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Show Of Hands October 19th, 2012 12:00am

Have you eaten at a fast food restaurant in the past week (including drive-thrus)?

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10/23/12 8:19 pm

Does "fast food" include places like Panera and Cosi? They're fast but certainly have more healthier options than McD's.

EarlyBird Portland
10/21/12 4:14 pm

I thought you go out to eat by yourself at sit downs fairly often ?

10/21/12 2:31 pm

Lies. I don't eat fast food unless absolutely forced to, and then I eat at Panera or maybe subway. I haven't even set foot in a McDonalds since I was 9 years old. When my bus stopped at Wendy's for dinner coming back for a competition last year, I ate a sandwich I packed earlier. I hate fast food.

bbkkanders Kentucky
10/21/12 2:27 pm

Remember girls this is where your "curves" come from. It would be much better for you to stop eating this crap and everyone try slimming down before you die.

10/20/12 5:33 pm

Oh, this is sooooo sad! I wish people would stop eating fast food. It's not healthy no matter what they tell you in their advertising campaigns. They're just trying to get "elected".

10/20/12 3:09 pm

I eat the veggie burgers at burger king it might b fast food but it's not 1000 calorie sandwich

10/20/12 7:55 am

Fast food is pretty sickening and I rarely do it unless forced!

10/20/12 7:47 am

That disgusting that why most people are fat in Merrcia!

monkeyy Ohio
10/20/12 5:18 am

I don't know… there are other healthy options besides fast food though. Like maybe bringing your own meal from home if you're on the go?
I don't eat it because it grosses me out and it would mess with my cross country running. If its not good for you, why eat it?

Quinnipiac Here
10/19/12 11:38 pm

No, I'm not poor.

missmorganmarie ...
10/19/12 10:56 pm

big mac buy one get one for a penny! :)


10/19/12 10:43 pm

I hardly ever eat fast food, but was really busy yesterday, so ate at a local drive through and have been sick to my stomach all day. And the fries tasted OLD.I'm so mad.

brianparks69 charlotte
10/19/12 9:49 pm

You caught me in my once a month trip to Bojangles for a steak and egg biscuit!! Don't do the hamburger joints, and subway sucks, but I can't give up Bo completely. Those biscuits Are worth it!

dabrat East Coast
10/19/12 9:20 pm

Nope I try not to, I cook most nights

10/19/12 8:59 pm

I eat fast food and I'm not obese. Just because you eat fast food once a week doesn't mean you'll become obese. Is it good for you? No, but what is good for you now a days that's really quick?

10/19/12 8:36 pm

wow... thats alot of people...

GirlOnFire Ohio
10/19/12 7:35 pm

Nope...not even in the past couple months. I maybe eat at fast food places around two or three times a year.

ugafan Southern by choice
10/19/12 7:25 pm

Sit down? yes! Fast food? That's why I own a microwave and save leftovers.

monkeyy Ohio
10/19/12 7:21 pm

Fast food is one of the main causes of obesity. I, for one, prefer not to be obese, sooo… no I have not! And proud of it!

10/19/12 7:15 pm

Subway, Wendy's, local concession stand - I rarely eat anything in a sit down restaurant when eating out.

10/19/12 7:01 pm

Zaxby's is amazing!!!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/19/12 6:54 pm

In the last week, DQ, BK, McD's, Arby's, and LJS. If I'd have been home, you could add JitB to the list because the two tacos for a dollar deal is the perfect light snack, for ... just a dollar.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
10/19/12 5:52 pm

exactly! I'm so glad someone understands :

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
10/19/12 5:46 pm

what are you talking about? five guys is amazing!

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
10/19/12 5:44 pm

seriously, it's become such a big trend for people to hate fast food for health reasons, meanwhile most of the people in this country eat fast food. if you like it you should just admit it. it doesn't mean you eat it every day.

10/19/12 5:34 pm

had Taco Bell Monday and KFC Thursday.

10/19/12 5:33 pm

Don't make rash comments not everyone voted as you can see now its about 95% of the country.

suppressedID That is my secret Cap
10/19/12 3:51 pm

Touch the map to view the percentages: look how blue the center of the country is! What's up with Middle America? That slower lifestyle should allow you to actually COOK SOMETHING.

mel1187 Florida
10/19/12 3:41 pm

Ugh. When you work and got 30 mins so convienent thank god I have high metabolism but I know it's still bad

snafu Washington
10/19/12 3:19 pm

I shouldn't as much as I do but it's so convenient and cheap to grab a burger for lunch. I need to start packing my own lunches.

omniku dot com
10/19/12 3:03 pm

As long as we all agree that non-chain pizza doesn't qualify as fast food.

nelsosar000 Minnesota
10/19/12 2:57 pm

I guarantee you the people who comment saying ewwww have eaten fast food in the past week or two

10/19/12 2:55 pm

Not this week but we usually do once a week or at least every two weeks.

10/19/12 2:37 pm

Yes, but bad week for cooking.

10/19/12 2:35 pm

Really? Why? Did you lose a bet?

10/19/12 2:26 pm


4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
10/19/12 1:37 pm

Haven't eaten fast food in years...I value my health too much.

Sam95 Nebraska
10/19/12 1:15 pm

I rarely eat fast food. It's very unhealthy and costly for the amount you get.
I go to a sit down restaurant probably once a month.

10/19/12 1:03 pm

Three times a day everyday

eddiej Virginia
10/19/12 12:29 pm

Five Guys Burgers and Fries!