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yesmaam socal
01/01/12 12:21 pm

I will eventually. I think I've been to 12

Junge California
01/01/12 2:16 am

Obama has been to more than double that!!!

12/31/11 8:03 am

Yeah we're all lazy bums.

12/29/11 6:10 pm

35 states. My dad was a airline pilot 'nough said ;)

12/28/11 11:22 pm

The people who live in those blue states must be bored. Why are they bored? They have cornfields, mountains, and Tim Tebow!

12/27/11 11:36 pm

I've gone cross country to the Atlantic (even got some Atlantic ocean bottled) twice with two separate routes. Feet were on the ground in every state. (im from Cali)

12/27/11 9:32 pm

Connecticut is where it's at!

12/27/11 1:00 am

in LA, everyone looks down at the people they just shot and the asphalt their face is smooshed against after being tackled by cops.

12/27/11 12:58 am

26 states in 12 years oooo yea

12/27/11 12:57 am

CA NV FL GA TN KY MD CT NY NJ PA WV VA IN IL MO NC OH = 18 (feet on the ground) states.

mstar1 Saint Cloud
12/26/11 8:53 am

All 50 states as well as all the provinces of Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, cost rica, Columbia, Jamaica, Ireland, England, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Finland, Germany, China, Poland and Austria. Between pleasure traveling, a touring band and my old job I got to travel a lot

thebabb Connecticut
12/25/11 9:46 am


Ace21 Fillmore, San Francisco
12/25/11 7:49 am

Visiting all 50 is on my bucket list but I'm at 29 so far.

12/25/11 2:43 am

46, missing New Hampshire and Connecticut of the contiguous. Of the 46 only New Jersey was unpleasant because I was stuck around Elizabeth (work trip). Been to Cali 5 times and that's enough. Does everyone there look down on the rest of the country?

vactkev CT
12/25/11 12:48 am

DC and PR don't count everyone

vactkev CT
12/25/11 12:45 am

I'm only 23 and have been to 18 but want to get to at least 40 some states don't interest me but all 50 would be a cool thing to say

rugby90 Colorado
12/25/11 12:25 am

38 States (21 family related trips to a states).

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/24/11 7:42 pm

We went to Gettysburg also. Hallowed ground. Just south of me is where Sr Francis Drake wintered in 1580 could be a year off.
My daughter lived in Leadville CO. We spent some time there too.

12/24/11 4:31 pm

Jgreene, AR's 1 of the 15 I haven't been to yet but I have a dear friend from there so I think of it fondly and look forward to going.
Some states I've only been in briefly, but my rule is: If I'd have dropped dead, they'd have put it on my Death Certificate as where I died, so hey, I'm counting it!

12/24/11 3:18 pm

23 here also.... Seems to be the magic number.

12/24/11 3:07 pm

Have not been to the Carolinas or PR, but done the rest (including Guam)

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
12/24/11 2:14 pm

If you count PR and DC, I have.

If you haven't been to AR, I recommend giving it a shot. Don't expect amazing night life or extravagant shopping, but do expect good food and plenty of relaxing and beautiful nature. :)

12/24/11 10:56 am

yes! I've been to Gettysburg many times. my uncle does civil war re enactments.

12/24/11 9:53 am

JamesJelly, when we were in Maryland at my oldest Stepson's, we took a day to go up to Gettysburg - incredible - you have so much history in your lovely state, I'm envious. At the Visitor's Center there, a young man was Tebowing next to the statue of Abraham Lincoln; made me feel right at home, lol.

12/24/11 8:18 am

I like that so many people have been to PA!!

12/24/11 7:00 am

Good on you Pancake! What a feat!
My husband and I came up with 35. It was fun to figure out & write down, then I'm just OCD enough that I had to alphabetize it. I'll copy it over.

12/24/11 6:59 am

So ... Fl ga al ms la tx nm az nv ca or wa id mt wy sd ia mn wi il in oh ny pa md de va nc sc and ak 29 can't wait for the middle I love to road trip

12/24/11 6:51 am

1-90 to I95 to I-10 to I-5 and Alaska and Nevada

moosey Texas
12/24/11 6:32 am

50?? I only know of 3 states. Haha. Sorry. Nerd joke.

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Maryland, and Washington DC(not a state, I know...I'm still counting it)


12/24/11 4:27 am

28 or 29. We're a military family and have been stationed on both coasts as well as the Gulf.

12/24/11 3:57 am

I understand the demographic difference bet ween under 50k and 100k.

12/24/11 3:55 am

Nope. But ive been to 32 countries, but only 15 states.