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Show Of Hands January 25th, 2012 12:00am

With all of the online educational resources available, including many universities posting curriculum and lectures online for free, is a college education becoming less necessary?

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02/06/12 1:14 am

It doesn't even have to be a well-known university like Harvard or Yale. Community colleges can provide very good education at a much much cheaper price per semester than those high end universities.

02/06/12 1:10 am

First of all, the question doesn't suggest you can be "stupid" and still succeed. Although it is possible to educate yourself in the free materials provided over the Internet and in libraries, going to college and getting your degree will give you the highest chance of landing a job.

02/04/12 3:14 am

Interesting how the majority says they'd rather hire someone with experience over a degree, yet also insist that a degree is so important. Yet again, the majority has no idea what they are talking about. @greanirish your are NOT the exception.

02/01/12 10:05 pm

that's the problems with kids these day they don't want to get there hands dirty!

mellnok Massachusetts
01/29/12 2:24 pm

@greenish You're the exception to the rule. Having a degree not only increases you're chances to live a more prosperous life, it also educates you and creates a better educated and tolerant society.

01/29/12 7:42 am

To everyone who says you need a degree to get a good job: I'm a 21 yr old with a 40k job and all I have is a diploma my mother has two masters and only makes 14k. Why do I need a degree?

01/28/12 2:04 pm

You still need the paper/credentials at the end of it all.

sbakh1012 New York
01/28/12 11:37 am

No one could just walk into a job interview and be like oh yea I know that, I looked it up online. Still need a diploma or something

01/28/12 10:03 am

But I do love MIT free courseware and iTunes U

01/28/12 9:58 am

It also proves to an employer that you had the dedication to finish something.

01/28/12 9:56 am

A college degree proves that you know something

01/28/12 8:34 am

life, no matter where you go, or what you do. It effects everything you do, and shapes the outcome of day to day life in ways most people never think about. We take our education for granted. It never becomes less important, it never becomes unnecessary. It's value should never be ignored.

01/28/12 8:31 am

An education also speaks of the ability to work towards a difficult goal and achieve it. It declares that the graduate has the minimum standards of information and skills to start learning their job and have a good chance at success. An education is something you carry with you the rest of your...

01/28/12 8:27 am

Find it using a search engine. The Internet is great for commerce and entertainment. It's great for rumors and gossip. It's great for opinions and meaningless debates. For factual, real information, it's like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

01/28/12 8:25 am

There's also a difference between the ability to google something and actually research something. Sorry to say, Wiki isn't a great resource. Education has a lot to do with learning how to think and process information. It's about learning the information and knowing it, rather than trying to...

Gelidity Pennsylvania
01/27/12 8:52 pm

I don't think education will ever become less important.

DrKelly Wisconsin
01/26/12 9:16 pm

@ProfDG. agree. some of my grad students wouldn't even have passed my high school english class. pathetic! the dumbing down of this country kills me!

DrKelly Wisconsin
01/26/12 9:10 pm

@badbadger. now THAT'S what I call a teacher's aid!! LOL

blucky georgia
01/26/12 9:09 pm

Depends on context of the question. As far as being educated not necessarily as important anymore but getting a job it is definitely still important.

i.Annie Ohio
01/26/12 6:28 pm

It depends. Not everybody learns as quick or as well as others with just reading or self-teaching. Many people learn by "doing" and/or by the aid of others (teachers, tutors, etc.) who are more experienced and may explain a concept in easier to understand ways than textbook wording.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
01/26/12 2:30 pm

The education is still necessary. The college campus is less necessary though.

katniss Dallas, TX
01/26/12 12:42 pm

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dogsaver new Jersey
01/26/12 11:45 am

It seems the standards are dropping across the board!

IraqVet03 North Carolina
01/26/12 11:15 am

@informer Time is more valuable than money. Time is what I was alluding to though it is easy to see how someone could infer that I was referring to money. I left it open. I concur that there are plenty of grants and scholarships (money) for school. Motivation and time are most important factors.

one80 California
01/26/12 10:45 am

@AirForceFD then that wasn't a class discussion. More likely a unalluring lecture.

