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If the science were possible, would you be in favor of scientists trying to create a real world Jurassic Park? (UserQ)

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08/25/12 11:52 pm

Dylansl, there is no practical application for a lot of shit we do. Like cinema, amusement parks, concerts, art galleries, and pretty much everything entertainment focused. We do more than farm the land nowadays, and I'd love to spend a Saturday at the Jurassic Zoo.

08/22/12 10:16 pm

No... Did you people read the book?

Republican1997 Oregon
08/22/12 2:50 am

I'm sorry but, what the hell is this question??

keeper1722 lighthearted
08/21/12 9:43 pm

To anyone saying they would break lose... I ha complete faith in scientists to create a fence more than capable of holding in a dino.

Mattiga14 Massachusetts
08/21/12 7:11 pm

@dylansl except you know, millions of dollars and tourism, learning more about our past, employing people who care for biology and science, a lacking interest in today's world.

08/21/12 1:49 am

Only concern is that a bacteria or virus strain from that era could wreak havoc on humanity or the planet in general. That's why I said no.

If that's not a possibility, then sure! It's their money, they can do what they want.

Mattiga14 Massachusetts
08/20/12 11:47 pm

@ronakino, yes it is a movie. Do you think real life plays out exactly like movies do?

dylansl Texas
08/20/12 9:59 pm

There is no practical application for this. No.

xxluciddreamxx Kansas
08/20/12 9:59 pm

Oh hell yeah! I don't give a damn if all the deaths in the movie would happen. It would be badass and good for study.

sweetlyem23 Middle of Nowhere, Ohio
08/20/12 9:42 pm

WHAT?! Please. Watch the movie. Then you'll see why I'm terrified of velociraptors.

ronakino Mississippi
08/20/12 1:32 pm

Did any of you who said "Yes" actually SEE the film?

08/19/12 7:57 pm

Duh, we've been playing God for centuries. Why stop now!

Lulzy New Jersey
08/19/12 7:11 pm

Would they even survive in our current atmosphere? I have my doubts, so this would require large, controlled environments. Why on earth would anyone not want this undertaking? There's no halting of innovation or the influence of money. You lose.

ishady 86451132020
08/19/12 1:37 pm

How many of you brave deer shooters would hunt something that's hunting you? I think most of you would crap your pants and run away.

truth1 Florida
08/19/12 12:45 pm

Shut down SETI bc of the movie independence day.

Shut down prisons bc of shawshank redemption

Shut down all computers bc of the matrix

Shut down Dino program bc of Jurassic park

08/19/12 12:04 pm

Ef you all! Build it!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/19/12 11:22 am

Yes! If they got loose it would be a hog hunt on steroids!

GlenJordan Maryland
08/19/12 8:23 am

I voted no, but herbivores only would switch me to yes.

08/19/12 1:55 am

It would be cool if they could contain them to a certain area.

Taryn Nevada
08/19/12 1:12 am

You'd think California would have a higher negative position, considering TRex was on the loose there for a night.

Taryn Nevada
08/19/12 1:08 am

Hell no! Haven't y'all seen the movies?!

Rhymez Alaska
08/18/12 11:12 pm

Not their fault they're extinct! They didn't bring that asteroid.

08/18/12 9:44 pm

Yeah, but think about how many other animals we could bring back. Animals that are extinct for one reason only; human beings.

Nerdz Texas
08/18/12 7:10 pm

Sounds cool but can have many drawbacks

RJ1969 SoCal
08/18/12 6:30 pm

People, they've already successfully cloned a dinosaur! Gosh you people are so uninformed!

His name is Barney and he's a great dancer. The kids just love him!

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
08/18/12 5:00 pm

It'd be f*ckin awsome, if a tropical storm doesn't hit it.

08/18/12 4:38 pm

Thank you @JaquesV. It was even a private venture in the movie.

08/18/12 3:20 pm

i just saw that. and no, it would go like the movie

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
08/18/12 2:33 pm

Someone posted about govt funding of NASA.


JaquesV Bentonville, AR
08/18/12 2:30 pm

Why does everyone think the government would be paying for that? Someone has the dough and it doesn't have to be publicly funded.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
08/18/12 2:28 pm

If we set a few dinosaurs loose on the world, we would have fewer problems with starvation and over-population.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
08/18/12 12:24 pm

It is interesting how NASA does not want to contaminate other planets. However, we have genetically altered crops out in the open farm lands. Do we have seeds that still grow on their own every year, or do we depend on somebody who hands them out to us to grow?

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
08/18/12 12:21 pm

We are going to have to do this on the moon. We need plants that will survive the harsh radiation to transform the surface. We will probably start with subterainial bases using solar powered energy to illuminate etc.

08/18/12 12:08 pm

Let's do it! Seriously, chill out people. It's a question about dinosaurs, not politics.

cato Santa Barbara, California
08/18/12 11:33 am

I mean seriously, how do you feed a TREX anyway? They must need to eat 20-30 people a day to feel full.

08/18/12 9:05 am

I just can't believe 67% of Republicans would want to regulate a potentially lucrative business plan!

ncbuc Get Over It
08/18/12 8:51 am

Terrible idea. Regardless of the movie. Which I liked. First one anyway.

BabyBoomer Illinois
08/18/12 8:41 am

Wars in a dozen countries, crazy people blowing up their own families and peole and starving people all around the globe etc. Let's focus a little.

OFMafia Oklahoma
08/18/12 8:03 am

36% of those polled have lost their freaking mind. Real life dinosaurs? Have y'all SEEN the movie? It doesn't end well for them... I think we should FIX what we have before adding any new species to our current environment.

scottstots Georgia
08/18/12 7:55 am

I would rather put the $$ in something that would make lives better

08/18/12 7:35 am

Stop fixating on the movie. It's MOVIE. It was written that way, there was no chance it could succeed. Obviously science would start with harmless herbivorous ones first, and might never attempt a t Rex in the first place.