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palindrome December 15th, 2015 10:01am

Saw this online but, isn't it funny how important "freedom of religion" is for some people when it comes to baking a cake but how little it matters when it's time to "Ban/Monitor Muslims"

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teachinla California
12/15/15 10:41 am

I can think of too but...buts.
1. Do you have an example of the same person saying both.
2. One person is talking about religious doctrine and the other person is talking about safety.

teachinla California
12/15/15 10:41 am

And by the way, I don't want to ban Muslims.

Highlander1 Iowa
12/15/15 8:11 am

Well bakers don't usually cut people's heads off. Maybe I just haven't seen enough bakers.

palindrome California
12/15/15 11:43 am

Wow. That's pretty scary! You probably know a lot of Muslims that cut people's heads off, I'm guessing?

suppressedID keep Summer safe
12/15/15 8:03 am

Wait...wait...those meaningless causes we flock to really ARE meaningless??

<minds blown>

12/15/15 6:12 am

What did you see? Is there a link?

BatmansParents Monarch Theater
12/15/15 5:54 am

Also Christians don't come to this country with terrorists mixed in and are planning to hurt Americans

palindrome California
12/15/15 5:59 am

Are you sure..?

Because they've been assassinating doctors, bombing abortion clinics and killing people in various other incidents... I don't think that statement is very accurate but that's just me I guess

BatmansParents Monarch Theater
12/15/15 6:01 am

Those are the extremists and go against the word of God. They don't represent literally 99% of the rest of Christians, and I do not believe that those people are Christians at all. They are almost immediately denounced by every church in the nation. When 9/11 happened how fast did (if any did) mosques denounce it? Oh wait! They didn't!

12/15/15 6:10 am

And there we go. That's the argument against ISIS too. The vast majority of Muslims despise them.

BatmansParents Monarch Theater
12/15/15 6:13 am

If a mass majority despise them, then why are there people going to their 'caliphate' from all over the world, and mainly from Islamic countries, and side note: where were those countries in the refugee crisis, or in the Afghanistan war (against the Soviets)

12/15/15 6:15 am

They are being manipulated, especially those who are bombed and whose families are killed. They are fooled into thinking terror is okay. Also, those countries should be ashamed that they don't accept refugees. I agree with that.

12/15/15 6:16 am

However, when most of the victims are Muslims, I don't think any group has more of a right to hate ISIS.

BatmansParents Monarch Theater
12/15/15 6:19 am

And yet there are people sitting in the neighboring countries and doing nothing to stop Isis, Iraq, perfect example, they suck at defending themselves and no one, especially the US, is going to step in and help them. Why? There's plenty of countries that could help but they won't. Why?

Brandon1995 San Francisco
12/15/15 6:47 am

@BatmansParents, 34 Muslim nations have formed a coalition to fight ISIS. Arbiter7 is correct. The vast majority muslims do despise ISIS.

commonman1 Peace
12/15/15 6:52 am

The Muslims are the victims of ISIS not the Christians. The government is responsible for protecting its people. You just don't let people in without knowing if they're a terrorist or criminal.

12/15/15 7:29 am

Radical Christians have been perpetrating terrorist acts around the world and here in the US for centuries, don't kid yourself.

Ebola1 Florida
12/15/15 5:23 am

True. The Muslim bakeries wouldn't bake a same sex marriage cake or a Christian cake. Very discriminatory.

palindrome California
12/15/15 6:00 am


Christianity and Islam have a lot more in common than a lot of people think! They should be a lot more tolerant and embracing of each other! I think we finally agreed on something