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Are student loans a good investment, even if you have to go deep into debt in order to afford college tuition?

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07/14/11 7:35 pm

I think typically people with degrees get more money; even if the degree isn't in the field they're working for. They also tend to be promoted first even if someone without a degree works as hard or even harder then them. That piece of paper seem to make a big difference.

07/10/11 1:57 am

Depends. I know way too many people that went to college, built up huge debt, only to get a career doing something they could have done right after high school. Then again, pursuit of something further than a bachelors degree...yea.

kmsexton McLean
07/09/11 6:03 pm

It is an investment in your own future and I think it makes you more engaged in your education. Loans should be a portion of the package though and taken in proportion to a persons potential earning power. I paid mine off in 5 years and worked internships to pay for the rest.

jedws South Carolina
07/09/11 2:51 pm

Basically an educated idiot is still an idiot. And if they went in to debt to get that education, now they are a poor educated idiot.

jedws South Carolina
07/09/11 2:49 pm

Student loans very dangerous! While an education is a plus. Personality and work ethic makes all the difference in 80% of jobs. I've hired 100s of people and never chosen a single one based on a diploma. If you are going to go in debt it better be for doctor,law, engineer etc.

Britton Louisiana
07/09/11 8:09 am

It depends on both the degree and how much debt you will rack up.

07/08/11 10:31 pm

And this is why this country is in debt. Wake up America.

jclark California
07/08/11 6:48 pm

Save the money! All jobs are looking for now is experience and could care less about education past your hs diploma. Education about a particular subject worth it? No. I wasted so much money, learned very little more than I already knew, and am in tons of debt with no full-time job to pay it off.

veritas1 Panda
07/08/11 11:43 am

@edwardsfl. HMMM

HARVARD...... Or ITT Tech

HMMMM........ this would be a tough poll question....... hmm

07/08/11 11:40 am

good rule of thumb: If the school has commercials on tv, prooobably not a good investment.

FrankZappa New York
07/08/11 11:23 am

@vegangirl, that's actually a paraphrase of a Matt Groening quote.

07/08/11 4:56 am

No. $50,000 of student loans for a psychology degree, which now makes me qualified to sell cosmetics at Walmart, was the worst mistake I ever made. Bachelor degrees are worth little anymore & most of what you learn as an undergrad is how to memorize assorted data.

07/07/11 11:35 pm

It's better to be educated with dept than to be uneducated and loaded.

lawstudent Western NC foothills
07/07/11 10:55 pm

not to mention if you want to teach on a university level (art, English, Philosophy, etc), you're required to have at minimum a Master's degree.

lawstudent Western NC foothills
07/07/11 10:54 pm

there's completely use for art, English, communication, marketing, etc. majors. Journalists, gallery managers, marketing managers, professors.... all professions that benefit immensely from a degree. even most entry level jobs now require a degree, particularly with the job market being tight.

lawstudent Western NC foothills
07/07/11 10:49 pm

@frankzappa haha eh, cartoonist, professor, same thing? ;)

lawstudent Western NC foothills
07/07/11 10:49 pm

@ltabliss I currently do contract work for an animal protection agency, and will continue that. I also plan to teach undergrad philosophy classes as an adjunct professor. :)

07/07/11 9:47 pm

Regardless, the education is the most important thing! Knowledge is something that can never be taken away from you!

jimyzlogic Tennessee
07/07/11 3:49 pm

most people tend to work in an area that has nothing to do with their degree. I say don't go in debt.

FrankZappa New York
07/07/11 1:50 pm

@Itabliss, actually, studying art can be considered a trade. While studying art can be done alone, there are many technical and scientific aspects. The equipment and chemicals I had access to was worth the tuition.
And the best job for a philosophy major is a cartoonist.

Itabliss Hello
07/07/11 11:54 am

vegangirl>> what do you plan to do with your degree?

Itabliss Hello
07/07/11 11:52 am

as long as your getting a worth while degree. hint: there is no use for art, English, marketing, and management majors.

