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Show Of Hands July 26th, 2012 12:00am

Are you planning on watching the Olympics opening ceremony?

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07/29/12 2:31 pm

DVR!!!! I'll be out at a wedding

07/29/12 8:30 am

DVR'd it but doubt I'll end up actually watching it

07/28/12 2:06 am

DVR'd it. Watched 5 hours of coverage in 1.5 hours by skipping all commercials and as much inane commentary as possible. Even at that, it was little more than a celebration of national socialism.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/27/12 11:25 pm

Husband did the worst and most boring ever.

stinkypete In the Sky
07/27/12 10:10 pm

Was 5 hours of opening ceremony really that necessary? Is it me or are these things getting longer and longer over the years??

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/27/12 9:54 pm

karmic- he's playing but his voice has certainly suffered with age!! Kind of pathetic.

Bekka Just relaxing...
07/27/12 9:30 pm

No, but I read the Twitter comments. Does that count?

07/27/12 5:35 pm

I'm watching right now.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/27/12 1:43 pm

@anegirl: Right? I thought everyone on here was a America loving patriot. Team USA!

JackJewsburyFTW Oregon
07/27/12 1:40 pm

The U.S will win the gold for Best America.

BriD Illinois
07/27/12 9:46 am

Eh, my bf is DVRing it, so I'm sure I'll be watching it - at least some of it.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/27/12 12:04 am

God willing I won't watch one second.

07/26/12 8:25 pm

No. Frankly, I'm only interested in the competitions.

07/26/12 8:25 pm

I was but I'll be at work

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/26/12 7:43 pm

Yes, but probably not live - I expect to watch the delayed version broadcast by NBC. Their inability to handle a simple live broadcast does not bode well for the remainder of their coverage. I will check BBC and CBC, and if either of those is carrying it live, I'll get to watch it on time.

14573 Scary Numbers
07/26/12 7:34 pm

@vanquished exactly cause if he doesn't light the torch we are all going to get absorbed into some
Little girl's wall

07/26/12 7:27 pm

Maybe if the stones played

07/26/12 7:00 pm

When is thing happening???

07/26/12 5:43 pm

I like watching the opening and closing ceremonies..sees how much the country put into the event..

melkor Angband
07/26/12 4:37 pm

Only to see if the Doctor makes an appearance.

07/26/12 4:31 pm

Olympics well..... Not a big fan

DavesNotHere where am I
07/26/12 4:13 pm

Just for Sir Paul. Then I'll watch the closing ceremonies

jamesmay Tampa
07/26/12 3:43 pm

Willpogo, this isn't twitter so you don't need to add the stupid # thing. Just sayin

Wes28 CBus
07/26/12 2:55 pm

Love the Olympics, but I hate the opening ceremony

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
07/26/12 2:53 pm

I don't plan on it. But I probably will.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/26/12 1:19 pm

So far some exciting Soccer matches/games what ever you call them,Yawn.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/26/12 1:16 pm

I bet half these pollsters don't even know the Olympics is being held in London England,They think these are the winter games.

rhyno13 Texas
07/26/12 1:10 pm

I have better things to do besides being tied to a program that I care very little about.

07/26/12 11:48 am

Where's the spirit? Team USA!!!

willpogo Columbus Ohio
07/26/12 11:04 am

Yes bc you need to support #teamUSA and our country during these times!!!

07/26/12 10:46 am

I don't even know what the Olypics are..and I'm almost 19yo. Idc Olypics suck.

pjatx Austin, TX
07/26/12 10:41 am

I personally don't care, but I want my 4 year old girl to see it.

14573 Scary Numbers
07/26/12 10:22 am

Yes I fully intend to and so help me god I will go down there and shoot the torch bearer and give the torch to David Tennet myself if I have to.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/26/12 10:18 am

The Olympics are the highlight of...the summer.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/26/12 10:17 am

It's on in roughly 24 hours. I'll probably be watching it.

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
07/26/12 9:51 am

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07/26/12 9:41 am


soupy Ohio
07/26/12 8:50 am

Want to but I'll be on the road then