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Show Of Hands November 28th, 2011 12:00am

Did your current job/career (or that which you aspire to, if not currently employed) exist 50 years ago?

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tytygirl79 Indiana
12/08/11 5:39 pm

Ummm accountants... Did tht exist 50 years ago? I'm just gonna go with yes there was some form of it 50 years ago

12/05/11 1:11 am

I'm a TV director, so barely, but yes.

12/04/11 6:43 pm

Plumbing has Been around a while

emsies Seattle
12/03/11 6:08 pm

I aspire to be a neuroscientist (I am under 21), and that job didn't exist to the extent it does now 50 years ago.
I am currently an intern at a local record company, I guess. My family owns it, so...

12/02/11 2:34 am

Customer service center for a telecommunication company.

12/01/11 6:56 pm

building maintenance, but I just GOT HIRED AT SNYDER OF BERLIN. inventory control specialist. it's a brand new position

12/01/11 6:40 pm

I'm a pawnbroker the second oldest profession.

moosey Texas
12/01/11 1:53 pm

I'm in internet sales/customer relations for a large car dealership. Cars and car salesmen have been around for awhile, but negotiating deals via phone calls, emails, and texting has really only been put into use within the last decade or so.

12/01/11 12:35 am

Yea...since the beginning of time...Banker!

IMO atoms, space, opinion
11/30/11 9:50 pm

I'm an electrician. This career has been around just over a century.

Sage1287 Illinois
11/30/11 9:36 pm

Psychiatric nurse... We were just getting it together 60 years ago... Not enough has changed!!

11/30/11 12:24 am

Labor and delivery nurse!! :)

veryfancy Houston
11/29/11 10:19 pm

Project engineer, possibly not, but something similar for sure.

Pre Michigan
11/29/11 9:52 pm

Pediatric cardiology/surgery. :3

dlyliny1 New York
11/29/11 9:16 pm

Brand marketing manager...I'm not sure but I don't think so bc companies were just starting to use TV for advertising. I think back then "marketing" consisted of packaging design and print ads or billboards.

beaglebay Texas
11/29/11 4:45 pm

Speech language pathologist- yes! As seen in "The King's Speech"

11/29/11 11:55 am

jessie74 its funny but when i looked up coprolities it said the study of jessie74 from ancient times. Thats a fact, nothing to do with political parties!

Hope Minneapolis
11/29/11 9:28 am

I had to look it up. I didn't find a definitive answer for the US, but at least in other countries 50+ yrs ago, yes

11/29/11 6:42 am

Author. You KNOW that one's been around a while :)

11/29/11 5:41 am

Nurses go wayyyy back =]

OFMafia Oklahoma
11/29/11 1:42 am

Drilling consultant for the oil/gas industry. Yes my job has been around since the mid 1930's.

11/29/11 1:25 am

women's basketball player.... I don't think so(;

11/29/11 12:45 am

@Puppylvr I do.. And I recommend it. It's a great experience :)

bookworm995 New York
11/29/11 12:01 am

Medical Examiner, so I think that it has been around for more than fifty years

11/28/11 11:03 pm

have airline pilots been around that long?

MrNarwhal1 Naperville
11/28/11 10:54 pm

Aurors have been around for much time in the wizarding world...not that you muggles would understand...

11/28/11 10:49 pm

Clothes have been around since, say, humans. So I assume people have been making them that long. Hooray for loincloths.

11/28/11 10:45 pm

I'm pretty sure there have been architects for a really long time. I mean, there have been buildings for thousands if years.

TheAntiLib Dutchess County, NY
11/28/11 10:40 pm

I run the entire food service for a major university. So yes. Students have to eat...

11/28/11 9:52 pm

Yup! Teachers have been around for way more than 50years! :)

11/28/11 9:15 pm

no IT department I suppose?

11/28/11 8:54 pm

dr Alfred Fones trained the first dental hygienist in 1906, I graduated two years later

kst8r Iowa
11/28/11 8:17 pm

Doctors have basically been around since the beginning, so yeah

11/28/11 7:12 pm

Being a Soldier I would say yes, my profession has been around for a LONG time.

AnnieM The Island
11/28/11 5:20 pm

I'm a SAHM as well, which has been around as long as there have been humans. I was a sign language interpreter before that and that job as been around (though maybe not as a paid job) probably as long as language has existed.

11/28/11 5:14 pm

Being in broadcast journalism, so yes. 50 years ago there were radio personalities which is pretty close

Nerdz Texas
11/28/11 4:43 pm

my current career is a student so yes

11/28/11 4:42 pm

Housewife/mom/model! Yup!

MCR The Moon
11/28/11 4:12 pm

Good ol' USMC. 236 years old as of November 10, 2011 :D

O13 Alabama
11/28/11 3:29 pm

Sorry just reread my comment, it was right around 70 years ago.... Damn fingers.

DeathSheep Michigan
11/28/11 3:28 pm

Nope. I'm into electronic imaging and modeling (computer art)