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AdrenalineJ December 16th, 2015 6:01pm

Are there any candidates currently running - Republican or Democrat - who should he or she win, will cause you to think of leaving this country? (If yes, please specify)

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Captainbstring Biden is a Clown
12/16/15 8:59 pm

Hopefully they will lose and I won't have move to Beleize

12/16/15 7:58 pm


12/16/15 7:20 pm

Hillary, Marco, ChristieCream, or Jeb(!) ....I will not , under any circumstances, vote for them. Doubt I'd leave though.

Eric7399 Martinez
12/16/15 7:10 pm

If trump wins I'm going to Denmark

AdrenalineJ New York
12/16/15 7:12 pm

Why Denmark?

allswel Minnesota
12/16/15 6:55 pm

I don't think I would move, but if Trump gets elected I will give you 10 to 1 odds I will be getting arrested again for protesting.

allswel Minnesota
12/16/15 7:08 pm

Vietnam anti-war protests in early 70s. Neither was a big deal, handcuffed, booked for trespassing, held for 4-6 hours, released and charges dropped a week later. Police were polite, (and so were we).

AdrenalineJ New York
12/16/15 8:08 pm

Wish I was born in those times... Seems so exciting...

allswel Minnesota
12/16/15 9:46 pm

Much too exciting if you had a low number in the draft.

But I do miss the 60s and 70s.

jvc1133 61535
12/16/15 6:15 pm

Hillary, enough Obama is enough. 🤓

12/16/15 2:48 pm

I've heard this so many times before. No one . . . in particular a young person . . . is going to leave the country.
No one.

slickspin Heart of Texas
12/16/15 12:45 pm

Cruz, he scares the living s*** out of me.

AdrenalineJ New York
12/16/15 12:56 pm

Seems like a nice guy to me

12/16/15 12:17 pm

Unfortunately all but SANDERS!

AdrenalineJ New York
12/16/15 12:22 pm

Haha! Good joke 😃

12/16/15 11:14 am

Trump or Clinton

AdrenalineJ New York
12/16/15 11:18 am

Are you aware that there is a pretty good chance that Hillary is our next prez?...

12/16/15 11:24 am

I have realized that... I'm not going to move... I'll just consider it