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Show Of Hands February 19th, 2012 12:00am

Have you been skiing or snowboarding this winter?

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03/01/12 12:21 am

no snow down here in Texas.

chalie Georgia
02/28/12 8:35 pm

me...not been because I couldn't afford it this year... :(

02/24/12 9:11 pm

Mass. Has been amazingly warm this year, no snow no board

leadfoot Illinois
02/23/12 8:59 am

Wow! the ski slopes are having a tough season this year

02/21/12 11:41 pm

No snow. Not even cold enough. Unless, 60 degrees f is cold enough for snow.

Metal4life California
02/21/12 5:27 pm

up in the mountains in camp actually, fell on my back a lot

indepgal Oklahoma
02/21/12 11:09 am

Only counts if the carpet was white.

Dream Hogwarts
02/21/12 10:46 am

I snowboarded down a carpet during my friend's ski lesson. Does that count?

indepgal Oklahoma
02/21/12 8:59 am

No winter = no winter sports. Pretty soon I'll be back in the dustbowl as Oklahoma becomes a permanent part of the desert southwest. Sad.

Caspey Pennsylvania
02/20/12 11:45 pm

I would go again but no snow. sad face

02/20/12 10:39 pm

You no snow people can have all the snow my husband keeps tracking in my house from outside. That would probably give you a really nice ski base.

watermelon Minnesota
02/20/12 7:54 pm

I went boarding on new years, broke my arm going off a jump.... I haven't been back yet):

stiney Arizona
02/20/12 5:48 pm

I'm using the no snow excuse. Mtns are making it, and then it's melting and turning to a sheet of ice overnight. Yuck!

02/20/12 11:07 am

I don't wanna hear the "no snow" excuse, people! Mountains can still make it, and they have! Get out there!

02/20/12 10:45 am

I love it but I can't there isn't any snow!

02/20/12 9:44 am

Went boarding and skiing on Fri with friends! First time boarding and I sprained my wrist though.... UT snow rocks!!!!!

02/20/12 9:39 am

Snow? In Florida?! That's why I live here! (ride 365 a year- FTW!)

02/20/12 9:17 am

Yep in copper mountain!!! I love Colorado!!!!

gummyworms BAAAA
02/20/12 8:23 am

No way. Around here it's the warmest summer in 40 yrs.

02/20/12 7:13 am

Timlwalsh, Steamboat's beautiful, enjoy!

02/20/12 5:57 am

But I have been snow tubing!

02/20/12 5:16 am

I went skiing once on Valentines day. Im not a big skier though ive only been 3 times

emsies Seattle
02/20/12 12:57 am

I would prefer not to get another surgery this year, thanks.

02/20/12 12:02 am

Never been skiing or snowboarding

02/19/12 11:44 pm

Going skiing tomorrow morning at Steamboat Springs

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
02/19/12 11:22 pm

Lucky to be here in Beautiful Colorado we have some of the worlds best Ski Slopes & Resorts. Some resorts are only 45 minutes from Denver.

02/19/12 10:03 pm

@lastjedi snow blades are short fat skis...

@fcd... - ski north of Santa Fe near Taos. It's better.

blondee DC
02/19/12 9:49 pm

hiked for some sweet pow turns on Tumalo today, the first turns of the season, hopefully not the last

02/19/12 9:43 pm

I live in Minnesota, and it has barely snowed at all this year, but ski areas make their own snow. It's not as good, but it's still there. I go skiing at least 1 time a week no matter how cold or not snowy it is.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
02/19/12 9:09 pm

Last year we had 30 inches of snow. This year I got about an inch.

But knowing Arkansas weather, we will have an ice storm in March then a tornado while it is thawing.

02/19/12 9:09 pm

The one time I went skiing I twisted my wrist and got frostbite on my hand.

02/19/12 9:02 pm

Racing for a team puts me on the hill 3x/week for practices and once more for meets. Thank god the season's almost over.

02/19/12 7:42 pm

No damn snow if only it was like the snow in 2009

mamita Alabama
02/19/12 6:59 pm

I live in Alabama so rarely ever snow here

02/19/12 6:30 pm

No, my oldest brother was the ski bum in our family. But our guests usually go, since our house is only an hour from Vail. And we still have most of the two feet of snow at our house that we got two weeks ago, which is unusual here - it usually melts much faster. Our dogs are thrilled :)

musiclovr Colorado
02/19/12 6:24 pm

National rate: 8%

Coloradan rate: 24%.
I think this speaks volumes about how much Colorado rocks.

02/19/12 4:53 pm

I want to go snowboarding but we havnt even got an INCH this year in my area it really sucks and the conditions at snowshoe and winterplace are awful this year too

02/19/12 4:45 pm

Went to snow summit snowboarding

02/19/12 4:22 pm

Never have been but would love to one of these days

Rosebud Ohio
02/19/12 3:52 pm

Not even sledding... Haven't hardly had snow to speak of, let alone that lasts long enough to do something with :(

hacim Michigan
02/19/12 3:16 pm

@beamie... as a fellow Michigander I feel your pain. Worst winter ever for snow enthusiasts like my self