01/26/12 10:33 am

I tutor college students in a variety of subjects. I can honestly say that some subjects can be taught solely online with a vast amount of student comprehension, however, I cannot tell you how many times I have had to tutor people in subjects that lack comprehension due to online formatting.

Patimen California
01/26/12 10:18 am

I mean, do you really think that people who work no longer learn, talk, debate, mentor and discover?

Patimen California
01/26/12 10:16 am

It is amazing to see the justifications of the time and expense of college given here. I guess I can't be too surprised., as most of you are trying to justify sunk costs.

nance6 Arlington VA
01/26/12 9:42 am

after hours rap sessions with inspirational profs, access to labs, etc.

nance6 Arlington VA
01/26/12 9:42 am

I think online resources are wonderful and may be all some people need to achieve their educational goals. but it can never replace traditional campus life; heated debates with other young idealogical people, opportunities to hone social skills,

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/26/12 9:16 am

Any parents have told he is all their kids talk about. Adults have told us he was their favorite teacher. I went back in my 50s got an associates in drug and gerontology counseling. I have fibromiliga get very sick easy so did not work till after I lost a lot of weight only very part time.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/26/12 9:09 am

His way and took student loans. Met and married. I was not employed very sick then pg. so he put himself through 3 kids. For masters, Oregon State I was expecting #5. Middle son got his masters at Western. Oldest central Washington for masters.
My husband is an outstanding teacher.

ProfDG I Want Truth
01/26/12 9:08 am

@DrKelly, I have the same experience. I teach grads and undergrads both online and ground. Many lack basic English skills and need to learn that before attempting college.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/26/12 9:03 am

Was offered full time at the hospital. In fact was quarreled over who got her for internship.
My husband was kicked out of three Seattle high schools. Went to work for Boeing. Grew up. Lost his job. Went back to school. He was widowed with two children. No programs for single dads then. He paid

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/26/12 8:59 am

Honors and international honor society. Oldest's job help pay. University of Washington. And Central Washington U.
Youngest Portland state very smart but did pot lost focus. But has one degree and a very good job.
Youngest daughter applied for scholarships for nursing school. In our economy

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/26/12 8:55 am

My middle and oldest sons served Uncle Sam. Two and one hutches. Middle was honors and international honor society. Used the GI bill also saved the maximum amount and more. The military matched the max amount for college. He and my daughter in law graduated from Oregon State with honors. He high

01/26/12 8:34 am

I don't understand people who say they can't afford college. I know people who went for free- FOR FREE! And those were D students who went to private universities. Uncle Sam helps out way too much in that regard. Me? I took on $100k in student loans for law school and I'm proud of it!

01/26/12 8:19 am

@one80 Idk about that. Powerpoint has killed class discussion lol

IraqVet03 North Carolina
01/26/12 8:17 am

I look at college degrees like Willy Wonka's golden tickets. Regardless of your drive or intelligence, you don't get through the door without one. I think jobs should screen with aptitude and motivation tests rather than blanket denying people b/c they lack a degree. Some can't afford school.

HRocinante Ohio
01/26/12 8:16 am

Definite difference in the quality of education, for sure.

one80 California
01/26/12 7:43 am

Nothing can replace a college level discussion in a college classroom. Nothing.

lynnee Missouri
01/26/12 7:39 am

The number of times that people have said "collages" in here proves that college is still very needed.

01/26/12 7:28 am

and get benefits. while the pay In the construction trade has stagnated since the 80s infact the wages have droped in some cases. I wonder how many of these collage students could do a hard days work and have the knowledge on how to build a building. even most engineering students don't have a clue

01/26/12 7:20 am

it is a shame being a tradesmen dose not pay good any more. in part due to the illegal's willing to work for a lower wage. and the youth is not willing to learn the trades because they can make a dollar less per hour and work in the AC eat free food.

01/26/12 7:02 am

I hate the idea of online classes. I pay all this money so I can be taught by someone who knows a lot more then me. It's more then just reading a book and writing about it. I'm discussion I learn things not just from my teachers but my peers as well.