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demandside December 19th, 2015 4:15am

A recent poll showed 30% of republicans favor bombing "Agrabah", the fictional city from Aladdin. Would you be in favor of bombing "Agrabah"?

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knetzere Illinois
12/19/15 12:00 pm

They did have a history of oppressive leadership and an evil genie

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
12/18/15 11:35 pm

Carpet bomb it...the lost WMD's might be there.

demandside New Keynesian
12/18/15 10:02 pm

19% of democrats supported bombing the fictional city, along with 41% of Donald trump supporters. I'd really like to know the reasoning of the "yes" voters

chinito Florida
12/19/15 6:47 am

To kill Jafar and his annoying bird.

12/18/15 9:58 pm

Haha, yeah we should also bomb heaven. I've heard Osama bin laden is hiding there.... Seriously though, that shows how many idiots we have in our country, and why we need two years for election when everywhere else a few months will do.