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04/01/12 6:55 pm

Currently, I hate myself.

04/01/12 12:38 pm

I'm 37 and it took me along time to love me.. A very special man I truly love and gonna marry helped me see I worth being loved and to love myself..

03/31/12 3:46 pm

If I had a clone we would be such good friends

03/30/12 3:50 pm

WHO WOULD LOVE THEM SELF??? (except emo people)

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
03/25/12 10:33 pm

I must admit, I don't just like me, I'm head over heels in love with myself! :)

03/25/12 5:36 pm

Most days, when I'm not paying attention to celebrity magazine bomb-shells for comparisons... Still think I can hold a candle to many of them. Haha!

peacenskis Alaska
03/23/12 12:52 am

Have been thinking of making some big changes lately (for the better)! Hopefully, next time around I can say yes!

lilipad Tennessee
03/22/12 6:33 pm

Well I'm stuck with it so I decided about a year ago that I better start liking it.

03/22/12 3:49 pm

good question lesmiz2640! :)

mrcoyote Casa Grande
03/20/12 9:53 pm

Well, even though im awesome i hate myself for being so awesome

monkxo New York
03/20/12 7:45 pm

Nope. We can blame my mom for that. I'm very critical of everything on everyone --- including myself.

03/20/12 7:27 pm

how many were bullies in school. Show of hands

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/20/12 6:23 pm

@babble - I don't think that you are holy. Are you only worthy of negative attention? I hope you find the peaceful joy of acceptance for who you actually are...

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/20/12 6:16 pm

Do you like yourself because others like you? Or do you like yourself because you are as valuable as the person next to you and you know it?

BadBadger Georgia
03/20/12 2:35 pm

I had to think long and hard about this, but when I remembered that Elmo loves me, I realized that at the very least . . . I'm tolerable.

03/20/12 2:20 pm

I'm freaking amazing!...or so i think....

03/20/12 12:41 pm

Not really, but I love Who's inside me.

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
03/20/12 11:59 am

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EarlyBird Portland
03/20/12 10:55 am

HolyBabble - after following you votes and reading your comments for sometime now, you are clearly very compassionate. It's hard to remember that sometimes.

scottstots Georgia
03/20/12 8:18 am

If you don't like yourself, you're the only one who can change it.

Chukar retired police officer
03/20/12 8:11 am

@holybabble I guess that unlike the rest of us, you have found out how stupid and worthless YOU are.

03/20/12 8:00 am

I find the income filter ironic

03/20/12 7:51 am

Best country on earth to live with an opportunity to do anything. Sounds like 14% of us are failures then.

HolyBabble Mississippi
03/20/12 4:13 am

86% say yes? Haha, that's hilarious.

If most of you realized how stupid and worthless you are, you would surely hate yourselves. I guess ignorance really is bliss.

AnnieM The Island
03/20/12 12:00 am

For probably the first time in my life I do, in fact, like who I am as a person. On the other hand, I loathe my physical body.

Rosebud Ohio
03/19/12 10:27 pm

Yes! In part no doubt to my amazing husband :) But also having a little girl who looks up to me for everything, and a decent job. I love myself. It took some work to be at this point but it's a great place to be!

Planoneck Guam
03/19/12 10:20 pm

I love myself but I hate what I've done with it.

03/19/12 10:09 pm

No, it's just a physical relationship at this point.

flyberg Northern Kentucky
03/19/12 9:51 pm

Think last time a question like this was asked I said no. Being employed (even as a temp) does wonders for my outlook on life.

SouthernG Man Cave
03/19/12 9:03 pm

@surf. not true. I can live they neighbor and not respect myself in the morning

SouthernG Man Cave
03/19/12 9:02 pm

No, I know I could be a better person. :-(. self admitted pr!ck

TB27 Louisiana
03/19/12 9:00 pm

Like myself, yes. Satisfied with myself, absolutely not

03/19/12 8:42 pm

How couldn't I? I'm freakin' perfectly and legitly awesome! !!!! {???} ? robot