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Show Of Hands July 2nd, 2011 12:00am

I just posted a new blog entry showing the past 13 months of Prez approval rating, according to y'all. Read at your leisure, and have a great 4th of July weekend, everyone!

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07/10/11 6:23 pm

Beans because this isn't cool haha

07/06/11 12:48 pm

@Tony... The kids are uniting behind beans cuz their all on em now a days lol vin vin vin

07/05/11 10:24 pm

Beans all the way...... But I'm not much of a fab unless their my moms or "bushes grillin beans" oh I love the dog in that commercial hahahaha

07/05/11 1:59 am

The second answer in questions like this always loses :(. Thanks for the blog!

07/05/11 1:56 am

@NoMoBo lol, you're quite welcome. Apologize to the kids for me though. :)

sltydgx Missouri
07/05/11 1:10 am

Could someone explain what they find approvable , about the way the Obama administration is running our country ?

JustABlur banana belt
07/04/11 12:06 pm

SoH is my wife's new source of car conversation questions to torture the kids. thanks T!

katbunny Alabama
07/04/11 11:58 am

Had to choose "cool" in case "beans" was the choice associated with the negative side effect of eating beans! Haha. Love SoH!!! U rock!

Dithrick Colorado
07/04/11 10:40 am

I'm not even sure if this is a real question...

Jut347 Georgia
07/04/11 2:08 am

I bet people said cool just cause it was the first choice... Me too :)

07/04/11 12:49 am

I used to say cool beans all the time, lol.

07/03/11 8:59 pm

@hick hater ---- I'm under 21 and probably know more about politics than 95% of Americans and you. True most teens under 21 are clueless about anything political, and they are all arrogant that they know everything. But I bet I know more than you about current and past issues.

07/03/11 8:38 pm

It would be interesting to see right v left on Obama disapproval.

Dyl Virginia
07/03/11 6:50 pm

I don't like beans. sometimes spell check gets annoying.

07/03/11 1:12 pm

Hick hater.. U approving of Obama tells me you don't know jack sh*t.. Economy jack a** ?!

07/03/11 11:48 am

beans be cooler than cool :)

07/03/11 11:48 am

beans be cooler than cool :)

IUnknown Abyss
07/03/11 10:46 am

@veritas- there are other political alignments in SoH that are not being presented for filtering. The difference between Reps and Dems is seriously negligible and all other party alignments account for 120% of Reps and Dems combined. (ex: R + D = 100, Other = 120). The results are balanced and fair.

07/03/11 10:46 am

Yeah, agreed, the under 21 vote is lowest of all the age groups. Which actually is comforting, because they don't know jack sh**!!!!!!!

07/03/11 10:31 am

lol I just noticed the age filter results on this one. Are the youth of America uniting behind beans?

07/03/11 10:29 am

@veritas :) actually I put that out there quite a while ago. not sure if those stats are still spot on, but I think they're close

07/03/11 10:28 am

@bushwhack Not trying to stack the deck at all. My goal is to have an SoH poll audience that represents an accurate slice of the ideological political spectrum as closely as possible. Right now, according to that one poll at least, we are a couple ticks off

veritas1 Panda
07/03/11 10:06 am

@bushwhack. He said that because there are significantly more republicans than dems in SoH than in reality. This is skewing the poll results and, therefore, making them less accurate

07/03/11 9:18 am

We *LOVE* the personal messages polls and their creative choices. Beans? Cool! we want more!!

07/03/11 9:07 am

"If you see a car with an Obama bumper sticker, be sure to tell them about SoH"?? Stacking the results eh? That like saying here's a poll, but you can only choose this one. Polling is polling. SoH doesn't need to mimic/copycat anyone else... or forge poll results ... What happens happens

veritas1 Panda
07/03/11 12:15 am

@ Tony. I somehow ended up at the SoH page on the app store and saw all the stats I wanted in the description. Don't know if u changed it but either way THANKS!!! (u changed it just for me didn't u? :) )

07/02/11 11:51 pm

Beans beat cool. Sorry :/

07/02/11 11:47 pm

Thank you! Nothing will bring me a bigger smile than Obamas falling approval rating!:)

07/02/11 10:47 pm

I was just thinking that I wished there was a way to this particular pole over thaw last few months

Wert A picture of my junk
07/02/11 10:27 pm

@Tony - very nice app and well managed. I like that you stay involved. Well done. (clicking on an ad for gratuity)

veritas1 Panda
07/02/11 9:37 pm

@Tony. Agreed... Although I won't burn out in the foreseeable future... For now I'll just keep clicking(well I guess tapping) on the ads. Keep the questions coming!

07/02/11 9:13 pm

@Veritas good ideas. we will eventually have more questions per day, but for now I'm keeping it capped at under 5. Partly because I don't want everyone to burn out, and partly because it's not easy coming up with so many quality questions :)

07/02/11 8:34 pm

I wish there were a bunch of polls a day. I love this app and hate that it took me a year to find it!

07/02/11 8:20 pm

Ccg, quite to the contrary there are more than 100 more republicans than Dems on this app

07/02/11 7:57 pm

Couldn't have said it better Colton

07/02/11 7:35 pm

I would buy the t- shirt, bumper sticker, coffee cup, and whatever else you can think of... I am a SoH Addict!!!!

veritas1 Panda
07/02/11 7:33 pm

@Tony. Another suggestion: have one area with 5-10 polls a day(for us SoH addicts) and another with the 1-2 best/most popular polls for those who only check once in a while.... just a suggestion...

07/02/11 7:29 pm

There are a lot of democrats on SoH. The AP polling and the SoH are about 10% different in results (SoH being more in favor of the "Chosen One").