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Show Of Hands June 11th, 2011 12:00am

Are you a rabid enough fan of any sports team that you follow them closely during the off-season? (draft picks, trades, DUI's, etc.)

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07/01/11 4:49 pm

I think people who are extremely into sports are annoying. They take it too seriously.

06/29/11 6:48 pm

I watch Packer games but i dont really care how it ends up!

Wert A picture of my junk
06/29/11 1:24 pm

You couldn't even pay me to be even a slightly enthusiastic fan of any sport.

06/24/11 12:01 pm

people in Ohio who voted no are lying! lol

06/18/11 12:15 pm

I'm a "band-wagon" fan.
There's always a team to root for when you're a band-wagon fan. Lol!!

Then again, I don't know JACK about the NBA, NFL, MLB, etc...
Just not in my "book of interests."

06/18/11 9:49 am

I know, the adds on the bottom make it awkward to click the other sub catagories, like age. I'm afraid I'm going to hit the adds every single time.