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JennaB December 15th, 2015 2:45pm

If one must die to save to ninety-nine is it justified? (Inspired by "The Left is Right" -Desaparecidos)

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shnibbydawhale Nihilist
12/16/15 6:19 am

If you said yes, then there is literally nothing you won't abide. You are cool with letting untold suffering occur, just as long as it isn't happening to you.

LibertarianFL Florida
12/15/15 1:36 pm

That's the kind of thinking that brings around stuff like the patriot act. "Oh we can spy on a few without due process in order to protect many." No, unless that one person is volunteering, you shouldn't kill him/her. Imagine if you were that one innocent person.

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
12/15/15 12:10 pm

If it is voluntary, yes. I would definitely volunteer to die to save 99 (innocent) people.

12/15/15 12:40 pm

Absolutely. Circumstances matter.

12/15/15 11:30 am

If you don't value the life of one, how are you going to value the lives of the 99. But Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Muhammad The Prophet
12/15/15 4:50 pm

One life is still valued, but 99>1. How could you sleep if you knew 99 people died and you could have saved them?

12/15/15 9:18 am

If the one is volunteering, then yes, it's a noble sacrifice.

If 99 people are killing 1 to save themselves, then it's murder.

tdaddy Kentucky
12/15/15 9:04 am

Yes, of course, because if you say "no" then they kill 99. So why don't they word the question like this: here is this machine gun, kill him or her, or kill all 99 in the big group, what do you do?

12/15/15 9:19 am

I'd kill myself before murdering innocent people just because someone said to.

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
12/15/15 12:11 pm


Ebola1 Florida
12/15/15 8:17 am

Depends. Good question.

suppressedID keep Summer safe
12/15/15 7:58 am

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

- Spock

suppressedID keep Summer safe
12/15/15 7:59 am

"...but only for a just cause."
- Suppressed id

DSL007 It has been a long day
12/15/15 7:57 am

It may be necessary. It is not justified. Justice cannot be served. Sometimes when faced with bad choices we must choose the least bad. But it is still a bad choice.

ADLK1996 New York
12/15/15 7:48 am

Not necessarily. Depends on the situation