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Which are more important to you in the 2012 Presidential election: social issues or economic issues? (UserQ)

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optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/07/12 7:01 am

Both, but mainly social and economic issues are going to be my deciding factor.

06/07/12 3:34 am

Social issues are EXTREMELY important, but we need to make sure companies are thriving and hiring so that people don't need to worry about STARVING first.

autumnsflame San Francisco
06/05/12 3:00 pm

The funny thing is that everyone says economic, yet don't know a thing about economics. Truly, it all comes down to that what that individual believes socially.

Ghettoeq North Carolina
06/05/12 5:10 am

don't y'all remember the state of the Nation/economy can b attributed to one word BUSH NOT OBAMA

06/03/12 7:14 pm

I think it's silly that we all still think the President can actually make large changes. Checks and Balances make it impossible because everyone in the H and S has their own agenda.

06/01/12 5:30 pm

Oh Vermont how I love you xD

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/31/12 4:59 pm

@roybiker: it cost that much because much of the stimulus was in the form of tax breaks. Tax breaks cost money.

Kommandant Indiana
05/31/12 3:05 pm

It's the economy stupid! No current social issue can collapse our nation. The economy can.

05/31/12 4:57 am

The Obama stimulus cost us taxpayers $4.1 million per job created. If that money had been given back to taxpayers, many, many more jobs would have been created. However, Democrat donors & bundlers would be poorer since they received most of the money.

05/30/12 9:14 am

"People are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves. They therefore remain bound."

James Allen

05/30/12 5:58 am

they invest billions experimenting in a search for renewable green energy. I'm sure they do not want to be in the buggy business when the next big thing comes along, Shell is leading the way in many fields of new technology with regards to bio-fuels and on and on.....

05/30/12 5:54 am

bri-and: Why have you lost faith in a system that has served our country so well? Free markets work when they are unencumbered by government. If you would look into it you will find that companies like Shell have a vested interest to stay in business,

05/29/12 11:17 pm

the majority of democrats vote economic yet Obama has put this country into one of the worse ever hmmm

05/29/12 2:52 pm

When the government supports an industry you generally know it makes no sense. Our govt threw billions $ at corn ethanol when it takes as much energy to make a gallon as you get by burning that gallon.

05/29/12 2:50 pm

Two studies at actual power companies showed that with wind energy there was no reduction in CO2 generation (studies in Texas & Colorado)

05/29/12 2:48 pm

Wind energy is both variable & intermittent. For that reason all wind energy has to be backed up by conventional plants. These plants then have to cycle on/off as much as 100x per day. This cycling causes more CO2 generation than staying at constant levels.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/29/12 1:39 pm

...the government to regulate! Green energy is the way! And we don't base progress over one administrations few flopped investments. That doesn't mean green energy is "bad". Use your brain.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/29/12 1:38 pm

Coal supports a whole region of this state, but the things they do to get deeper and deeper to the coal is ridiculous! I read a local article on a local study that said they are "over-harvesting" the coal mines, and that it's being depleted at record pace. Soon there won't be a coal industry for...

05/29/12 7:22 am

58,400: Number Of Heavy And Civil Engineering Construction Jobs Lost Since The Stimulus Was Passed. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 5/7/12)

05/29/12 6:45 am

Our markets have a way of weeding themselves out.....

05/29/12 6:44 am

Its the kind of thing that proves people with no business experience have no business trying to decide which will succeed and which will fail.

05/29/12 6:44 am

Gov't can help the creation of jobs by roving the hurdles, mandates, and levies placed on small businesses by an anti-business administration such as this one.
The laws the obama administration has passed with great vigor has made it more difficult, not easier to start and run a small business.

05/29/12 6:42 am

There is also the case of our president trying to pick winners and losers, look at what he has done to the coal mining industry while throwing billions at green companies that end up failing.

