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Show Of Hands September 26th, 2011 12:00am

Do you plan on donating any money or volunteer time to a 2012 Presidential candidate's campaign?

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10/06/11 6:36 pm

Already have and will continue!

10/01/11 11:49 pm

If Obama does not appear to have the numbers by mid-2012 I'll donate to his campaign.

09/29/11 6:05 am

Soitgoes: is the Political Madlibs?

09/29/11 2:36 am

So it goes- chicken tenders?
You had me up till then. And I completely agreed.
Actually, I thought you were a lying ignorant sack of steaming cow dung.
Just kidding, but not about the chicken tenders part.

Soitgoes Missouri
09/29/11 2:33 am

All these stupid ____s need to realize that ____ ruined the economy. If you idiots would quit voting for _____s and do your homework, you'd see that gay marriage is a _____, abortion is _____, and Iraq was a ____ in a ____ where the primary _____ chicken tenders.

_______ 2012!!!!

alaskan sleeping
09/28/11 10:13 pm

Their rich. Why do I need to donate or volunteer.?? Only if they pay me.

spoiler Michigan
09/28/11 6:31 pm

@maleRN- same argument exists for republicans. Just add fox in there, take out welfare and add God

09/28/11 5:05 pm

Mmm... Cookies...
I'd donate if it meant chocolate chip cookies for life.
I think they should do that... Raise a lot of $$!

09/28/11 4:20 am

It's surprising they can even raise money!

09/28/11 4:19 am

It is official Democratic policy to appeal to the least-informed, weakest minded members of the public. Their base consists of soccer moms, actresses, felons, MSNBC viewers, welfare recipients, heads-up-their-asses billionaires, and government workers—who can never be laid off.

09/28/11 2:48 am

Priceless. What choo want? A cookie?

09/28/11 1:42 am

Pinch one off and donate to a sperm bank.

09/27/11 10:20 pm

i rather donate to an animal shelter :)

Priceless Kentucky
09/27/11 9:20 pm

just did.....also donate to multiple charities and volunteer my time and knowledge, more in this economy than others!

09/27/11 9:14 pm

I would rather eat jell-o than help any of the bums from both parties in any election.

09/27/11 7:57 pm

They are all crooks, why help "their cause" which is crap.

09/27/11 11:43 am

Good blutuesday, he needs all the dough he can get.

09/27/11 11:42 am

CobsG: wasn't that a lyric to a Lady Gaga song?

09/27/11 11:40 am

Anarchy: PJ was very influential. Didn't Eddie say he was going to leave the country if Bush was re-elected?

blutuesday California
09/27/11 10:37 am

Will continue to donate to Obama 2012

09/27/11 9:28 am

makeRn: hahahahahaha "a liberal from Washington?" ...the only good thing to come out of washington was the seatless grunge scene. Love me some pearl jam, even if Eddie Vedder is an outspoken and irrational liberal.

09/27/11 8:56 am

Lol colorodica! Very true. They are in their indoctrination phase and they don't realize it yet. Once their teachers and professors shit them out into the real world they will see. Of course some of them never grow out of it...

09/27/11 8:53 am

@3rd: the media is walking a fine line here. I don't think 37% of the vote is a fluke!

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
09/27/11 8:52 am

Just realize a majority of the kids on this app and in America think that they are libs. They can't even vote yet so wait until they get out of the captive audience of our public school system. And into the real world (non union,non govt employee) Let the de-contamination process begin.

09/27/11 7:45 am

and that's why the more liberal news media keeps saying Cain's win in FL was a fluke. He causes all sorts of problems for them, especially since the Tea Party likes him...they'd have to drop the racist charge, which is a fatal athlete's foot in the mouth

09/27/11 4:47 am

I can't believe those racist teabaggers actually chose Herman Cain, a black man, as the standout winner in the Florida Straw Poll.