07/07/11 9:55 am

Depends on the degree.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
07/07/11 9:25 am

Haha @lemmiwinks some of my favorite SP episodes.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
07/07/11 9:21 am

Kids can get a good education from a community college and not go too far into debt. Instead of an expensive university.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
07/07/11 7:27 am

I was in the work force both Pre and Post my degree.
I made a little and now I make a lot.

07/07/11 3:07 am

If you have no other alternative. Need to invest in your future

lawstudent Western NC foothills
07/06/11 11:32 pm

but intellectually, at the risk of sounding cliche, I think a degree is worth more than just the financial investment. it's priceless to master a subject, open your mind, etc. that's really why I answered "yes" to this question.

lawstudent Western NC foothills
07/06/11 11:30 pm

@Socrates LOL I'm about to start grad school for an MA in Philosophy. I think the loans are worth it. financially, most of us will need the economy to recoup before we see the benefits...

07/06/11 10:57 pm

A couple years ago, I would've said absolutely a good investment. Now that I have my Bachelors degree... I only make $7.90/hr in retail. I could've worked my way up at a company from the very bottom by now and be much better off.

07/06/11 10:13 pm

I think it's one of those spend money to make money, my law degree will run a steep bill if I wasn't going to the military, but it would be worth it

07/06/11 9:47 pm

Theyre a good ideas if you're learning a job skill, not just being a communications major because you feel like you need a degree but have no idea what you want to do. I'm a pharmacist and school was expensive, but my salary makes up for that.

07/06/11 9:28 pm

FTR though I think it's just realistic that you need an upper grad or skilled vocational. I recommend to many to be nurses or to see their upper through to a license.

07/06/11 9:26 pm

Something that motivated me in school was that every hour spent in class or studying was worth $100 in my lifetime minimum. Smart debt is worth if. I got through working full time and VISA. No loans but gawd I hate top ramen!

jjandrt21 Wisconsin
07/06/11 9:25 pm

Absolutely not, I refuse to dig myself into a hole. If I can't afford something, I do not purchase it. I hate debt.

07/06/11 9:20 pm

I went to college for philosophy and have loans... So naturally I am working for an insurance company.

07/06/11 8:55 pm

If there were jobs available, with pay adequate to make it worth the investment "and" pay back the loan... Sure. As things are now, it's a roll of the dice... And the bank always wins...

07/06/11 8:28 pm

It all depends on what degree your trying to earn. If its for business, law, medicine, scientific research, or PR you're fine. I went to NYU for film and am $200,000 in debt because of it, and I'll probably end up selling insurance. Please, no one make my mistake.

dotnetdev Georgia
07/06/11 8:19 pm

as long as you dont go crazy. i see too many kids getting student loans and having iphones/ipads and buying starbucks every day. my wife is a university professor and her students have better phones and eat at much nicer places than she does.

LOx2 California
07/06/11 8:01 pm

Funny how that works. "student loans to expensive?" "Degrees not worth the costs?" You can always join the military, and hey we happen to have a bunch of wars too. It's a win win.
The military is for the brave and the poor.

LOx2 California
07/06/11 7:58 pm

Remember those "sweet" federal loans are being threatened by the reps. If we dont raise the debt ceiling, they will either be gone or not so sweet anymore. Check the news on Portugal. That's us next. Defaulting on the debt will be the most catastrophic event you have experienced in this country.

07/06/11 7:36 pm

Also there are military academies that provide excellent educations and superior training for careers

07/06/11 7:35 pm

the reason it is a bad idea is that people are going to over priced colleges to party rather than colleges that will provide them with the education they need to have a successful career. think community and technical colleges

eradicator JC
07/06/11 7:34 pm

Federal loans are a sweet deal... Look it up.

07/06/11 7:04 pm

the main reason this is a bad idea is that we are raising a generation of poorly educated ( HS level) kids and the. forcing most to end up deeply in debt after 4years so that we can cut spending on the backs of public schools.

07/06/11 6:57 pm

Not many people will say they were sorry they obtained a bachelors, masters or doctorate.

07/06/11 6:54 pm

In the long run, it usually is a good investment. you need to choose your major and school wisely.