05/29/12 6:41 am

ProRights; you seem a little confused, I don't believe Romney ever said he will create jobs in the private sector. He says he will not hinder job growth the way Obama has. Including 45,000 pages of new regulations that add billions to the cost of doing business.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/29/12 6:18 am

...don't even make its way into the conversation.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/29/12 6:18 am

@roybiker: it's simple for you to say that Obama has hindered people starting companies ad risking capital, but can you give factual evidence that that's true. I know a few people that have started a business now that the economy is improving, they said its because the economy is improving. "Obama"

05/29/12 5:25 am

If I decide to open a machine shop or a pizza parlor or a retail shop is it my intention to create jobs? No. It is to provide for my family. However, the end result is job creation. We need people to risk their savings, their capital to create jobs. The Obama administration has hindered that.

05/29/12 5:23 am

Romney will create jobs as president by getting the federal government out of the way of real job creation. The Obama administration has been incredibly destructive on the jobs front. Government doesn't create jobs but they can create an atmosphere where jobs can flourish.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
05/29/12 1:29 am

Both, 50/50. They affect each other, and one can't address one without influencing the other.

KudosToYou California
05/28/12 8:56 pm

Obama will lose to Romney who made his money off of ruining jobs? Who said the private sector creates jobs, not the government but then says he will create jobs as president?

05/28/12 8:55 pm

The economy IS a social issue.

05/28/12 8:52 pm

For social issues, the morality of the people is what has to change. The law can't do that.
If we don't fix the economy, this country is going to become a living hell because there will be a worldwide collapse.

05/28/12 7:30 pm

Anti lib your name makes me chuckle

05/28/12 7:30 pm

Grow up made me have an ipifany it's so true and that Is why I can't stand liberal idealism u can't just through money at stuff if u ask my parents I tell them not to get things because there expensive my parents are well off enough but I hate wasteful spending (ofrikenbama!!!!!)

TheAntiLib Dutchess County, NY
05/28/12 6:54 pm

76% economic! And this is why obama will lose. We are much worse off now than we were 4 years ago.

~LJ~ New York
05/28/12 6:21 pm

Our debt is our biggest national security threat. No country has ever had the level of debt we are at. END THE FED! Restore sound money. Quit unnecessary government spending. End the was. The REVOLUTION has just begun.

GrowUp Minnesota
05/28/12 5:21 pm

Gay ... you are the one full of something. Liberals are generous as long as its not their own money. Every study done shows that conservatives open their wallets FAR MORE.

goldman Georgia
05/28/12 5:21 pm

In reality-if gays are to be given rights to be doesn't affect any of us. Our economy affects all of us.

05/28/12 4:50 pm

And everybody who didn't hold a minute of silence at 3pm please do now.
Let us honor the fallen this memorial day.

Cunt423 New York
05/28/12 4:31 pm

I suck pussy; Scott Walker is fail.


05/28/12 3:48 pm

@adalla: the country will NOT collapse.
The Titanic sank - we are not the Titanic - not even 2 compartments are flooded so to speak so stop whining.

05/28/12 3:30 pm

veritas; R u just picking on me now? Just a little humor.......different times, different issues today. You want to talk about talking out of both sides of your mouth what about Obama saying it is unpatriotic to spend like Bush? Its almost like you wake up in a strange new world everyday!

05/28/12 3:14 pm

Bri, so what you're saying is people voted for style over substance, right??
I'll agree with that.
You say obama was qualified?? He met the age requirement, but that's about it. lol

SwolePatro Georgia
05/28/12 2:19 pm

GayIsOk there is no way you can say the country is in better shape with Obama in office.

adalla Virginia
05/28/12 1:06 pm

It matters not. This country will collapse under its debt crisis within this decade. Nothing can stop it. Keep rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic while it happens tho

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/28/12 12:46 pm

@flapilot: It's true, their records were not comparable. But that was partly what people wanted. McCain has been in office for how long? Decades. And here comes this fresh, for-the-people community organizer that obviously was qualified. People chose the charismatic man, not the old seasoned man.

05/28/12 12:05 pm

And thanks for proving my point. Open a history book and being honest with what you find. Besides, you're telling me, people put the two resumes side by side and thought obama was more qualified than McCain? If you say yes, you're either lying or just stupid.

05/28/12 12:03 pm

FlaPilot, you're full of shit. Tell me how this country has gotten any worse for you since Obama took office. It probably hasn't. It's the same damn country it's always been. If repubs weren't so greedy and heartless and willing to compromise, this country wouldn't be so "bad" as it is for you.