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Did you play Little League baseball or softball?

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09/01/11 12:12 pm

once I watched one of my friends play softball it was pretty boring I ended up playing tag with some other kids instead.

08/29/11 7:22 pm



flgirl Arkansas
08/29/11 11:20 am

Played baseball for 2 years, and softball for 3 :) I was catcher for both teams

emsies Seattle
08/29/11 1:47 am

Softball for one year! In 5th grade! I was an awesome pitcher.
*sigh* those were the days...

08/27/11 11:14 pm

I never did, played soccer and was terrible, should of done youth cross country, would be a lot of help to me noe

kandykane California
08/27/11 8:03 pm

Say aye if you're on the verge of blocking vangaurde, but keep him around for the laughs.

08/27/11 6:34 pm

Oh yeah. No one!!!!

08/27/11 6:32 pm

@ Vanguarde

And, uhhhh not to be rude but, who cares?

MrChris80 California
08/27/11 3:34 pm

Money you may have, but you have zero class. And money is not the root of all evil; but the love of money is. Be careful vanguarde.

Hestia Vermont
08/27/11 7:10 am

Yes, I played t-ball. It was horrible.

08/27/11 1:39 am

oh and as an IT, we make more than you....

08/27/11 1:38 am

@vangaurde oh a lawyer....that explains it all. we have to deal with yall alot @ the law firm. there r some lawyers that r intelligent and friendly but most of them are as dumb and rude as it gets. the firm just cradles them because they are good @ what they do but when it comes to common sense...

08/27/11 12:13 am

Because people really care...?

08/26/11 10:38 pm

I brag about my wealth because I am proud of my skills as a lawyer and my prowess at making money. That is what the American dream really is.

Nerdz Texas
08/26/11 6:50 pm

my parents want to but I hate the sport and my school forces me to participate in p.e. and I'm bad at that

08/26/11 2:06 pm

@jgreene777 there would be 30-40% less ignorant comments

08/26/11 2:04 pm

@cman thank you for saying what most of us were thinking.

Wert A picture of my junk
08/26/11 1:23 pm

Hah. Yeah. Sure. There's people over 40 playing in Little League.

08/26/11 11:56 am

Little league baseball for four years. Only girl in the league. Had to stop when I turned 13 though because I was too old to play in the league and no other league would let girls play.

me! Virginia
08/26/11 11:55 am

Well, I play softball but not with the "Little League" program.
Go Baseliners!!!!!

08/26/11 8:43 am

Lol @vanguarde...

I kinda wish I was given the opportunity, although I kinda was forced into doing what vanguarde did throughout those years 

08/26/11 8:42 am

If Vanguard thinks a salary of 200K makes him rich then he is in for a rude awakening.

08/26/11 8:36 am

What would happen if we all clicked on vanguarde's name and selected "ignore forever"?

08/26/11 8:01 am

I was a good right fielder and at first base.

08/26/11 8:00 am

The last time I played (2010) I had a good arm and with my coach put me in as pitcher without any training, practice or knowledge of how to pitch. And I walked 1 person and let 2 runs in.

08/26/11 7:58 am

Because I'm not good at home plate.

08/26/11 7:12 am

@BOSspotz I'm the complete opposite lol. The only thing I got going for me is a cannon for an arm so I can just throw people out instead of catching flyballs lol

08/26/11 7:08 am

Great in the field, horrible at bat. Last year was the first time I havn't played.

08/26/11 7:08 am

Just because someone doesn't play baseball (which I do anyway) doesn't mean they're lazy. If you haven't noticed compared to other sports baseball is probably one of the least physically demanding lol

08/26/11 6:43 am

Little League growing up, then football in high school and community college. Now, just hiking and going to the gym. At 39, I can feel the aches and pains of yesteryear!

valeriejo ramble on
08/26/11 5:57 am

And that's really sad if you spent your whole childhood learning how to get rich instead of learning sportsmanship, of you had you'd prob be a nicer person.

valeriejo ramble on
08/26/11 5:55 am

Vanguard must be a 12 year old who wishes he had money. Who else would brag about how much "money" they have on every single poll question, no matter what the question is?

Phil Mississippi
08/26/11 12:58 am

When I was younger now I'm addicted to baseball

08/26/11 12:49 am

Ok. Read the question again. LuTang reading comprehension = EPIC FAIL!!!

Hahaha. I admit when I'm wrong and can take it as well as dish it. Now I'll go back to second grade and take reading 101 again. :)

08/26/11 12:46 am

Played Baseball. To REALLY answer the question. Lol

08/26/11 12:45 am

Did you play little league OR softball?

The answers are Yes or No.

Lol. Question and Answer = Fail.

cynthisa Heartland U.S.A.
08/26/11 12:44 am

DEATH before softball!!! I was the only girl in PE that wouldn't play it -- I did flag football with the boys instead. :-)

leftocentr Oregon
08/26/11 12:11 am

I feel special. Tony made a funny at me. I want CONTROVERSY!!

PAteach1 Pennsylvania
08/25/11 11:42 pm

Is there 1 question that Vanguarde can go without talking about his bazillions of dollars that he "supposedly" has. Get a life!

08/25/11 11:18 pm

played sports, just not baseball

08/25/11 11:15 pm

@mwest you know what? When you were 14 did you swim at 5am every morning and them run in the afternoon?? Didn't think so!

08/25/11 11:07 pm

@Obie how were girls not allowed to play softball, where were you from?

08/25/11 11:06 pm

this is depressing get off your ass America

08/25/11 11:03 pm

Does t-ball count? I was TERRIBLE at it lol, still not very coordinated :)

08/25/11 10:47 pm

Most people on here are the kind of kids that got beat up in highschool.

08/25/11 10:21 pm

Vanguard is a tool, just because you are not good at a sport doesn't mean everyone that is is stupid. You are probably so gat. Ohh and newsflash..... You are part of the general public. Tool.

08/25/11 8:49 pm

No I did not because I left that crude activity to the general public. I instead learned how to make money - lots of money.