09/27/11 4:15 am

With this economy. No way. Plus, both parties are controlled by Big Money and can collect unlimited amounts of anonymous contributions thanks to Super PAC money (can you spell "corruption," kids?). They ain't hurtin and don't need my $100.

09/27/11 2:39 am

@colorodica: I love Cain! Can u imagine a real black man going up against Obama? Imagine the media coverage!! CNN and MSNBC go on the attack against Cain - a black man! They wouldn't know what to do... attack the Republican or piss off black voters. We could finally throw the race card back at them.

09/27/11 2:34 am

Liberate: a liberal from Washington? No f-ing way! And you don't sound like all the other liberals either! Wow!

09/27/11 2:32 am

Obama was in town today raising money today. The Hollywood elite were super-excited, it was a borderline orgasmic event for them. It's like they were sucking on the proverbial presidential weiner. Hollywood was out in full force, including the Gay Men's Chorus!! OMG.

09/27/11 2:25 am

@Coloradica: they don't care about "appearing" intellectual. It is important to actually BE intellectual. For goodness sakes have you never heard of Plato's Philosopher-King. We need ideals to create working gov.

09/27/11 1:56 am

But then they keep the right winged people in line too, there are many examples of this that I am sure you know of, I just don't like the liberals short sightedness; then I don't like the right wings trust in people either... I digress 

09/27/11 1:54 am

...How I mean is Jerry Brown (gov. Of California) signing in that thing about teaching children about gay people in history - he said he wanted the children to know the truth. I heard of more than a few good teachers who _only_ are quitting because they won't lie to the children on assumptions. Sad

09/27/11 1:52 am

The thing I feel about liberals is that they are very short sited and many times have actually had an opposite result than was planned (example: low rent/section 8/ etc.).

It is not that I could never agree with either side, I agree with both, usually more with the conservatives. One big example..

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
09/27/11 1:41 am

That is because they are confident in their position. Instead of being wishy washy. And the Liberal method is so that you don't appear to be overly aggressive. More PC waste of time A Republican debate is foreign to liberals because libs are more concerned about how intellectual they Appear

09/27/11 1:17 am

Anyone notice how in a debate, Conservatives go straight in saying "I'm right, you're wrong, here's why." while liberals say "Hey, maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong, but this is the problem." Just saying Cons seem MUCH MORE aggressive. This coming from a lib who hangs put with a bunch on Cons.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
09/27/11 1:17 am

I have given to Herman Cain. He will be the Republican nominee. He is also the Democrats worst nightmare. A man of character and integrity who will use his business knowledge and genuine likability to slowly win over alienated Democrats, Republicans & Independents.

09/27/11 12:08 am

I think this poll makes it clear where politicians get the bulk of financial support. It is clearly not from we the people, by and large. It is they that benefit in large part from decisions made by the elected.

09/26/11 11:55 pm

already have given over $100 to Ron Paul and I plan on giving more!

veritas1 Panda
09/26/11 11:41 pm

@jopat. They had all three houses for 6 years and spent like crazy. When the dems had the majority, they enacted hundreds of filibusters to further promote their obstructionist agenda. They controlled the majority of governorships, congressional seats (us and state), and have done nothing.

09/26/11 11:27 pm

Opinionru: the republicans have only been involved with any power for about 7 months, the dems have done a great job of selling you a load of crapola!

09/26/11 11:01 pm

Seriously? Why? Why even vote? Not one of them care about real issues. They have to makeup things to squabble over. I'm fed up with all sides, especially the Republicans!

Wes28 CBus
09/26/11 10:41 pm

To run for president you have to be rich already. Anybody donating is wasting money! Seriously donate it to a charity!

09/26/11 10:15 pm

dear lord no. there is no candidates out there that look even relatively decent. I'm dreading even having to vote

Lulzy New Jersey
09/26/11 9:47 pm

No, these people don't need funds. All money that would be donated will go straight to the Red Cross. Screw politics; save a kid.