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Show Of Hands June 16th, 2011 12:00am

If the app no longer saves your answers, please delete it and redownload from the app store. We're working on fixing the bug, but this should work for now.

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SPOCK South Carolina
06/30/11 11:08 am

I picked dokey because it is red and republicans are red.

morgan New York
06/26/11 12:36 am

@Dyl but If more people picked dokey then it would be normal as well

06/25/11 7:28 pm

Dokey! Okey is to plain

06/23/11 8:23 pm

Dokey enjoyment levels go down with age?

Overmind Texas
06/21/11 8:20 pm

I am a strong believer in Okey

06/19/11 8:57 pm

What's with everyone hating on dokey?

Dyl Virginia
06/19/11 2:49 pm

okey is way to normal. people need to pick dokey.

hamill Texas
06/19/11 9:41 am

this is a great app I would've paid 99 cents for it. we would had no ads and it would still be free for us

teaparty Cleveland
06/19/11 6:57 am

This is the most random question ever

06/19/11 12:54 am

I changed my vote to dokey when I saw that okey was winning.

06/19/11 12:08 am

Mine works just fine.

06/18/11 5:45 pm

Is there really a difference between okey and dokey? Honestly?

06/18/11 3:49 pm

Clearly, okey is better than dokey.

IUnknown Abyss
06/18/11 3:47 pm

@hands-down - would you rather pay for the app? Do you have any idea how much effort, time, and money it takes to provide a free app like this? Maybe you could pay for just the hosting costs?

06/18/11 2:35 pm

I think it is g4y that there are ads in the new app, I wish I didn't update...

06/18/11 2:17 pm

I guess republicans & democrats can unite on a subject..... Okie

thedoktah Oregon
06/18/11 2:09 pm

Interesting that "Okey" is winning this race.