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Have you ever secretly regifted? (UserQ)

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12/17/11 6:42 pm

My brother gives terrible presents. So everything I get from him is regifted.

lilipad Tennessee
12/17/11 6:06 pm

One time my friend gave me somthin for an iPod but I didn't have one... Soooo what else can I do

NotAsheep Nevada
12/17/11 7:14 am

In Las Vegas we have a parade of T yotas that come by between 4-5am on garbage days.... I just rewrap things I don't want and leave it on the curb next to my garbage for them.

12/16/11 9:50 pm

Would it bother you more if the gift you gave was... 1.) Given to someone else. 2.) Sold on eBay 3.) Donated to Goodwill and you bumped into a homeless person wearing it.

12/16/11 9:40 pm

I have never re-gifted something from a friend or family member, but every gift card I received from my last employer has been passed along to a relative

12/16/11 8:32 pm

regifting=recycling=Eco friendl

dlb1218971 Wisconsin
12/16/11 5:55 pm

I actually regiffted a book to the person who gave it to me

blutuesday California
12/16/11 4:49 pm

Absolutely, and long before doing so got a name. Why keep things that you don't need, like, want or that do not fit?! Either pass it on as a gift or donate the item(s) to a good charity thrift shop.

12/16/11 4:43 pm

Yes, yes a million times yes.  that I don't like never get opened, and then I give them to someone else!

12/16/11 4:21 pm

Yes. I've done it more than once. One time I gave my sister in law (who I don't like) a candleholder that I had bought for myself and used 4 a couple of years but didn't want anymore. It was a cute Party Lite item. I just cleaned it well and found a box, wrapped it and gave it to her. She loved it!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/16/11 3:48 pm

The kisses a friend gave me made my daughter-in-law very happy a week later. If I do chocolate I go for healthy dark. Again win win.

12/16/11 3:37 pm

Hell yeah. "oh, remember, tonight is so-and-so's dinner party!" uuuggghhhh. I either sew them a scarf (yay for being crafty) or rummage through my stuff. If I do have time, I'll buy something though. Not totally cheap ;)

dotnetdev Georgia
12/16/11 3:07 pm

i can give my sons teachers a gift worth $20, that i dont want or I can go buy them a $5 gift from the discount store. its usually a win-win situation.

dlyliny1 New York
12/16/11 1:38 pm

Gals know how to "recycle" (lol)! I don't often regift. If I do, it's only if I need a hostess gift for an acquaintance (never for a good friend). I've bought items for myself, tho, that I have then decided I don't need/want. If I can't return (as w/ eBay or discount sites), I'll use them as gifts.

12/16/11 12:08 pm

No real secret to it. If I get something I don't need I move it on to someone who does.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
12/16/11 9:21 am

Yes. Better to regift it to someone who may like it than to clutter up my house.

cato Santa Barbara, California
12/16/11 9:21 am

I don't secretly regift, I blatantly regift.

12/16/11 7:10 am

New and I don't like it?
Moving on!

blakestr San Diego
12/16/11 6:50 am

Fuck yeah. If I'm not going to use it I'm not going to throw it away. Regift, duh

elbow82 Veganland
12/16/11 6:47 am

I can't believe the yes percentage isn't higher!

12/16/11 6:42 am

... And not so secretly.

12/16/11 6:40 am

Absolutely. It's win - win. Either regift or donate, no need to keep perfectly good items in a closet.

anonymom Virginia
12/16/11 6:06 am

Nope, I have always been up front. "this was given to me last year and I love it, but I can't really use it. I thought it was perfect for you. Feel free to pass it on if you don't want it."

12/16/11 5:43 am

Nothing wrong with regifting I knit a lot and give my work to friends saying " Hope you like it if not its perfect for regifting."

nance6 Arlington VA
12/16/11 5:42 am

once, when I received a really nice gift I knew my sister would love but I couldn't use. I would never re-gift unless I knew the gift would be perfect for someone else. they wouldn't appreciate useless crap any more than I do.

12/16/11 5:36 am

It was a pair of earrings that I'd never worn

12/16/11 5:26 am

Regift not register. Thanks autocorrect

12/16/11 5:25 am

I always have good intentions to, but I can't keep stuff long enough to register the next year so I sell on eBay or donate depending on the items

12/16/11 5:04 am

All the time. I'm not cluttering my house with stuff I don't like or won't use.

12/16/11 4:44 am

Women regift a whole LOT. Well then what are all these "Christmas presents" that keep coming up on the bill? Are they for her?

12/16/11 4:43 am

Independents...we win

12/16/11 4:41 am

I tell people it's a regift! Lol! I regifted one entire year!!!!!

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/16/11 4:39 am

Probably, do I chose yes, though I don't know 100%…