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JamesMadison La Palma
04/24/12 11:01 pm

27% of those who voted are probably obese and in denisl

peaceandpi Massachusetts
04/22/12 11:07 am

Also, reguarding the food cost thing, the people are eating junk food cause its cheaper. But they eat so much of it they could just as easily buy/consume less healthy food for the same price. Just a suggestion. If they really dont have much money, they could stop getting cable. :)

peaceandpi Massachusetts
04/22/12 11:06 am

It is SO a choice after about 10. I know that there is some weird desiese thing, but really. Have you ever actually met someone who has it? I think people are just trying to make an excuse for eating junk food and sitting on ther butts the whole time. They could just, oh i dont know, excercise?

lizrox California
04/22/12 8:47 am

dshairs, i said no. and i'm healthy fit and a size four with two kids. being fat is not a choice. your parents raise you and nurture your growth. if you learn from birth to eat poorly, you will be "forced" (to an xtent) to eat poorly for life

lizrox California
04/22/12 8:45 am

its not a choice entirely!! your parents shape your diet and eating habits. FAT PARENTS PRODUCE FAT KIDS!!! how is that a choice for the child? idiots. think logically for a change.

04/19/12 5:47 pm

Of course it's a choice,stop eating damit!

04/18/12 1:11 pm

both. for most Americans it is but for those with certain thyroid issues it's not.

Eldar Maryland
04/18/12 1:01 pm

There needs to be a both option for this poll.

Eldar Maryland
04/18/12 1:00 pm

There needs to be a both option for this poll.

04/17/12 9:13 am

I agree with the person below me

04/17/12 7:41 am

it can be either or both, to be honest.

vereiste Washington
04/16/12 1:23 am

Unless someone can cite a case of clinical obesity having been permanently cured by anything, it's not a choice.

04/15/12 1:46 pm

research has shown potential genetic links predisposing individuals to be obese. but like many other diseases with such risk factors, there are also personal and environmental components that are under individual control. I believe it's a bit of both

04/15/12 10:54 am

At my school recently, the issue if healthier lunches came up and the question was, would you be willing to pay extra money for healthier food. Pretty much everyone said yes but since must if the school is on finial aid, the school said no. This is stupid, you are risking the health of other kids.

EnginE3r Texas
04/15/12 8:26 am

Not everyone has a choice in their weight. I have a very high metabolism which doesn't allow me to absorb enough "stuff" to gain enough weight so I remain underweight. The opposite could be true of some who are obese, or some other biological factor.

04/15/12 12:11 am

it's addiction stop smoking cigarettes and your next problem is fight smokeing then food fills the void pregnancy problems gestational diabetes is a deep hole others can't comprehend all they see is people stuffing themselves not always we quit and skip meals and get bigger and bigger even though we

snafu Washington
04/14/12 11:01 pm

I'd say only a few people became obese due to a health problem or meds they're taking. The rest just don't know when to stop eating which kind of makes it a mental problem really...

HartCrauss Nebraska
04/14/12 8:29 pm

yes and no cuz if u hav a disease or illness where u gain wait its not ur choice but if u each too much its your fault

04/14/12 3:32 pm

Also, education on good foods to eat is vital, and a lot people either don't know what to eat, or think they can't afford it.

04/14/12 3:30 pm

You're born with a certain metabolism, perhaps born into a family that does not exercise alot, or not eat particularly well, but what u eat is a choice. Most of the time obesity is not caused by disease. Yes, addiction to food can spring up from eating badly, but bottom line, it's the choices u make

04/14/12 10:26 am

hutchie you are a bigot and a moron

04/14/12 7:22 am

So, it's a choice to act on the internal desire to eat, but not a choice to act on an internal desire for a particular person or gender group? Interesting...

BladeNut MA
04/13/12 9:19 pm

those 26ish % who said no are the ones who are not only obese, but wanting to blame something else for it

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/13/12 6:26 pm

jd123 true, and professional assistance getting through alcohol detox is usually required. The first step on that path is to choose to become sober. And, it was a sober choice on many occasions that led to the addiction in the first place.

