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Show Of Hands June 11th, 2012 12:00am

Are you planning on making any campaign donations before the November elections?

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06/17/12 4:42 am

Not one penny to any politician. $$ is the biggest enemy of true democracy.

06/16/12 10:02 pm

I donated to Ron Paul last time and that organization has hounded me ever since. I finally filed a BBB complaint against them attempting to get their attention. I'll never donate to a political organization again.

06/15/12 11:59 am

Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06/14/12 7:20 am

I'm not putting any of my hard earned dollars in politicians dirty hands for any reason.

BriD Illinois
06/14/12 6:36 am

Romney SUCKS! Biggest phoney on the planet ...!

lmurder MDK
06/13/12 8:57 pm

And I am a firm believe that the world would end if he got into office.
Guy is a joke and detached from reality being feed from a silver spoon.
I'd gladly give my vote to Obama and his special forces.

lmurder MDK
06/13/12 8:56 pm

@bikerboyroy life long AZ/WY GOP member and I have no faith in Mitt whatsoever.
Guy is Mormon and lets his religion affect laws. When law comes before religion.
Utah is the prime example.
He'd care more about social issues like abortion and gay marriage bans than other top priorities.

06/13/12 8:31 pm

Romney is successful. Obama never held a 9-5 job in his life & never ran anything. Who would you like to lead us. Romney does not need the presidency to feel successful. He feels he needs to give back. We need talent in the presidency, not the incompetence we have now.

lmurder MDK
06/13/12 8:16 pm

@bikerboyroy fuck Romney. His religion would effect our laws. When law comes before religion.
And he's got rich man problems.
All the money he could ask for and now he wants what is second best. Power.
He just wants to be addressed as Mr. President, stay in the white house and fly in air force one.

06/13/12 5:49 pm

Go to & hit the "donate" button. This election is too important for our children to only vote for Mitt Romney. Volunteer & donate.

06/13/12 5:53 am

Hey RPG: if they did a national phone poll for who gets on the national debates. The ONLY choices are Gary Johnson and obamney. Who do u vote for? Or would you justhang up?

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
06/12/12 8:06 pm

SydWel: It's sweet that you think anyone is here to get a well rounded view of any of these topics.

06/12/12 7:46 pm

Sorry, not trying to be a cynic, but I seriously doubt any of you with persuade anyone to vote for a different candidate based on your comments here. Especially all these vague, angry, or misinformed ones ; ). Two party system not working out well for us.

06/12/12 7:22 pm

Not only has Obama blown away all previous records for number of fundraising events, he has more than doubled the number that G. Bush had. He has even given up even the pretense of governing. Donate to Romney to stop this guy.

06/12/12 4:05 pm

Gary Johnson also is anti-Constitution since he thinks the Federal Reserve is okay and that gay marriage should be legalized on a federal level, even though there is no authority in the Constitution authorizing a central bank or giving the Federal government power over marriage.

06/12/12 4:02 pm

If Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination (and he will), then I will donate to Vermin Supreme.

06/12/12 3:59 pm

Gary Johnson is a warmonger and a closet neocon.

NO ONE BUT PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!

06/12/12 3:10 pm

Go to the website. next time go there yourself or look it up.

06/12/12 2:07 pm

RonPaulGal thinks she's getting dick from RP when he wins. He's not winning.

06/12/12 1:44 pm

GARY JOHNSON 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!GARY JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GARY JOHNSON 2012!!!!!!!!GARY JOHNSON 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GJGJGJGJGJGJGJGJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GARY JOHNSON 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GARY JOHNSON 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GARY JOHNSON 2012!!

06/12/12 12:55 pm

No. Too much money as us.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
06/12/12 11:01 am

Veritas: I am curious if you mean Majority as in statistics of overall givers or if you mean majority of overall money. I don't think George Clooney and the like were handing him $50 or less checks.

BriD Illinois
06/12/12 10:21 am

Not "planning" to donate to any, but will likely end up donating to Obama. As if Romney needs a dime. Puh-leeze! Rich MF!

06/12/12 9:27 am

Dropping 100K on Romney

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
06/12/12 9:23 am

I already had to pay the big Dummy 5K on top if my already large tax burden.
Apparently I had a good year and triggered Alternative Minimum Taxes.
I do not agree with what they do with MY $!!!
To H*ll w/ them all.

06/12/12 9:21 am

Speaking of companies not giving away the ship look at what drove GM into bankruptcy, unfunded retirement and healthcare obligations. The day to pay the piper came and they couldn't put it off anymore.

06/12/12 9:17 am

The head of my primary union Hoffa same thing! These people would rather put companies out of business then work with management. The flip side are leaderships pay and pensions are out of control, hypocrisy at its finest!

06/12/12 9:14 am

Union leaders take their members into the abyss! Basically vote themselves out of jobs, illegal strikes resulting in fines paid by the local membership. Even union leaders are turning into socialists look at the lady that heads the SEIU or the previous guy Andy whatever real close to communists.

06/12/12 9:10 am

Smart1; Interesting sounds like my resume. The problem is while unions did help bring the things you mentioned that was yesterday. What have they done for the working man lately? Working men and women have many federal protections in the workplace, NLRB, OSHA, FMCSA on and on. I have seen to many

06/12/12 6:06 am

Obamism # 17: Voting for Obama = voting for a president that dropped bombs on US citizens without trial.

06/12/12 5:50 am

The crushing debt that Obama has saddled us with will have a devastating impact on our children & grandchildren. He has to be removed from office for their sake.

06/12/12 5:49 am

This is too important an election for our children & grandchildren to only just vote for Mitt Romney. We need to not only vote but also donate & volunteer. Go to

06/12/12 5:41 am

@Palindrome: i still think Ron Paul is the best but unless there are absolutely no other options(ie it was just obamney) , I'm not gonna vote for someone who isn't on the ballot and campaigning.

Gary Johnson is good and continuing to fight and he's on the ballot.
Libertarian movement is not a fad

06/12/12 4:55 am

Veritas: yeah as usual republicans are real POS and democrats are so superior in every way. If Obama is so great why is Romney tied with him in the polls? Oh yeah because half the country POS also, yeah yeah yeah we got it.

monkeyy Ohio
06/12/12 4:43 am

Noo…I can't even vote yet.

ghjkl Oklahoma
06/12/12 1:54 am

@gjb2779 right. Lesser of two evils

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
06/11/12 11:07 pm

Yes, local election only...where small contributions have a bigger impact.

06/11/12 10:41 pm

13,000 lobbyists spent 3.5 billion dollars influencing Congress in 2010. That's 6.5 million dollars and 24 lobbyist for each member of Congress. Each lobbyist represents a special interest. Insurance companies, oil companies, drug companies, religious groups, unions, etc. Where do you think you fit?

veritas1 Panda
06/11/12 9:27 pm

Ron Paul and Obama are the only two people who get the majority of their campaign revenue from donations of less than $50 (average people). Romney only gets 20% from that. Put a cap on donations from corporations, the Republicans are screwed. And union workers will donate to dems if unions can't.

06/11/12 8:34 pm

I have. Campaign contributions allocated out of each paycheck.
I would agree that there should be a limit as to how much each person is allowed and would get rid of super PACs because everyone deserves to have equal access to government... not just the highest bidder.

06/11/12 8:31 pm

Have been giving periodically and will continue :)

06/11/12 7:57 pm

Between tweedle dum & tweedle dee running for president HELL NO! I've never dreaded voting more in my entire life. The 08 election was bad in terms of choices, this is UNBEARABL

06/11/12 7:36 pm

Sweet! I knew we could agree on something even if it will never happen.