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AdrenalineJ December 18th, 2015 12:09pm

In the upcoming general election, which of the following debates will have more historical value?

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12/18/15 12:04 pm

I would pay to see a Sanders/Trump debate.

bigW7 USA
12/18/15 6:19 am

Neither of these pairs are gonna debate in the general. Unless Sanders runs as a third party.

AdrenalineJ New York
12/18/15 6:22 am

Is it impossible? Not yet...

bigW7 USA
12/18/15 6:34 am

We are only waiting for the fat lady to sing. Sanders and Bush aren't sniffing their party's nomination.

The only way Bush or Sanders are players are if (1) they run as third parties (maybe Sanders, definitely not Jeb); or (2) one is on a VP ticket. Hillary would be crazy to put Bernie as VP (whose votes are you winning by making that move?).