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TopsQueen December 18th, 2015 1:34am

It's that time a year I can get one of my favorite foods, peppermint candy ice cream. Is there a seasonal or holiday food that you look forward to all? Now we can get that ice cream in Roseburg all year. At Christmas it becomes a hot fudge sundae

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ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
12/20/15 9:27 am

Eggnog. Used to be some ice cream, I forgot which company. Friendly's I think, used to make a vanilla ice cream and if you cut it like square instead of scoops, there was peppermint ice cream in the shape of a tree. Last time my sister checked, she couldn't find it anywhere

12/19/15 7:43 pm

I love Blue Bell peppermint ice cream, too. In the fall, I look forward to pumpkin bread. I have the best recipe that is oh so moist. At Christmas time, I miss my late grandmother's Cajun custard pie. Her recipe doesn't have exact measurements, so it's hard to duplicate.

mac Oregon
12/19/15 7:18 am

I like all food 😊

missmorganmarie ...
12/18/15 1:07 pm

eggnog lattes at starbucks

missmorganmarie ...
12/18/15 7:54 pm

they are SO GOOD!!!

Ebola1 Florida
12/19/15 5:44 am


Blaessa Random locations
12/18/15 11:49 am

Peppermint hot cocoa

googer11 Minnesota
12/18/15 9:19 am

Egg nog, peppermint candy almond bark,
Reindeer coffee from Caribou Coffees.

meb1 somewhere in MN
12/18/15 6:25 am

Mince pie, cinnamon ice cream.

12/18/15 6:10 am

Egg nog, egg nog, EGG NOG!!!

12/18/15 5:14 am

peppermint candy ice cream

kspells TheOtherOtherside
12/18/15 1:03 am

It's a little late but Mallow cups for Halloween

leilu SoCal
12/18/15 12:13 am

Eggnog and hot apple cider.

teachinla California
12/17/15 10:12 pm

Every Christmas I buy peppermint bark from Williams-Sonoma.

12/19/15 7:44 pm

My mom does this. My husband loves it so much she started buying him his own tin of it.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
12/17/15 9:52 pm

Is eggnog dense enough to count as food 😏

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/17/15 10:23 pm

This time a year I put eggnog in my frosting when I can make cinnamon rolls

connor102 Washington State
12/17/15 9:34 pm

McRib! Sadly it hasn't been at McDonalds' in the northwest the past few years. I've considered taking a cross country road trip for one though!

Rosebud Ohio
12/17/15 9:00 pm

Same as you. I love peppermint ice cream. Also peppermint cookies and coffee.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/17/15 10:25 pm

I make my own hot fudge sauce I get a little bit of cream really hot and put in semi sweet chocolate chips. On peppermint candy ice cream outstanding

clfs34 Florida
12/18/15 1:53 pm

Same here

Maj Worth Economist
12/17/15 8:34 pm

Candy Cane Joe Joes.

Kimbobee the middle of nowhere
12/17/15 8:43 pm

My roommate gave me a box of those for Christmas!

imanag My heaven on Earth
12/17/15 8:53 pm

My boys polished off a box yesterday. It was frightening to watch the unholy Yuletide haste!

Maj Worth Economist
12/17/15 10:50 pm

They are so good. 😊♥️🎄

leilu SoCal
12/18/15 12:15 am

Yum! I've managed somehow to not buy a box so far this year.

12/18/15 6:13 am

I make these with the Candy Cane Joe Joes using white almond bark instead of the chocolate. Yum!

leilu SoCal
12/18/15 8:04 am

Yum! Tha ks, I pinned it ☺

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/18/15 8:32 am

Wicked, absolutely wicked! Those could be done gluten-free too with the right cookie.

imanag My heaven on Earth
12/18/15 8:43 am

I made those last year. They were divine!

Maj Worth Economist
12/18/15 8:57 am

I would like to note: they do have gluten-free candy cane joe joes. They are not good. They are the only thing we have ever taken back and gotten a refund on.

Iamamerican California
12/17/15 8:04 pm

Chocolate fudge. It just seems to taste better during the Christmas season.

12/17/15 7:51 pm

Pumpkin cheesecake

RedHale Texas
12/17/15 7:32 pm

I love the candy bark, with the chocolate covered in crushed peppermints, and sweet potato pie.

bartman71 USW
12/17/15 7:18 pm

Oktoberfest beer

bartman71 USW
12/17/15 7:17 pm

Pumpkin ice cream

imanag My heaven on Earth
12/17/15 6:51 pm

I look forward to my mom's fudge. I don't need the fudge, but it's amazing!

susanr Colorado
12/17/15 6:48 pm

I used to look forward to Starbucks' Cranberry Bliss Bars, but of course I haven't been eating them for a couple of years, with the weight-loss program, & especially not now on low carb. I did see a recipe for a low carb version, though, which I might break out for Christmas.

Not a holiday related thing, but your ice cream example (which sounds *fabulous* as a hot fudge sundae!) reminded me of Graeter's Peace Ice Cream, which they make *only* in the summer, and only with *fresh* peaches. I don't think they ship it from Cincinnati to us in Colorado, but that's probably just as well, for me anyway.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/17/15 10:27 pm

I can make my own peach ice cream. Sounds good. I made ice cream yesterday with coconut milk and peppermint candy and a little real cream

12/17/15 6:45 pm

I'm with you. I love peppermint ice cream. Yum!