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skinner December 17th, 2015 4:32pm

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Donald Trump "is the absolute leader in the presidential race. He is a very outstanding person, talented, without any doubt." Does Putin's praise make you more or less likely to support Trump?

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frosty4900 your moms bedroom
12/17/15 11:10 pm

I am tired of Putin up with shit

jennjenn318 Mean what you say
12/17/15 10:13 pm

Of course the only other super-power likes the jackass who doesn't know anything about the nuclear triad. He doesn't want someone smart in the office. He wants someone he can puff up and tell him he's pretty so trump will do what he wants him to do.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
12/17/15 7:00 pm

It doesn't hurt to have Putin's support and proves Trump can get along with leaders of other nations.

Rotavele Alabama
12/17/15 3:37 pm

Mussolini loved Tojo too.

johnnycub Bronx
12/17/15 2:10 pm

It's irrelevant to me.

GeneralDevin MN
12/17/15 12:47 pm

Putin is a great leader. I care about what he says.

Xemanis Lawful Good
12/17/15 12:46 pm

Exactly.. there's just so much anti-russia propaganda and fear mongering these days .. it's ridiculous. Trump is a smart guy.. he even wants to be friends with Russia.

Maj Worth Economist
12/17/15 10:00 am

Bromance. They're both dick-waving autocrats. They're made for each other.

FemmeAdamWest in the Tardis library
12/17/15 10:05 am

Exactly this.

And also, gross.

RebelProud Bungholio
12/17/15 9:34 am

Wow I didn't expect that... Interesting.

skinner Jersey City
12/17/15 9:38 am

This comes after Trump has been praising Putin's leadership for months. Trump has also commended Putin's military ventures against the Syrian opposition and said that the War in Ukraine is not America's problem.

RebelProud Bungholio
12/17/15 10:56 am

Oh ok thanks for the info. That makes a lot more sense now.