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elemental21 December 18th, 2015 4:28pm

Do you generally trust peer reviewed science findings? If not comment on what source(s) you do trust for such issues.

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Jimmo Texas
12/18/15 9:54 am

It all depends on who funds the science.

12/18/15 10:05 am

So in the cases that you don't trust the findings due to who is funding. Do you believe the research and peer reviews are both "bought" or just the research was and their peers just go along with it? Serious question in case that's not clear.

Jimmo Texas
12/18/15 11:52 pm

I think there are fields that are entirely funded by grant money that are corrupt. The money dries up if the findings are not confirmed in a certain way and so both peer review and the science being reviewed can be skewed in order to keep the money flowing.