04/13/12 3:34 pm

Yes and no. Being gluttonous is a choice, however, the disproportionate amount of poor vs rich that are obese leads me to believe that there are much larger societal factors at work here as well.

mmjman Emerald Valley
04/13/12 12:21 pm

Zod, that's fair to say about cigarettes to a degree, but alcohol withdrawals can cause excruciating pain, strokes, grand mal seizures, and all sorts of other nasty stuff which can make it hard to simply choose to quit.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/13/12 12:17 pm

AirSabre smoking and drinking are choices. Addicts of either can choose to quit, and will be free of the chemical, physical dependency very quickly. The psychological "dependency" may last their lifetime; giving in to it is a choice.

04/13/12 11:23 am

One can have a chemical dependency on food just like drugs, alcohol, & tobacco.

emw2 Michigan
04/13/12 11:19 am

It is to a point like me it is because of medical reasons

04/13/12 11:08 am

Need a "Not Sure" option for many of these questions. Too many variables in most situations.

alyson Indiana
04/13/12 6:02 am

most of the time, yes. Occasionally there are biological issues, but mostly its laziness.

04/13/12 5:33 am

@Rosebud. A geneticist might be able to answer your question. It's certainly a component. Also, people in other countries have more equal access to health care, and food (especially 'fast food') is more expensive. That's the price of "freedom," I'm afraid.

samarak Louisiana
04/13/12 4:30 am

It can be cus some people are just that lazy but others it's a life condemned to something they can't control because o medical problems I've learned that people should not b so quick to judge bigger people we don't know what they are goin through

Rosebud Ohio
04/12/12 9:21 pm

It's not a choice, when America is so much fatter? Hmm? Does our country just have more "fat genes"?

Rosebud Ohio
04/12/12 9:20 pm

Sistah- those charts are crap. My Dad is 6'6, and no matter how much muscle he is considered obese by those charts. We're talking former pro-athlete, before they were all fat. If they do a BMI that includes a measure of body fat, that's accurate.
As far as other countries- who wants to explain why

04/12/12 9:13 pm

In the majority of cases, yes. There ARE some people who choose to be gay, but the majority do not. Same with obesity.

NYevo NY
04/12/12 8:33 pm

If you consume less calories than you use, you will loose weight. This applies to most people.

NYevo NY
04/12/12 8:04 pm

@Zod: good post. I assumed someone would try and make a ridiculous correlation like that.

NYevo NY
04/12/12 8:02 pm

There are a few exceptions, but usually weight gain is a direct result of eating more than you need.

04/12/12 7:31 pm

It is but companies and tax subsides make it harder. Some jobs. Like trucking can be hard because you eat a lot of fast food.

moonshot More often I know nothing
04/12/12 6:07 pm

omg, it's spelled LOSE not loose! (sorry about the spelling rant)

lilipad Tennessee
04/12/12 5:32 pm

@Zod you couldn't have explained it better!!!!

04/12/12 5:04 pm

Yes, it is, and I choose to eat what I want, because food is good.

04/12/12 4:47 pm

It depends. I know people who were always like that, and people who just got that way by their lifestyles

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/12/12 3:31 pm

NoVT because if you're obese it's because you chose to eat more calories than you burn; you chose not to put down he fork and waddle away. If you're gay or straight you can choose to be celibate, but you're still he same, gay or straight, you're just not gettin' any.

04/12/12 3:26 pm

I'm not obese by any standard, but I don't believe for one minute that the obese are in that condition by choice.

bkelldance Illinois
04/12/12 3:10 pm

Sure it can partially be due to the fact that it runs in the family or low metabolism but it is ultimately up to your health choices

04/12/12 3:02 pm

How come obesity is a choice but homosexuality is not???

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
04/12/12 2:34 pm

there are lots of factors involved in an individualls ability to maintain a healthy weight, but it is within anyone's power to accomplish the goal.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/12/12 2:08 pm

Bariatric surgery seems fairly effective in the morbidly obese. What I don't understand is, how can a diet fail where surgery works? Given the choice between eat this, exactly this, and only this, or the risks of surgery, who would choose surgery?