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JennaB December 17th, 2015 11:30pm

You're supreme leader of the US for one day. You can only make three policy changes, but these policies last 100 years. What policies do you implement?

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commonsense America isnt racist
12/22/15 12:48 pm

1. Taxes can never be raised.
2. Congress' salary raise/decrease
is now a general public vote, only.
3. All govt/public Unions are
forever banned.

commonsense America isnt racist
12/22/15 12:57 pm

Just anti-union when it comes to the govt.

12/18/15 7:08 pm

Mandatory voting
Publicly financed elections
All fines are calculated as a % of income

allswel Minnesota
12/18/15 2:54 pm

Campaign Spending Reform (Undo Citizens United)
Reset Congressional Districts
Eliminate the TSA. Everyone flies naked.

OK, I can compromise on the third one. But every time I get a genie wish, superpower or any other all powerful grant, at least one has to involve nudity. Just a personal rule.

shnibbydawhale Nihilist
12/18/15 7:21 am

No more federal government.
No more state governments.
No more local governments.

That's lasting more than 100 years btw.

slickspin Heart of Texas
12/17/15 8:47 pm

Term limits, 6 years for all. Period.
Civil service 25 years and done. Period.
All imagination stopped. Period.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
12/17/15 8:29 pm

Most of the ideas below are scary

jmw7477 Indiana
12/17/15 7:39 pm

Universal healthcare that's affordable and actually covers procedures, tests, exams, etc. without a huge deductible.

Holding bad parents more accountable for their actions and those of their children. Giving parents education on how to be better parents.

Kicking a lot of capable adults off welfare and making it harder to get on it.

clfs34 Florida
12/18/15 12:47 pm

This ^ & term limits

12/17/15 7:24 pm

No more executive orders
Balanced budget
Term limits

12/17/15 6:56 pm

Annex everything south of the border all the way to Panama and north taking Canada, making this the United States of North America (USNA)

Socialized health care that covers all citizens of USNA

Eliminate lobbying and make it a felony for elected official to not follow a mandate of their constituents

jvc1133 61535
12/17/15 5:58 pm

Unlike some I'm not qualified to believe I can make changes to our constitution.

12/17/15 5:41 pm

Bring back civics classes to jr. high school

Measures to eliminate hunger

Declare war on cancer

Close our border on the South

DSL007 It has been a long day
12/17/15 5:34 pm

Single payer national healthcare
Minimum wage tied to be 3% higher than poverty level
Sensible reasonable gun laws with bans on assault rifles.

shnibbydawhale Nihilist
12/18/15 7:23 am

Why didn't you just ban empirical evidence and logic? That would have had the same effect and you still would have had 2 more policies to implement.

DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
12/17/15 5:31 pm

Mandatory workplace democracy and worker coops (no more CEOs)

Strict environmental regulations on manufacturers

Sharply decrease the military budget

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
12/17/15 5:06 pm

1: Execute all Lobbyists
2: Cap Income of all members of Congress to $100k.
3: Build a big fucking wall around Florida, and shoot anyone who tries to get out.

clfs34 Florida
12/18/15 12:44 pm

What if they are not native Floridan?

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
12/18/15 4:27 pm

We'll take it case by case.

But a good credit history and no addiction to Oxy's goes along way. 😂

jlong105 Indiana
12/17/15 5:05 pm

Term limits for congress

Balance budget amendment

Reinstate conscription with no exceptions. Every person serves in military or other official government capacity for a year.

12/17/15 5:11 pm

Make that two years. No exceptions. Period. And if a military branch is selected, the MINIMUM tour is four years. No exceptions. Period.

jlong105 Indiana
12/17/15 5:14 pm

I had two years but cut it back for some reason.

Xemanis Lawful Good
12/17/15 4:59 pm

No more Syrian refugees. Better border policy.. more aggressive military solutions for terrorists

rons WOKE is sick
12/17/15 4:50 pm

Nuke the middle east, steal the oil, outlaw global warming.

JennaB Mother
12/17/15 4:51 pm

Outlaw global warming?

rons WOKE is sick
12/17/15 4:52 pm

Sure! Getting tired of it.,

JennaB Mother
12/17/15 4:54 pm

How can you outlaw a natural phenomenon?

JennaB Mother
12/17/15 5:01 pm

So you plan on expanding renewable energy and cutting our pollution rate?

DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
12/17/15 5:26 pm

Jenna, it's not a natural phenomenon. I would love to outlaw all this crap that's happening because of human-caused climate change. Unfortunately, it can't be done like that.

PamGH Washington
12/17/15 4:38 pm

Balanced budget amendment
Overturn a case from way back in the thirties that allied the federal Gvnmt to reach into every state's business. Return power to the states except for those proved to Feds by constitution.
Make every president have on his cabinet a scientific advisor and another in mathematics/logic

JennaB Mother
12/17/15 4:41 pm

You can only choice three. I personally like the fourth one about a science and mathematics advisor.

jlong105 Indiana
12/17/15 6:23 pm

I only saw three. She was returning states power by overturning the amendment.

jlong105 Indiana
12/17/15 6:24 pm

Overturning the case not an amendment.

JennaB Mother
12/17/15 4:36 pm

Free public college, nationalize the Healthcare system, and bring an end to SuperPACS while also placing a political donation limit.

12/17/15 7:24 pm

How are you paying for all of that?

JennaB Mother
12/17/15 7:32 pm

Budget cuts, mostly in defense spending, increased taxes, ending the costly war on drugs and wars in the middle east.

12/17/15 9:48 pm

And your plan to defeat Isis with all those cuts?

JennaB Mother
12/18/15 4:46 am

Let Russia spend 10 years and trillions of dollars.

12/18/15 6:04 am

I might agree. But they don't have it. That's how Reagan finally caused the downfall of communism, getting them to spend against a perceived threat from us, which finally broke them literally.