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Show Of Hands June 16th, 2012 12:00am

Which foot-in-mouth statement was worse: "Corporations are people, my friend" or "The private sector is doing just fine"?

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optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/25/12 9:35 am

Last! And I know I am cause the next questions are coming up so very soon.

06/25/12 1:45 am

Well lets see corporations are people and the private sector is not doing fine so....

EarlyBird Portland
06/24/12 1:47 pm

You got me) I was going for 4:00.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/24/12 12:52 pm

EarlyBird I beat you to the last comment on those polls, unless you made a comment after 2:00

EnginE3r Texas
06/19/12 2:18 pm

Without people, what would run a corporation?

StNik North Carolina
06/19/12 6:44 am

Private sector- demonstrates Obama's head in the sand Krugman-like ideology.

06/18/12 7:04 am

Corporations, cause he doubled down on it later instead of clarifying

06/18/12 6:01 am

1. Corporations are made up of people - that is NOT the same thing as a single person, rather, they are entities. Should we consider the govt a person too?

2. The private sector /is/ doing fine... For large businesses, at least. Small businesses are the ones getting left out here.

06/18/12 6:01 am

1. Corporations are made up of people - that is NOT the same thing as a single person, rather, they are entities. Should we consider the govt a person too?

2. The private sector /is/ doing fine... For large businesses, at least. Small businesses are the ones getting left out here.

06/17/12 10:14 pm

that's why the private sector is doing so terrible...cuz obama doesn't know how much people are struggling . hes only caused it problems.

because South Dakota
06/17/12 10:10 pm

face it. obama just doesn't understand business. he is a community organizer

06/17/12 9:25 pm

Judging by the amount of money, companies are holding in reserves. Along with the amounts being given to pacs. It appears that some in the private sector are doing just fine.

06/17/12 9:07 pm

I generally figure any number ending in 7 is a false number.

Kommandant Indiana
06/17/12 8:18 pm

Cor-per-ation: 1)A company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law.
2)A group of people elected to govern a city, town, or borough.

Copy and paste from a dictionary

06/17/12 3:49 pm

Lol Obama it's doing just fine. Someone is clueless

NJConserve New Jersey
06/17/12 3:42 pm

A corporation is a group of people... It's a correct statement. Corporations ARE people my friends.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
06/17/12 3:18 pm

@arboreality: We have plenty of self-confidence. So much so, in fact, that we were brave enough to secede when the union got too big for its britches. This time around, we could win because all the money is moving to the business friendly south.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
06/17/12 3:14 pm

Austerity is only painful in Europe because they didn't address their horrific socialist policies sooner. If they had, it wouldn't have hurt so bad.

06/17/12 11:52 am

I have lost money AND my 401K on the stock market since Obama took office..I had two 401K's actually. I started one myself, lost that one after 9/11 and this one after Obama..I am fucked basically :(

06/17/12 11:46 am

So forgive me if I'm anti-union. The corporations on the other hand..I am always bitching about corporate greed. You cannot find anything made in the USA anymore, the portions in foods in grocery stores are getting smaller and smaller but more expensive..

06/17/12 11:44 am

Austerity is killing Europe- that's right wing policy.

06/17/12 11:42 am

Unions are people too..The officials have no shame. They use scare tactics and bullying to get what they want. At least at my old job they did. And my dad worked @ GM for 40+ years. And I think they took away his health benefits since he was a salaried worker..

06/17/12 9:38 am

That's the reason Europe is failing. In the US we love and praise the stock market, but in Europe it isn't as popular as it is here therefore their economies don't rely as much on speculation as ours does

06/17/12 9:35 am

Yea.... Those nice guys tend to falsify their earnings, by doing so they make everyone feel good about the economy thus put their money in the market. Let's remember that the stock market is only based on the emotions of the people and lets recall what happened to (that was considered safe) jpmorgan

06/17/12 9:21 am

The private sector is doing spectacular! Have you been watching corporate earnings reports or the stock market? BTW it is doubled since O has taken office

06/17/12 9:17 am

In fact we have maintained a similar economic system since the founding of our nation

06/17/12 9:16 am

our economy is going to collapse. And finally I think that our economic system hasn't changed.

06/17/12 9:16 am

Actually that's false, because several European countries have higher if not equal standard of living. Plus, I think we fail to see that our economy too is failing just like the one in Europe. Sure now it seems healthy but in the next if we don't fix all the corruption (especially with corporations)

06/17/12 9:13 am

I said that 47% of Americans pay no federal income tax (you can look up the data). I said nothing about sales tax which goes to the states.

06/17/12 9:12 am

If you want to see an outdated economy look to Europe's welfare state. The standard of living has been much higher in the U.S. than in Europe for decades & now their economies are collapsing under the weight of a high tax welfare form of government.

06/17/12 9:08 am

Hey, trust me. You will not be able to live on Social Security. Yes, I paid into SS & the corporation I worked for paid an equal amount into SS. The wages from which I paid my half of SS payments came from the same corporation. And we are taking out of SS more than we put in..unsustainable.

06/17/12 8:32 am

Both comments were slips...with a few extra words added both could have been logical statements... Words from politicians appeasing masses are empty. Who has the skills to get things done? Who has a record of success?

06/17/12 8:11 am

Neither do most people al3cn.

06/17/12 7:20 am

Lol scary... Corporations aren't people. They have no morals.

arborfamilia on top of the hill
06/17/12 7:04 am

Oh for god's sake, southern people. Get some self confidence-- you are a human individual, you're NOT equal to a corporation, you are deserving of more rights and protections.

06/17/12 6:26 am

Sorry for the broken messages, I have a bad Internet connection

06/17/12 6:26 am

Gov't pays them instead of them having to pay for taxes

06/17/12 6:25 am

Sorry I meant, that corporations thru loopholes and tax cuts get to b

06/17/12 6:24 am

Nvm let me guess you got 47% because you must of counted all the corporations that thru tax cuts and loopholes have to pay their taxes and thru that all the incredibly wealthy don't pay their fair share

06/17/12 6:22 am

Show me were you got that 47% of Americans do not pay federal taxes. And the people that are on welfare do contribute to the economy. Because they purchase consumer goods thus fueling our brilliantly outdated economy

06/17/12 6:20 am

What are you talking about?
You work right? Unless you haven't noticed they take out social security and medicare. That money goes to you when you're older.

06/17/12 6:17 am

Government doesn't pay for anything you get. They take money away from some individuals & give it to others. They make no product or service that has value. And now 47% of all citizens pay no federal income tax. Government borrows 47% of everything they spend. Not a sustainable model.

06/17/12 6:15 am

This is the reason you need government. Because many can't afford to survive. Not only those lazy welfare people, ( people say...) but hardworking americans that were betrayed by the events that occurred in 2008. The US would fall apart if the gov. didn't help. Eg, tax cuts, Medicare, welfare

06/17/12 6:11 am


Honestly I wouldnt care if you wanted to take the risk so you could just increase your income. But then if that does happen don't ask the state gov or feds for assistance in paying for your cholesterol or diabetes medication you can't afford. Or don't even ask for Medicare in general