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Show Of Hands July 13th, 2011 12:00am

Would you rather have great muscle tone that's under too much fat, or have poor muscle tone but be thin?

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c00kies California
07/29/11 3:50 am

I'm 12 and I'm pretty tall, 5'2" and underweight and I don't feel sick or clammy or underfed...and I'm pretty sure it would be the same if I was overweight. plus, I'm pale skinned all over and don't tan or sunburn :)

Aflax New York
07/28/11 10:00 pm

And it's not even strength if you have too much fat, so the question really is would you rather be fat or skinny.

07/28/11 5:39 pm

It's not always healthier being thin. By current standards I am over weight. I'm 5'11 and I weigh 195. Not ripped not fat. I'm strong as an ox and can keep up with an deer. You wouldn't be able to tell by lookin at me. Conditioning and stamina play a big roll. Too vague a question.

07/25/11 6:43 pm

what would be the point if it were under fat

David01127 Ohio
07/24/11 1:13 pm

All of the fat, tough guys I know are beast.

07/22/11 11:23 pm

I really friggin hate my metabolism! I know girls who eat 4 poptarts for lunch and still stay super skinny even though they don't really do any thing that active

Sage568 Connecticut
07/21/11 3:53 am

Whats the point of having great muscle tone if no1 can see it? Plus, the fat would kinda hold ya back

07/21/11 1:30 am

oh come on ppl every1 wants to or would rather b thin. ppl like to get toned after working off fat so they can sho it off and b strong, healthy, and healthy-looking

Overmind Texas
07/19/11 9:25 pm

Strong because you can work off the fat

07/18/11 3:02 pm

well I'm already toned haha so it doesn't really matter to me

emsies Seattle
07/17/11 1:37 am

It's healthier being thin and not toned than being fat and toned. If you're thin and not toned, so what? So you don't do sports. If you're fat and strong, sure you can do some sports, but fat is a bigger health risk that weakness.

eradicator JC
07/16/11 2:45 pm

I will own all you twiggy stringbeans with my vigorous girth. Ladies, you know it's true.

eradicator JC
07/16/11 2:43 pm

Fitness ftw. Not "skinny" or "strong"

eradicator JC
07/16/11 2:41 pm

You should be concerned with your overall health, not your appearance. If you are healthy and confident, people will be attracted to you, no matter if you have some "padding." That's a fact, jack.

sodadrinke South Dakota
07/16/11 10:39 am

Thin because you could just work out and gain muscle....duh!

NaomiFlan Hawaii
07/16/11 12:53 am

It is harder too lose weight than too gain it

Aflax New York
07/14/11 11:24 pm

Definitely skinny, I got that down

07/14/11 9:39 pm

Thin because I'm really god at muscle building

veritas1 Panda
07/14/11 9:28 pm

@Fiat1Lux. Never met. Ziggy is just nice....

07/14/11 9:05 pm

Another question ruined by only two choices.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/14/11 9:04 pm

@ziggy379 & @veritas... Are you two friends or something?

Weight loss is hard for some and easy for others, same goes for muscular gain. How both are done make HUGE differences in outcome.


TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/14/11 8:17 pm

I used to be very fat. I now do water aerobics. I am very slightly over weight. But I am 62. I go to TOPS too. I lost 115 but have put a little back on
So I am toned and a little fluffy.

07/14/11 7:41 pm

@veritas... I do weightlifting an swimming works out everything, do 3 laps in a pool an your exhausted.

07/14/11 4:58 pm

Just so everybody knows fake veritas with a capital I

07/14/11 4:48 pm

the bills must be getting paid if im fat

07/14/11 4:16 pm

I'm fat and have no muscle 

07/14/11 1:55 pm

It's much easier to burn the fat off then to build muscle. To some people, building muscle is close to impossible no matter how they eat or workout. Muscle burns fat. That's basic stuff...

07/14/11 1:51 pm

it's more like do you want to loss weight or build muscles

:D Georgia
07/14/11 1:30 pm

It's basically, be thin and maybe somewhat scrawny, or fat.

07/14/11 1:01 pm

I like myself the way I am, and I already know I suck at sports, so why would I want muscles?

07/14/11 12:27 pm

I think it'd easier to build up muscle on a lean body than to burn fat off a big one that already has good muscle tone.

07/14/11 11:41 am

seriously though, weightism is real. I admit I am weightist. If I am hiring, I am less likely to hire an extremely fat person. my instinct tells me that person is lazy, makes poor decisions, etc. if you don't take care of yourself, what does that say about other aspects of your life?

07/14/11 10:26 am

haha thanks for noticing!

brian_m Tennessee
07/14/11 10:18 am

Handypandy u say the dumbest shlt in every comment

07/14/11 9:23 am

@Kenzie, that's just weightist.

07/14/11 9:19 am

I'm already thin with very little muscle tone. I'm working on getting more. I think for a guy, the first ones better, but for a girl, the second one. I'd never want to be fat, ever. It's gross. Iowa
07/14/11 8:59 am

You would still be strong
Most people would feather be thin and weak than strong and wide

alizesmom Pennsylvania
07/14/11 8:18 am

good muscle tone is a better indication of health than being thin

07/14/11 7:26 am

I'm thin and toned so there's no way I'd want fat to slow me down

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/14/11 5:22 am

So, because I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt (no official shirt), I went with the strong and fat option. I'm now strong & thin--best of both worlds, at least for boys. Next stop, Sprint Triathlon!!!


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/14/11 5:18 am

Back to what I was saying yesterday: O WAS (2 yrs ago) in the ultra skinny camp, now after working at the gym off and on for almost a year now, I can finally hold my own in muscle. If I'd have been more physically active as a tween, I wouldn't have had so much catchup work to do...

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/14/11 5:15 am

@jlbunny You can tell at any location in the USA if someone is American, just by looking at them--they're crazy fat, just like my mom was last year before shaving off 110 pounds. Of course there are thin Americans as well, it's just that fat folks show more.


emsies Seattle
07/14/11 2:04 am

I'm really skinny (like, 13% body fat or something) and I have really poor muscle tone in my arms, but I've started physical therapy for a foot problem and it's really helping my muscle tone. But I'd rather be skinny than strong anyday.

p.w. Hawaii
07/14/11 2:00 am

I agree with kenny12! In between! I'm in-between and I'm a girl! I don't want to be weak and thin! Neither do I want to be strong and fat! Though I did choose strong and fat cause u can loose the fat.. Just takes time.