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VotinGeorgian December 17th, 2015 9:06pm

Is violence an acceptable component in achieving social justice?

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evoecon nearest binary system
12/17/15 9:51 pm

Any administration of "Justice" requires forcing someone to be held accountable. To seek justice means to right a wrong; to right a wrong, you have to find the wrong doer; the wronged doer is the actor causing the injustice.

My experience has the current social justice crowd finding non-actors as the wrong doers. This current social justice group will force their will upon the innocent.

12/18/15 4:10 am

The current social justice warriors feel that whiteness is itself criminal, therefor no whites can possibly be innocent.

I like to call it socio-politically loaded racism...or Black Nazism.

Hardincz Hardin Co, Ohio
12/17/15 8:44 pm

Essentially what the Boston Tea Party was...

jvc1133 61535
12/17/15 6:50 pm

The civil war was a difference of opinion disguised as slavery.

12/17/15 2:07 pm

No because then you are a bully and beating people into submission.

12/17/15 2:09 pm

What about those who compare violent protest with the civil disobedience of the founding fathers, when they acted violently toward the crown?

12/17/15 2:12 pm

Totally playing Devils Advocate by the way.

12/17/15 2:37 pm

Id say we live in a different time and beating people into doing what you want sets a bad precedent.

12/17/15 3:38 pm

Sounds good. My counter argument would be that burning down your neighborhood and targeting cops for violence or death is not the same as fighting for sovereignty against an occupying military force.