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googer11 December 18th, 2015 4:28pm

In January we are flying for the first time with our dog in the cabin. I'm nervous. Has anyone else done this? Any recommendations? Use doggy downers? I'll be thankful for any advice.

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12/18/15 4:01 pm

I've flown with my cat, but never a dog. If the dog is nervous you should go to the vet and get some pills.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
12/18/15 4:00 pm

I haven't, but I know my folks flew with poodles before I was born & they did tranquilize!

17millionTwats Leeds, UK
12/18/15 3:48 pm

As a cynophobe that would be my worst nightmare

clfs34 Florida
12/18/15 2:35 pm

What kind of dog do you have?

googer11 Minnesota
12/18/15 8:23 pm

Tiny 8 lbs. there's a size restriction.

mfjd1948 rural johnson co iowa
12/18/15 2:01 pm

Leave them at home if at all possible with someone you trust. If not I hope it's a small dog.

chickencookie Jihad Joe
12/18/15 1:21 pm

Check with airline for rules. Speak to your vet if there is anything he can give her. What if the dog barks the whole time? What if someone has allergies? What if dog gets sick? You have to consider these things.

googer11 Minnesota
12/18/15 1:25 pm

Thanks. I have done most of that. Pepper doesn't bark. I wouldn't want to be jerk to fellow passengers though.

EarlyBird Portland
12/18/15 11:41 am

I've flown with my cat once. The vet gave me a relaxer to give her for the flight. No problems.

MyOpinionRules Orange County California
12/18/15 10:11 am

Don't be a douchebag and bring your animal in the cabin - or anywhere else for that matter. Keep your pets at home where they belong.

missmorganmarie ...
12/18/15 11:13 am

wow. harsh . most pets are fine in the cabin. I'm going to share your poll so hopefully others can weigh in!

Kimbobee the middle of nowhere
12/18/15 1:08 pm

I actually agree. Some people (including myself) are very allergic to dogs and other animals. Being stuck in an airplane next to one is not my idea of a good time.

googer11 Minnesota
12/18/15 1:20 pm

That occured to me. I had only heard of cat allergies, not dog. I was going to google it.

googer11 Minnesota
12/18/15 1:22 pm

Shoot. Now I'm more worried.

missmorganmarie ...
12/18/15 7:46 pm

you should be fine. many people do it everyday with no issues