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Do you have a pet that sleeps in your bedroom every night?

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04/08/12 3:49 pm

The tarantula I got my husband for Easter. Because we can close the door; I don't want the cats letting it loose.

Gelidity Pennsylvania
04/05/12 9:42 am

Ball python. He's in a tank though.

04/04/12 4:52 pm

I had a dog that cuddled with me every night but she died from a disease..:(

03/28/12 4:45 pm

Two kitties on my bed <3

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
03/28/12 7:13 am

The dog was my wife's idea. I did not want a pet.
Now, I can not imagine our family without our Dog. He is a part of the family.

03/27/12 8:27 pm

-> with another living being. The unconditional Love one receives from a faithful pet is an incredible experience.
And FYI: when doing pathology rotation, I went to the home of an elderly lady, deceased for over a week; with her emaciated, faithful cat literally "guarding" her untouched remains.

03/27/12 8:22 pm

Reading other comments.
1. Nice to know I'm not the only "servant" with a furry Master/Mistress! ;)
2. Jacques-wow. I'm sorry that you've either had a very painful experience with animals; or you're just missing out on one of the most rewarding, wonderful experiences we humans can ever share->

deosil WA
03/27/12 8:18 pm

Allowing ur pet to sleep in ur bed is no worse than sharing a bed with another person. I love it when my dogs sleep with me.

03/27/12 8:12 pm

-> to the new place though. With a farm FULL of critters just on the other side of floor to ceiling windows of the "sun porch"; I'm thinking maybe I should bone up on my cat CPR?! She's NEVER SEEN another animal-except for the bats that she plays with here-and an occasional visit from my Son! ;)

03/27/12 8:07 pm

-> find myself nose to nose with her staring into MY eyes!! Talk about "disconcerting"-well, it USED to be, I'm used to it now), OR, she'll get up & start clawing at the covers-usually awakening ME when her tiger claws dig into an arm or my side!! ;). It WILL be interesting when we finally move->

03/27/12 8:03 pm

Kinda late posting this-didn't have access at my new home yet. Anyways, my Sita has her own pillow-right next to mine, and we "share" covers at night. Lol, believe me, if I "hog" the covers, she let's me know it by waking me up either "slapping" my face wither paw, (and I open my eyes only to->

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/27/12 4:41 am

Our dog sleeps next to our kid's crib. We really like that she's taken such a liking to her. If anything is going on in that bedroom that shouldn't be she'll let us know. Just like she lets us know when leaves cross our front porch or when the mailman arrives.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/27/12 1:19 am

Bad badger that was tooo good. Smooth pet offer. I thought badgers were trouble.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
03/26/12 10:56 pm

Im my ladies pet. Does that count?

03/26/12 10:01 pm

I has a turtle! so yeah his cage is in my room l. Therefore he sleeps there. :)

valeriejo ramble on
03/26/12 9:51 pm

My kitty curls himself around my head on my pillow all night everynight. He's the bestest cat in the worl 

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
03/26/12 9:12 pm

I had a dog when I was a kid. We had tons o'cats too. Cows & horses in the back... None of them came in the house. My dog lived outside and ate table scraps. I don't know that we ever bought him food. That's about as far as a human-pet relationship should go... unless you just don't know any people.

BadBadger Georgia
03/26/12 8:13 pm

If you pet me, I'll sleep in your bedroom every night.

03/26/12 7:43 pm

I like it how this hasn't become a political discussion yet

03/26/12 7:41 pm

My cat. He adores me

sarahg1995 Frankfort, IN
03/26/12 7:31 pm

my cat sleeps with me every night and when it storms or something scares her she sleeps as close to me as possible. Usually on my side or tummy(: she's done this since the day I adopted her

donna0987 Indiana
03/26/12 6:20 pm

Yep, till my husband comes to bed. Then my dog moves to the floor.

mouthwash West Virginia
03/26/12 4:43 pm

My puppy. He's more like my kid though. :)

deosil WA
03/26/12 2:53 pm

@gardianlh I'm very sorry. I know how difficult it can be. I have urns of 3 fur babies and it's just as hard every time. I will keep you in my thoughts:)

gardianlh Oregon
03/26/12 12:06 pm

I had one. My baby, Tiger did almost every single night. He passed away on March 20th 2012. I finally brought his ashes home.

03/26/12 11:48 am

Sure do. It's my spouse.

hexin Wisconsin
03/26/12 11:27 am

Dog sleeps on my bed for an hour or so, then he leaves. Wish he would stay longer, but maybe I kick in my sleep, I dunno. Cat sleeps on my bed when he feels like it.

03/26/12 10:29 am

Sleeps with dogs. Only after they have had baths, cause otherwise they smell like the barnyard. I have slept in the barn before, with the cows & horses, after I got back from SW Asia.

erika348 Texas
03/26/12 9:52 am

My 106 lb. lab sleeps in my bed.....and he knows exactly who the alpha is in our house. I spend a lot of time with my dog, training him and exercise. we teach pet safety to children and not a single issue due to sleeping with us (other then being a bed hog).

redheeler Texas
03/26/12 9:36 am

I have two Australian Cattle Dogs and they sleep outside in their dog houses. That is where they belong. It sends them the wrong message when you as alpha stoop to their level.

03/26/12 9:07 am

outside the door desperately trying to get in.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/26/12 7:54 am

My border collie has his bed next to mine. My grandcat sleeps on my bed when my daughter works, 7: pm to 7: am.

lou1 Washington
03/26/12 7:20 am

Sopherton1, I wouldn't call that dumb... LOL!
My dog sleeps on her bed- at the foot of mine, once hubby gets up, she takes his spot. Spoiled rotten, but worth it!

03/26/12 7:20 am

& sometimes my cairn terrier will come sleep on my bed.

03/26/12 7:16 am

if my hamster & 2 rats that are in cages in my room count, then yes.

03/26/12 6:36 am

I have a hamster and technically she does sleep in my room soooo ya... I also have hermit crabs and fish.

Hinfinity Oregon
03/26/12 6:19 am

correction: my lizard is *in* my bedroom every night. but he is nocturnal and rarely sleeps anyway. he just sits around.

Hinfinity Oregon
03/26/12 6:17 am

I have a leopard gecko. he stays in his cricket-filled, heated playhouse though. no other pets inside except fish—too allergic and asthmatic!

03/26/12 5:57 am

We have a mini schnauzer but she sleeps in her crate at night.

snafu Washington
03/26/12 12:51 am

Both my dogs (mini poodle and Aussie) sleep on our bed. The poodle is allowed under the covers if she wants but the Aussie stays by the feet and not for long, she prefers her own bed next to my side of the bed.
My dogs are clean and have no fleas. They're an alarm system too if something happened.

03/26/12 12:47 am

Just have to tell this joke slightly OT:
A mother teaches her daughter the ropes:
- never share a bed with a man before you are married
- never marry a man who snores
So how am I going to find out?