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KatG Liberal in Ohio
12/18/15 4:42 pm

Absolutely not.

Tesla Florida
12/17/15 11:03 pm

Never have and never will.

krayzewolf New Hampshire
12/17/15 6:25 pm

No. All of my pets were family. I could never abandon any of them.

kjs Minnesota
12/17/15 3:57 pm

Would never abandon a pet. We take them in, so they have a loving home.

12/17/15 3:51 pm

No, I'm not a scumbag.

Think Lovin Life
12/17/15 2:57 pm

Amazing! The difference between Democrats and Republicans. I guess all that talk about caring for others doesn't extend to pets, huh, Democrats?

Rotavele Alabama
12/17/15 3:33 pm

Umm what poll results are you reading?

Think Lovin Life
12/17/15 3:34 pm

Rot ... the demographic breakdown on this poll.

Ebola1 Florida
12/17/15 8:24 pm

That's a pretty good distillation of the difference.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
12/18/15 3:30 am

Let's look at the stats. Percent no:

Democrats - 93%
Republicans - 98%
Independents - 92%
Libertarians - 94%

Overwhelmingly, ALL political groups have never abandoned a pet. Republicans are slightly better statistically, than the other three.

I'm not sure if the difference is statistically significant with this sample size.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
12/18/15 3:37 am

In other words, this is one of the sillier examples of turning a non-political poll into a political one.

Consider another problem with analyzing the stats. If you have never HAD a pet, you have never abandoned a pet. A different question might be: "WOULD you ever abandon a pet?"

chickencookie Jihad Joe
12/17/15 2:15 pm

We had neighbor's who got a lab and left it to live in the garage day and night. All it would do was bark in the garage. There were 3 kids in the house (elementary - middle school) and one parent worked nights and one worked days.

chickencookie Jihad Joe
12/17/15 2:17 pm

One day we never saw the dog again. If I had to guess maybe the dog just broke free because no one was giving it any attention.

12/17/15 2:57 pm

We had neighbors like that in San Antonio. They chained their dog up in the yard on a 6 foot lead 365 days a year. Never interacted with it. Didn't even give it any shade.

chickencookie Jihad Joe
12/17/15 6:48 pm

Yep. Everyone talked about them in the neighborhood. We all felt bad. The dog had no life. I would like to hope they gave it away but who knows.

Liberty 4,032,064
12/17/15 1:50 pm

We've had to put a couple down growing up, but we never just left them in their natural state.

12/17/15 1:05 pm

No and I can't stand irresponsible pet owners. If you are not able to care for a pet, don't get one. It's really that simple. Once you do acquire a pet, they're yours for the rest of their life.

bs75758 Michigan
12/17/15 12:59 pm

No way I could do something like that.

TreeHugs Oregon
12/17/15 12:51 pm

I was forced to leave several cats with relatives until I could get settled in a new job/town, but the cats definitely felt like I abandoned them. They were all strays I'd gotten fixed and started caring for while in college. One of the hardest days of my life!

I was able to get one of them back later but the others ran away even though I stayed with them there for several months before I moved 😩

goin2green Northeast Florida
12/17/15 12:48 pm

Not abandoned, but I did have a cat that never came home.

riggsy Myrtle Beach, S.C.
12/17/15 12:24 pm

There is a special place in hell for anyone who does that.

CudOfCow Oregon
12/17/15 12:08 pm

We accidentally left our guinea pig out in his cage on the porch during a blizzard. Ice cube. It was awful but...whoops...

12/17/15 12:24 pm


CudOfCow Oregon
12/17/15 12:34 pm

At that point, yep.

CudOfCow Oregon
12/17/15 1:22 pm

It was pretty awful. Poor little guy. His name was Rudy. Short for Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Which...makes it that much worse...

12/17/15 11:53 am

No but when I was a young kid (not old enough to remember it's name), my dog got really sick and we could not afford a vet we took him to our grandfather's house. He shot it and buried it with his other three past dogs whom got too old.

catpillow Florida West Coast
12/17/15 11:43 am

I could never abandon a pet.

Brandon1995 San Francisco
12/17/15 11:40 am

I had to give my cat back to the shelter because my new apartment doesn't accept pets. Does that count?

12/17/15 11:55 am

Was it a no kill shelter?

12/17/15 11:56 am

And why didn't you get an apt that accepted pets?

Brandon1995 San Francisco
12/17/15 12:42 pm

I was 17. It was the only apartment my mom could afford. San Francisco is an expensive city. And yes, it was a no kill shelter.

12/17/15 12:43 pm

I don't think it's the same if it's a no kill shelter. At least you know he was eventually adopted again.

suppressedID keep Summer safe
12/17/15 11:37 am

Sure sign of a sociopath.

Rosebud Ohio
12/17/15 11:36 am

Never. I feel bad enough about the kitten we rescued last December becoming a barn kitty at my grandparents last month. And that's knowing he is fed, looked after, has shelter, clean water, and a bunch of playmates. Having had him as a housecat he also showed quite strongly that he'd be better suited outdoors.

Also, my Dad did that to my first cat. Without a doubt I can say he killed her by doing that. She was older and had been a housecat her whole life. He'd never admit it and doesn't know that I know. I'll never forgive him for it.

Rosebud Ohio
12/17/15 11:59 am

She was having accidents frequently. He didn't want that in his house. He told me she ran away (pure bs and I knew it the moment he told me, she was afraid of the outdoors). She'd have been incredibly difficult to rehome.

Cole12 ...
12/17/15 11:14 am

No. My grandfather did that to my father's favorite dog once, though.

Rosebud Ohio
12/17/15 11:37 am

My dad did it to my first cat. She was an absolute sweetheart and I'd had her her whole life. It's such an incredibly cruel thing to do.

EarlyBird Portland
12/17/15 11:05 am

I could never do that. 😢

leilu SoCal
12/17/15 11:25 am

Me either. My ex was a cop and woukd find animals tied to the guard rail on the highway. He would take such great care of each one until he had to take it to a shelter.

12/17/15 10:50 am

Someone casually mentioned to me that they took their cat and dropped it in a random street in a completely different part of the city, and from what I could tell they didn't appear to regret it or even realize the significance of what they did. They didn't even have much of a reason. They just didn't want to take care of it anymore.

FemmeAdamWest in the Tardis library
12/17/15 11:03 am

That's so sad 😢 Also makes me think they're a shitty person.

12/17/15 11:12 am

Completely agree.
This is the husband of a college friend, and he did this before they ever met. It actually makes me think differently of her, too, because even though it happened before they met, something like that would be an immediate deal breaker for getting into a serious relationship with someone. We actually adopted her cat from her after the two got married. She wasn't specific about why at the time, but knowing this definitely puts a different spin on why she asked us to take the cat.

political Georgia
12/17/15 12:35 pm

People drop pets off on my road all the time. It's so aggravating.

12/17/15 2:07 pm

What do you do with them?

political Georgia
12/17/15 2:53 pm

Call the pound in which we are charged for someone else's irresponsibility. One hound dog had puppies. My cousin took one puppy. We kept one dog. Others just roam around the farm because we can't catch them. We once had 20 stray cats. They magically disappeared when we got dogs.