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Have you ever competed in a science fair? (UserQ)

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vereiste Washington
06/23/12 3:04 am

Competed and often won. There isn't enough time or money spent on science-related education anymore.

06/22/12 8:36 pm

Remember the one Obama told us about lobbyists not being allowed in the White House. Yeh, that was a good one too. We even believed it & elected him.

06/22/12 8:28 pm

In 2008 he said there will be no blue states, no red states only the United States, that he would be the great uniter. He has to be the most divisive President in modern history.

06/22/12 8:26 pm

We all remember the soaring rhetoric of Barack Obama in 2008..."I will have the most transparent administration in history." Look now at stopping the F&F investigation & the e mails revealed about back room deals to get Obamacare passed.

06/16/12 7:50 pm

Lol Jello Kyari xD

4th but not the others- you would at least learn what to do to win 6th grades? ;D

06/16/12 7:47 pm

If I did now, it would be sophisticated and uplifting. I would be a happy genius that intrigues the world of modern day science. It would be...BRILLIANT.. ;)

Yes I have done a few in my life time.

06/16/12 6:45 pm

Never competed, but judged at both of my daughters fairs. No, I did not judge my daughters entries.

infinity1 Cincinnati, OH
06/16/12 6:44 pm

I won 1st in regional science fair in 2nd grade

06/16/12 1:38 pm

Nope! But oh boy would I like to!!!

AMCG a Hoosier in E TN
06/16/12 1:06 pm

I'm the dumbass in the relationship, the hubs is the scientist. He made/makes up for my slack lol.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/16/12 12:38 pm

The teachers loved the home made engineering projects.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/16/12 12:36 pm

A lot of my childhood science experiments were for private use. We made great guns, shocking machines, explosives and stink bombs etc. They were very powerful and would get us in serious trouble if we did that today. We never damaged property, just old fashioned mischief. Always solving problems

06/16/12 11:40 am

Rube Goldberg. Team came in first place.

JelloKyari SoCal
06/16/12 10:37 am

We had to do it for 4th, 5th, & 6th grade. I won 1st in 4th!

lilipad Tennessee
06/16/12 10:27 am

Yep and I won all three years that I did it.

06/16/12 1:06 am

@Annie at least you did one so be proud of that.

AnnieM The Island
06/16/12 12:26 am

I know in at least one year of elementary school, but it might have been two, it was mandatory. I remember 4th grade distinctly because it was immediately obvious that most of my peers had parental help with their project boards and I had none. I had big dreams for mine & it came out pitiful.

06/15/12 11:55 pm

@iBryan lol no. He meant, "i entered my chicken (cock) once".

johnieboy an unmarked explorer
06/15/12 11:22 pm

Once when i was like in 4th grade i think. Got second place in it!

widdy76 always here
06/15/12 11:04 pm

Did as a kid, but I was horrible. But my son won 2nd place last year on an ant study. He is very into science. I look forward to seeing what he grows up to be!

BryanK OK
06/15/12 10:57 pm

@BigUgly You entered your cock ?? O.o

06/15/12 10:33 pm

Yep. "The cause of anti bubbles"

MarsBars10 Colorado
06/15/12 9:46 pm

Yes I did a science fair last year and I'm going to again next year (only cause I'm forced to) ( I'm in seventh grade) :)

yesmaam socal
06/15/12 9:41 pm

Only in 5th grade but it wasn't competitive

06/15/12 9:38 pm

We were able to do this with the help of my partner's father who is an aerospace engineer and former employee of NASA.

06/15/12 9:37 pm

Five times. My fourth and fifth time I had a partner. Both of these projects was to launch a rocket above the thermosphere. Our first attempt only reached the mesosphere. Our second try was a success. The second rocket was 15,2 meters high!

06/15/12 8:41 pm

Once, in third grade. I made my mom do most of it though.

06/15/12 8:41 pm

only when I was in grade school, had no choice was for a grade

lawstudent Western NC foothills
06/15/12 7:49 pm

Yep!! Won 1st place too. :) 6th grade, I think. Won 4th place in 2nd grade. I'm still proud. :) :)

06/15/12 7:09 pm

I placed in the Tidewater Science Fair in middle school and received a scholarship for college.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
06/15/12 6:49 pm

I prefer ballistics science. And my brother and I cooked up our own makeshift napalm. Does that count?

applestar Florida
06/15/12 6:36 pm

Wow, they are required every year in the district I teach in. I am shocked so many people have not had the opportunity.

Nerdz Texas
06/15/12 6:23 pm

Every single year since 3rd grade :(

Quinnipiac Here
06/15/12 5:59 pm

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06/15/12 5:48 pm

3rd grade & 6th grade. I never win:)

06/15/12 5:38 pm

I conducted a very scientific experiment to see what chocolate bar would melt the fastest by sticking them in the oven. I got a participation ribbon.

lmurder MDK
06/15/12 2:18 pm

Mid west is lagging as usual...hahaha

06/15/12 1:57 pm

I did back in elementary, HATED IT!

BigUgly Texas
06/15/12 1:36 pm

wedaslaves, lol. I was talking about a pheasant I shot and stuffed. I strapped a rocket to its ass and sent it flying as an example of reanimation.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/15/12 1:29 pm

Ugly, what do chickens have to do with school science projects? They don't want anything that can carry disease these days.

06/15/12 1:24 pm

Yep. My school forced everyone to in 5th grade

06/15/12 1:20 pm

My school makes you for honor's credit.

BigUgly Texas
06/15/12 1:08 pm

I entered my cock once. I won grand champion 4th through 6th grade.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/15/12 12:53 pm

I said no because I think I did back in the 5th grade or so, but have no specific memory. I'm sure if I did my project didn't fly, spew fire, or explode, so I wouldn't have deserved to win anyway.