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Show Of Hands June 11th, 2012 12:00am

Should we add Libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson to the Election 2012 Showdown?

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06/17/12 4:49 am

What would be the point?

06/16/12 2:53 pm

I'll be voting for him!

06/15/12 8:11 am

The majority of people who voted no on this hate freedom. And they probably suck at life. Don't listen to them SoH.

06/14/12 11:51 pm

Coming to YOU soon...

Gary Johnson 2012


Don't waste your vote. He's not running, he's winning.

06/14/12 11:49 pm

GARY JOHNSON for President and Commander and Chief of the Unites States of America.

06/14/12 11:48 pm

GARY JOHNSON 2012 for President of the United States of America.

06/14/12 11:47 pm

GARY JOHNSON 2012 for President.

06/14/12 12:04 pm

For some reason, I thought it might be fun to switch the first letters of his name around, but it made me sad...

Jerry gone, son.

What WOULD Jerry do? Probably not vote. lol
But if someone dragged him into the polling booth, I bet he'd vote for liberty.

alekat93 Tennessee
06/14/12 8:17 am

I just said yes cuz I don't see why not. let everyone on in. green party! lol

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/13/12 11:50 pm

Someone below me likes Gary Johnson, I think...

06/13/12 7:15 pm

Hmm, I wonder who theclan supports?

06/13/12 6:59 pm


06/13/12 6:54 pm

Libertarians all over the US have confirmed that they heard Mitt Romney say he is "gay for government." That is like saying they are both related..or the same gender. It's right, and both empowers the government :)

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/13/12 5:07 pm

LET HIM IN! Look at the filters and see that more democrats like him than republicans. That means even though less votes for Romney, theres even less votes for Obama. (let's face it, Gary won't win)

06/13/12 4:41 pm

Elgaz, very good, that's why I said the important issues!

An overwhelming majority of reps either don't care about social issues or prefer states rights (not fed) in deciding them. But thanks for the simplistic divisions

06/13/12 4:20 pm

Mrken- the "left-right" spectrum is not only a line, as you know. It's AT LEAST a two-axis scale. One measures economic policy $, the other measures social freedoms SF. dem=+gov$ & +govSF rep=-gov$ & +govSF lib= -gov$ & -govSF grn=+gov$ & -govSF Anar=
-gov$ & -govSF & -property

06/13/12 3:59 pm

So all u confused liberals who are pretending to be libertarians just because u tend to live ur lives from one trend to another, WELCOME to the freedom movement, but try not to be confused

06/13/12 3:59 pm

Let me make this clear....libertarians and Ron Paul are RIGHT of republicans on the important issues. I would love it if the reps adopted more libertarian principles at a faster pace, but independents tend to be more moderate and are important this election.

4smallgov Mississippi
06/13/12 3:47 pm

Zod Of course they're not the original parties. Parties always evolve. Thats why we don't have Whigs or Federalist parties anymore. Johnson tried to run as Republican, so he is more in tune with Republican ideals. He's not a true moderate. He may pull votes, but most will be from pulled from Romney.

06/13/12 3:24 pm

Zod, u are so delusional to believe that Gary and Barack are closer to ideology than Gary and Romney.
Go ahead and convince yourself Romney isn't for small gov, and state rights. Go ahead and pretend the order of lesser evils are as follows

Gary < Barack < Mitt
It's WRONG, but go ahead

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/13/12 2:52 pm

mrken if there wasn't a superior candidate to vote FOR regardless of affiliation, I'd be forced to vote for the lesser if the evils or against the greater one. Romney isn't getting that vote either way. Johnson on the ballot means Obama doesn't get my vote either just for being the least worst.

06/13/12 2:11 pm

Put them all on showdown for the love of God!

06/13/12 2:10 pm

Fresh, who are u the gestapo! Stop pretending to know anything about what reps believe or want. I'm rep, I like Paul, but I'm voting for Romney!!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/13/12 2:09 pm

If there is a candidate running on a third party ticket, then he should be in the showdown whether we agree or not. I wouldn't personally vote for him, but if he's running, and people will vote for him, then who am I to say "no"?

06/13/12 2:05 pm

Liberals and anti-Mitt people have one thing in common...they're both working hard to keep barack in office

06/13/12 5:34 am

Why isn't tony listening to us?? Send him an email

06/13/12 5:28 am

Onwarswego. Obv they don't like paul.

The thing is repubs are socially conservative (anti constitution), want war, want unnecessary defense spending, want drugs to be illegal

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/12/12 10:30 pm

4smallgov we aren't limited to two parties, or any parties for that matter. The two major parties that exist today are not the original parties, and their positions have essentially reversed over the last 100 years. A solid, believable moderate like Gary Johnson will pull (many) votes from both.

06/12/12 9:42 pm

@marathon I'm actually very far left but would vote for an honest, principled candidate who actually cares about freedom than one of the two imperialist, greedy corporate stooge parties, aka "republicrats." I don't agree with his economics, but I do agree with his social & anti-imperialist stances.

06/12/12 9:14 pm

I want to know how the Republicans would feel about Gary Johnson as the Repub. nominee instead of Romney (or Paul)... Any thoughts?

06/12/12 9:06 pm

Gary Johnson has my interest. I doubt I'd vote for him in this election, but I'd like to see him move into national politics, maybe run again as a Republican in 2016, or run for Congress. He's on the ballot, and he should be in the Showdown. I want more people to read about him.

4smallgov Mississippi
06/12/12 8:45 pm

Preach on Josh310! Sensible! 3RD PARTY BREAK OFF NEVER WORKS!

4smallgov Mississippi
06/12/12 8:44 pm

Zod, you're third party rationale doesn't make sense. A third party candidate never wins. Look at 3rd party history. It has NEVER worked. Take Ross Perot for example. I understand you don't like Romney. Maybe a lot of Republicans don't. BUT 3RD PARTY NEVER WORKS! IT RUINS THE PARTY THEY BREAK FROM!

06/12/12 8:36 pm

I think every party should be represented if they get their candidate on the ballot in most states. There is anti-3rd party gridlock in many states. They should be on this poll and they should be in the debates. Greens, libertarians, socialists, independents, constitutionalists, all of them!

06/12/12 8:18 pm

If he is on the ballot, include him.

Bekka Just relaxing...
06/12/12 8:00 pm

He should be on it if we want honest poll results. I don't understand why so many people said no.

06/12/12 7:35 pm

If his name will be on the ballot, yes. If he is a write in, no.

06/12/12 7:19 pm

@josh, what would you suggest people who are for small govt do? Vote for Romney if he is the nominee? Uh, no thanks. I'll write in Ron Paul if that's the case

06/12/12 7:06 pm

We already have two socialist candidates.

06/12/12 6:53 pm

can you also put the socialist candidate Stewart Alexander on.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/12/12 6:49 pm

RPG fair enough, I'm willing to wait to see if the Republicans do the right thing in Tampa before I declare the current "front runner" their nominee. I do think Johnson has a better chance as a third party candidate on every state's ballot than Paul does as a write-in.

06/12/12 6:17 pm

@Zod I can pretty much guarantee he won't. At the moment a third party presidential candidate has almost no chance of winning.
Also he isn't running against Romney. The Republicans have not chosen a nominee yet and will not until the convention in August.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/12/12 5:47 pm

Gary Johnson is not some did nothing do nothing nutjob with too much time and cash on his hands like Ross Perot. He's a very successful two term Republican Governor and moderate who is now running for President against a much less well regarded former one term Republican Governor. I hope he wins.