 pm

Soooo... would your reaction change if all male teachers that had inappropriate relationships with students just asked for BJs instead?

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
08/14/12 3:19 pm

Lol I love the difference between male and female on this poll.

Patimen California
08/14/12 3:15 pm

Minor boys cannot get pregnant from the evil actions of their teachers.

DavesNotHere where am I
08/14/12 3:09 pm

Gotta admit, when the adult is a male and the minor is female, I considered it worse than the other way around. Considered it more predatory, which is wrong, since both are predatory. No excuses, but us males ate just more immature. Don't think that way now. They're both creeps, regardless of gender

08/14/12 2:29 pm

@mchaMp you are one messed up individual!

08/14/12 2:20 pm

It's gross no matter what!!

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/14/12 1:57 pm

@BchStUSA just to be clear, I'm talking about the part of actually "doing it with a minor" not necessarily the "relationship" part. I still vehemently despise two unmarried people doing the act regardless of age, but adult to minor, that's really bad, and often punishable by law, even if it…

MchaMp Ohio
08/14/12 1:22 pm

@Cowboy: I can tell you're sexually frustrated just by hear how uneasy you are about sex. If people wanna get their fuck on, let them get their fuck on.

08/14/12 1:19 pm

Kinda funny story here in AZ . A female teacher got busted by the dad of a male student. The dad found texts that talked about his son and the teacher hooking up... Well the teacher was busted and the dad caught some crap because apparently he was shot down by the teacher

gonzoboy Northern AZ
08/14/12 1:07 pm

Grade School & Jr. High would certainly seem, and of course is, criminal. However, I unabashedly wish I could've enjoyed 'extra-curriculars' with 2 of my female High School teachers! This does not make me a bad person. It puts me in the VAST majority of like-minded dudes!

cowboy Proud Father
08/14/12 12:59 pm

Missouri sounds nice. I've been wanting to get out of this dying State so my children can have a chance.

joey513 California
08/14/12 12:33 pm

It shouldn't, but it does. Then I have to think past my initial reaction.

jrp2004 Illinois
08/14/12 12:08 pm

A female teacher is more "scandalous" and ends up on prime time news.

08/14/12 11:59 am

@cowboy send the kids to school in Missouri.... They won't have to attend if it's against their religious beliefs lol